Comparing Key to Cunliffe and John Armstrong’s demand that David resigns



When Key forgot about owning shares in Tranzrail, John Armstrong didn’t call for Key to resign.

When Key said he wouldn’t raise GST and then did, John Armstrong didn’t call for Key to resign.

When Key forgot about how he voted on the drinking age, John Armstrong didn’t call for Key to resign.

When Key forgot Solid Energy asked for a billion dollars, John Armstrong didn’t call for Key to resign.

When Key forgot about being briefed about raid on Kim Dotcom, John Armstrong didn’t call for Key to resign.

When Key forgot about a mysterious US jet and who was on it , John Armstrong didn’t call for Key to resign.

When Key forgot about calling Ian Fletcher about the GCSB job , John Armstrong didn’t call for Key to resign.

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When Key denied he had links with Cameron Slater and then admitted he did, John Armstrong didn’t call for Key to resign.

But when Cunliffe forgets an 11 year old letter, John Armstrong demands Cunliffe resigns!


This is a manufactured smear. 


  1. Remember too that Key ‘forgot’ about the new fleet of BMWS.

    That proves that hes untrustworthy no matter how minor the incident

  2. This just makes me ever more determined to get rid of the current regime. The level of hypocrisy is stomach wrenching. More evidence, if we needed it, of the ineptitude and bias of our pathetic and gutless media.

    • Yes,New Zealand has well and truly lost its’ ethical journalism virginity.
      We now have a media the like of which we have never seen before in this country and it a very,very worrying beast.
      You have to ask yourself,what hideous path have we headed down here and what is the destination.
      Unless something dramatic happens to claw back integrity, I feel we will end up like Hotel California.” You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”.
      New Zealand’s stuffed!

      • @ Grant: “Yes,New Zealand has well and truly lost its’ ethical journalism virginity.
        We now have a media the like of which we have never seen before in this country and it a very,very worrying beast.”

        This feels like groundhog day to me. In the late 1970s and early 80s, there was increasing discontent over the Muldoon government. I recall many discussions at the time about the right-wing bias of much of the news media, and how that bias framed election campaigns, such that it was difficult for dissenting voices to be heard.

        In the years since, events in the political landscape suggest that the default position of the media is indeed right-wing. Look at the coverage of the Clark administration; it was often at best a grudging acceptance of her competence and high poll ratings. But alongside that was, in some quarters of the media, a fairly consistent undertone of hostility toward Labour in general – and Clark in particular – which became overt during her third term.

        By contrast, the Key administration has been fawned over to a quite sick-making degree. The media has reported his and his MPs’ pratfalls, brain fades and outright mendacity with, it seems to me, a sort of indulgent “boys will be boys” attitude. There has been little stringent critique – with commentary in the blogosphere the honourable exception in this regard.

        It would be instructive to compare contemporary editorials of the Herald and the DomPost with those from 2000 through to 2008.

        What’s worse now is that many young journalists, it seems, haven’t studied politics. Or if they have, they’ve forgotten what they learned. I’ve not heard anybody call out John Key for asserting that Labour and Green policies are a “lurch to the left”. Key wouldn’t know a left-wing policy if it bit him on the bum; the same applies to most journalists, it seems to me.

        The Labour and Green policy plank would, in Muldoon’s time, have been seen as unexceptionably centrist. But neoliberalism has caused an undeniable shift to the right in politics here.

        Can the balance be tilted back again toward what we would in the 1970s have seen as a left-wing approach? I don’t know; I sometimes wonder if it’s too late. There were some things the Clark administration could have rolled back when it came to power at the end of 1999, but it didn’t. And how could any government do it now?

  3. True.
    Well put!

    Cant wait til September arrives and the liars and cheaters in this current ‘regime’ (coz that is really what they are) are evicted – to slither back to hell where they came from!


  4. Strange, its 7pm, I left a comment on John Armstrong’s article at 3.55pm. At that time the comment count was 105 and a fair amount of condemnation at John’s hypocrisy, over sensationalist and biased reporting, but strangely they have not allowed any more comments since 2.50pm. Can the Herald not handle the volume or the grim exposure of Armstrong’s sloppy journalist?

    • I had a similar thing with a comment that I left on a pathetic Bob Jones article where he attacked John Minto. I left the comment very early on, then it was never posted, yet numerous other posts were put up later in the day. I wrote to the moderators asking why it was never posted, but no reply.

    • relax..theyre just waiting for sycophants replies to build up a bit…must “manage” the political balance after all,their clients and funders are investors and under clear instructions not to let truth interfere with a “good” story.
      1 week after receiving my free herald trial deliveries the herald published their magnificently high “readership and circulation” figures,upon which advertising revenues are charged.
      When phoned asking if I wanted herald free trial,i said no… .as it was my emetic and their suppository! I said I would accept the free papers provided it was understood I wouldn’t read them,and only used them for kindling ignition.They agreed happily enough……by next year im going to push hard for it to be in roll form,6″ wide and perforated every 7″ so I can read it straight of the roll dispenser in the tc- wc -toilet-can. Herald has groovy app.

    • @Alaskadreaming: “Can the Herald not handle the volume or the grim exposure of Armstrong’s sloppy journalist?”

