How biased is Fairfax media?


If there was any question over how biased and pro Right wing Fairfax media are, look at their current ‘poll’ on…


Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.32.57 pm


…when will Fairfax run a similar poll for John Key outlining his numerous brain fades, lies and u-turns?


    • Get it right, ‘Fear Facts’ is “Stuff” not Herald.

      John Key’s list of gaffes and ‘misremembers’ runs into the hundreds (e.g. three handed shake at World Cup, liquor age vote etc.).

      And then there are the outright lies on everything from the number of Tranzrail shares he owned to ministerial BMWs, raising GST, Asset sales and ACC, not to mention what his views were on 81’s hottest potato–the Springbok tour.

      The sound of barrels being scraped is coming from Nat HQ.

  1. He is the man of the moment with this recent stitch up….I’m still trying to work out whether it was National or an inside job, any ideas?

  2. @ Jordan. Does it matter? The blogs were running hot last that it was Slater. When we see Slater, we know Key is there somewhere. And when we see Key we see something that rhymes with Key. GCSB. Even if it wasn’t Slater, it’s in the best interests of NACT to de-stabilise Labour by claiming there’s a rift in Labour’s ranks. Maybe NACT and Murray will even offer every disaffected Labour politician a fishy, illegal job if they defect (or stir up trouble from within?).

    We’re not that far from Orwell’s “1984”, with the inner party cabal, run by Big Brother Key and Goldsteinism aided and abetted by a corrupt media

  3. But, my all time personal favourite ShonKey gaffe is the famous Mr Slimey Ticklefingers 3 way handshake. It showed me what a presumptuous, self important little twat the “man” truly is…

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