Whare of Cards – National in direct talks with Donghua Liu?



There is speculation that National are in direct talks with Donghua Liu, and that in his rush to damage Labour he has promised National far more information on donations he claims could be a hundred thousand dollars or even up to $300 thousand dollars. Key’s confirmation that he’s had Cunliffe’s letter for  over two weeks suggests that National has been well sourced by whomever wanted to damage Labour.

Problem for National is that maybe Donghua Liu has promised far more than he can deliver. Labour have challenged Key to produce an affidavit stating where and to whom Donghua Liu donated these hundreds of thousands of dollars, to date they have not produced one. 

The correct record keeping is made even more difficult by the rumour that the disk this information was kept on was stolen a number of years ago. What makes this even more murky is the possible connection between Donghua Liu and disgraced former Labour Party candidate Steven Ching.

Many interests are all running together to ensure Cunliffe is damaged, the question must be asked how manipulated the media have been throughout this process and who is doing the destabilisation.

The end point is that Cunliffe must not resign.


  1. David Cunliffe should do what John Key does and shrug it off, keep repeating the same mantra that he has done nothing wrong and keep on moving. There’s absolutely nothing he’s done that demands his resignation as the Labour leader, a role that only members of the Labour party have any role in determining anyway.

  2. You just wrote an article stating fairly confidently that this letter ‘event’ is an ‘inside job’ and now you are writing information that fairly proves it is via National.

    I assumed your last article was based on your own inside knowledge yet now this one fairly contradicts what you wrote?

    I’m confused by this. Can you explain it for me?

    Additionally, I think ‘how manipulated’ isn’t accurate enough for the position the media have chosen to take over this issue. They are supposed to be capable of research to ensure that the articles they write/air are not simply National party spin circulated verbatim and unquestioned. They are paid to do this. What happened? Did they all decide to take the day off? Fell asleep? I don’t think this can be called ‘manipulated’ – lazy, obtuse, selling-out, checking out, incompetent even -these things and possibly even manipulative but not manipulated.

    • No contradiction at all – a source has been feeding both sides with information – National were aware of this and some ABCs were aware of it.

      • Thanks

        So that means that there were some in Labour that knew this angle was coming and didn’t warn their leader I assume?

        If this is so, I look forward to Greens, Mana and the Internet Party gaining more support and shifting the balance of power in the left so that idiots who can’t grasp the seriousness of the situation of inequality and the power imbalance that creates for NZ, Nzers and the world are no longer able to hold their party and this country to ransom by their disloyalty, lack of discipline and dirty politics.

        • This explains why the internet party and mana and greens are getting such a high support from daily blog readers.

          Why that is is obvious all the dirty laundry from the ABC’s and Nats ACT etc.

          Question is when is the general population who arent Daily Blog readers going to figure it out.

    • All gets down to economics again , doesn’t it…that and power/influence. Quite plain that the ABC’s obviously are on good terms with their buddies in National and co.

      Doesn’t take a lot to see the correlation between the two camps. These old rogernomes don’t want any change to the status quo , its not in their interests.

      In fact its downright ludicrous in the simplicity of its deduction.

  3. The ABC’s must be cleared out of Labour, every last one of them, piss off! Only after that can Labour move forward.

  4. It has many of the traits of the Len Brown hit (except that Len was up to something!).

    Remember how they had an insider in the Brown Camp, a romantic link, a grubby “Truth” writer who did an extensive interview in a cheap hotel room?

    There are desparate people about: immigrants who are afraid to go back to their original country, the right wing afraid of a left wing coalition, journalists afraid of further job and salary cuts.

    Dirty campaign aheah.

  5. Regarding purifying the traditional ideology upon which Labour was foundered on…I would agree with Tim that these subversive neo liberals must be rooted out and discarded.

    They are then free to pursue their real agendas in politics by joining any of the Right wing parties to which they hold far more allegiance to.
    They then can play their furtive fantasy games of being double agents/fifth columnists to their hearts content.

    Any elements that behave in this manner in any bonefide political party are not serving the will of their countrymen and women but are simply playing power games which cause division and instability.

    They must go. Preferably before 20th September.

  6. Cunliffe needs to stand up to the media and show his leadership skills to the nation.

    Come on David – get moving!!!

    Take some mens multivitamins, and get the job done!!

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