      All you critics: you’ve obviously hurt his feelings…

    • What it highlights is how utterly desperate they are.
      They know Key’s making a fool of himself in America so had to come up with some sort of distraction.
      Sadly pathetic really.

  5. How can we get this email out there? Armstrong is impossibly biased – completely undeserving of the title ‘journalist’

  6. Look the real issue here isn’t Cunliffes memory lapse, that’s irrelevant, and it’s also hypocritical of National to attack him in this case.

    The real issue is how a Chinese business man was able to buy himself residency, and then try and buy himself out of trouble after bashing his wife. The whole affair absolutely stinks, and there is no other word for it other than corruption, his donations to both Labour and National are in return for political favors from both National via Williamson, and Labour via Cunliffe.

    I think we need an inquiry into how far this corruption goes and how many other rich immigrants were able to buy their way into this country.

  7. I’m glad they updated Armstrong’s profile photo on the Herald site recently; trying to imagine the ‘look’ he thought was going for with that expression he’s wearing is a source of endless mirth.

  8. Well…its time we got back to the pragmatic thirties -everyone takes a day off and marches . Trade unions, and everyone else who have a gutsful of neo liberal economics -and each and every politician who advocates it.

    That in itself would start to show some muscle sadly lacking in our ‘dont rock the boat’ community.Remember Tania Harris from decades ago led a protest against the unions ? Well its time the unions energetically and publicly started rocking the boat again.

    It would also form a platform for the lefts speakers to rally from. No more Mr Nice guy -no more Mr Clean. Pretty hard for MSM to ignore mass rallies occurring.

    And this would need to be a concerted, no let up campaign ..not once but multiple times until it gains critical mass point.

    Think it cant be done?…When John Howard tried to introduce ‘Workchoices’ policies that mimicked our Employment Contracts Act,.. Australian unions mobilized mass media campaigns and hundreds of thousands of workers marches all across Australian cities. That went on for months.

    Ultimately, that one bad move by John Howard cost him his long term stay in office and the Liberals lost the election six months later.
    All major political changes have been put into effect by public opinion – and to do that- you need a high profile rolling series of events, that continuously places the issues before the public. If it took a year then so be it.

    • As a said a while ago on one of the other daily blog posts .


      Fill the streets with thousands.

      They started with just 10’s of people and ended up with 100’s of 000’s .

  9. And one other thing- you say it wouldn’t work because of the laws that hamstring strike action ? Are we that gutless and lacking in memory like many of the ones who created those laws to advantage themselves?

    We forget laws can be overturned by popular opinion.

    Then we might see the ABC’s expelled and neo liberals starting to smart from their wounds.

  10. So many of us seem content to pontificate on fringe issues and allow ourselves to be sidetracked by minor irrelevancies such as this one.
    We get social engineering instead of a focus on the big one – economic well being…. the left gropes for a solid economic model to pattern itself on- a detailed plan that has proven to be successful .

    Yet blindingly obvious are the social democratic countries of Scandinavia and their economic models – among the most ‘per capita’ wealthiest nations globally at this present time.

  11. In no way do I support communism, however an interesting perspective from Che Guevara is his analysis on the difference between urban and rural communists. He chided the urban communists as those academics who would prefer to wait until social conditions were ideal for change.

    The rural communists took the bull by the horns and induced change through direct action. Not for them the academic diatribes ruminating on the who , when ,where and hows. They just got on and did it. And viewed the urban communists generally as merely useful stooges that may come in useful to get the job done. I am simplifying that scenario to illustrate a point – whether its the French revolution, Oliver Cromwell , or whoever- finance , mass publicity..and finally direct action is needed to get rid of an unpopular ruling elite.

  12. Chris”s houseof cards is very true, this whole affair shows how dirty politics is why are we all not concentrating on poverty, housing, children and jobs instead of the continued quest to destroy each other.

  13. Also…what has this letter got to do with rising inequality and 285,000 kids in poverty? Which Bill English forgot to acknowledge the updated data on? Nice try Nats, but this isn’t even a storm in a teacup – it’s a shower in a thimble.

  14. Lets ask John Armstrong to resign for his bias right wing mud slinging based on no facts!

    • Yes .
      He should be sacked for having zero journalistic integrity.
      Putting aside his pathetic immoral bias ,he’s not actually a very good writer. A 5th form English teacher would probably give him a ‘c’ I would imagine for his sentence structure and phraseology!
      The glowing testimony of himself at the beginning of his articles looks decidedly desperate.
      Confuscious say…’man who praises oneself offers no recommendation’!

      • I say John Armstrong is right on the money , full marks John , there are two things one needs to see through the likes of Key , You need some brains , and you need to be honest , clearly Lorretta and Grant , have neither , Key is the most dishonest disrespectful , clown we have ever had as PM , Key in the biggest financial disaster in NZ’s history , he has dug the hole deeper and faster than any man before him ,and please anybody who can find a boss , an employer who would BORROW the money to pay yourself , and all your top earners a wage rise, any of you smart arse National appoligists , a boss who would borrow to give a pay rise , the only reason Key was able to get away with that is because as the government , HE CAN BOOK IT UP TO FUTURE GENERATIONS , the man is a greedy little dictator , and lies all the time , it would appear he has lied about having evidence that David received a large undeclared donation , so lets have Key resign , if he doesn’t come up with the proof for what he is saying ??

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