Paula Bennett’s constant u-turns on education


I detest Paula Bennett more than most politicians, as someone who has benefited from the exact policies she has robbed other solo parents of, Paula is a unique case of political hypocrisy.

You know it’s an election however when Paula is suddenly scrambling to find a way to soften all the bennie bashing hatred she has inspired and u-turned last week with announcements that the counter productive cruelty of denying access to education for solo parents will be tempered somewhat…

Govt restores incentives for solo parent students
Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has released plans to restore some incentives for solo parents who take up full-time study.

…but this isn’t the first time Paula has u-turned, let’s remember her words as Massey University Student Association President…

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 4.47.49 am

…Paula changes her political beliefs dependent on who is paying her. This brand of sell out doesn’t attract any of the vitriol from the mainstream media the way they are framing the Internet MANA Party.

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  1. Please…could there be another adjective…. “Unique”, hey that means special, one of a kind, like a sasquatch or a snark….
    What about… ‘pernicious’, or ‘rabid’… ‘virulent’, or ‘malfunctionist’…
    ‘U turn’ is a cool thing we can do if we are out on a dirt track, no-one else around to bang into, could we use ‘dead end’, or ‘derailment’?

  2. changes are only been “spoken” of because it is election year, notice I said “spoken” of because these policies do not come in till 2016, if they won the election they can change their minds again before then but it will sound good to continually sprout this coming up to the election to election day, makes it sound as if it is happening now.

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