A brief word on the death of Daryl Jones, the NZer our Government helped set up a drone strike for



Beyond the media beat up of the pending Muslimocalypse that Whaleoil is trying to stoke with this sudden media attention on Mosques comes this interesting wee bit of information from ABC News

ABC news cited documents from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, which revealed Havard was a suspect in the Al Qaeda kidnapping of three Westerners in Yemen in December 2012.

However, the documents also revealed some confusion within the Australian government about whether Havard and Jones were involved with AQAP.

Ummmmmmmmmm, what? “Confusion” whether Jones was actually involved in the  Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula terrorist glee club you are using to justify assassinating him for?




Seeing as the timing of this killing was politically important for John Key to use while justifying mass surveillance spy powers, to now find out that there is “confusion” over whether Jones was in fact a member of a terrorist group  is kinda equivalent to not finding any weapons of mass destruction right?

When are the NZ media going to start asking some hard questions about this and why are we finding out more from ABC about Jones than our own media? Jon Stephenson needs to be wall to wall on TV news right now.

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  1. Just further proof that the NZ MSM is controlled and paid for by the right wing, and news isn’t worthy unless it looks good for the right and just occasional they feed the left some scraps, so they can’t be accused of begin too obviously biased.

    Pathetic NZ MSM, pathetic

  2. Seriously – what can one expect if you go off to some country which is riddled with terrorism, start working with and around the terrorists (- who have been targetted for years by anyone with a gun, bomb or rocket) and you get in the road of one of these weapons.

    As far as I can see these sorts of people are prime suspects for a Darwin award and their demise should be a warning to everyone that its just plain stupid to involve yourself with people who would – if they could – kill your neighbour and your parents – simply for not being a muslim.

    He deserved what he got.

    • The worst terrorists in the world are the USA. THey have invaded a number of countries and killed millions of ordinary people. No other organisation or country come near.

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