Fake Union unamused by fake Political Party



Taxpayers Union angered over Civilian Party funding
The Taxpayers Union is furious a joke political party has been given public money to fund its electoral campaign.

I’m sorry what? An astro-turf-far-right-small-Government-with-a-microscopic-g-fake-Union are complaining about the Civilian Party getting funding?

Wow, David Farrar’s and Jordan Williams pretend taxpayer press release service aren’t having much impact are they? While they can find time to attack Mojo Mathers and Civilian Blog, they had nothing to say about their mate Judith Collins taxpayer funded rort to China to have private dinners for a company her husband is employed by.

The Taxpayer Union are the true joke here and the angrier Jordan and his little friend David Farrar get, the more nervous you know they are.


  1. I wonder if Farrar would like the humor of him being given the nick name “the spider” …………. From KingsLanding court eunuch “Varey” …. Game of Thrones

    I bet he’d like to cart Winston Peters around in a little box/cage and torment him 😉 🙂

    • Winston is a master chef for ‘revenge best served cold’. One little mistake on Farrar’s part, and Incy Wincy spider will be leaping for the jugular.

  2. Your voting system on this site is funky (not funky good).

    This article had a five star rating with just one vote. I voted for the full five stars but the widget took this down to 3.5.

    • I believe there are caching issues where votes registered by other people don’t always show up properly. It also sometimes doesn’t show your vote if you refresh the page (though it has registered correctly).

  3. I don’t know why the media continue to report the so-called Taxpayers Union press releases. It’s been amply shown that they are a front organisation for National/ACT.

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