So what Goff, Hipkins, Mallard, Davis and Shearer are really saying is…



Labour MPs not happy with Mana-Internet

Senior Labour Party MPs have used social media to attack the alliance struck between Mana and the Internet Party.

Former leaders Phil Goff and David Shearer, and Rimutaka MP Chris Hipkins, are among those who have objected to the deal. It could see MPs from Kim Dotcom’s fledging political vehicle enter Parliament on the ‘‘coat-tails’’ of a victory for Hone Harawira in Te Tai Tokerau.

So what Goff, Hipkins, Mallard, Davis and Shearer are really saying is that if the difference is between changing the Government  using a supply and confidence arrangement with Internet MANA or allowing John Key to remain as leader, they would let John Key win???

Would these MPs  cross the floor and join John Key? How far are they willing to take this charade?

Cunliffe has had a peace deal within the factions, and this looks like a clear breach of that peace deal. This move by the Anyone But Cunliffe gang (ABCs) is the sudden realisation by them that Cunliffe intends to win by a grand coalition of the Left meaning their influence will be horribly diminished.

This flexing of muscles and direct challenge to Cunliffe’s leadership is occurring while Labour’s factions thrash out the Party list. This sudden feigned political morality sounds more like the realisation of how far they’re dropping in that list.

How Cunliffe responds will be keenly watched by all. If the Greens are raiding to the Right by using their clever Carbon Tax to woo urban blue-greens, it would be stupid for Labour to double up on that. Better they focus on the missing million with a strong Labour brand than compete again with where the Greens are moving.

The self mutilating ego on display is concerning. Internet MANA is better resourced than the National Party and provides the parliamentary majority. To suggest they are a puppet for Kim Dotcom is farcical when you know Hone, Laila, Annette or John,  and the left are simply exploiting the exact same tactic the Right have used since MMP was created. Get over the moral outrage and focus on the fact many NZers need a change of Government and to date Labour + Greens haven’t managed that.

David Cunliffe will do what is best for NZ, and if reaching across the political spectrum to make an arrangement with Laila and Hone  is what is needed to get rid of John Key, then what kind of leader of the Labour Party would he be if he wasn’t prepared to do that?

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The arrogance at their hyper sensitivity is breathtaking and proof that some on the Left would prefer to control the losing team rather than lose control of the wining team.

If I recall the Left Blogs vs ABCs score board looks like Left Blogs 2 – ABCs 0.

Do you want to make it 3 – 0 lads?


  1. Stuart thingy standing in Napier has come out of the closet really really strongly as well. Nice to know where these people stand though

  2. Oh that’s right Stuart Nash. No doubt his great grandfather will be turning in his grave right about now.

  3. It would be great if they move. They’re in the wrong party. Using ‘principles and integrity’ to support their abhorrence of non neo liberal policies. JK’s already taken Shane Jones he might as well take the rest.

    • Yeah, possibly National. I thought they’d fit into United First, because National have popularity, and popularity doesn’t fit well with Goff, Hipkins, Mallard, Davis, Shearer and Nash.

  4. Initially, I thought Kim Dotcom was using Hone Harawira’s team for his own advantage and to a point he is. The same way the Mana Movement is also utilizing the benefit of KDS’s financial input and Internet Party influence to assist them achieve the same aim as that of Dotcom. That being to remove John Key and initiate a change of government to the left.

    If this shrewd move means ridding NZ of the plague of the Key led National government, which has infested this country for six years, then go for it guys.

    However, the political party which seems to be going from strength to strength, is the NZ Greens, with their combination of sharp, focused leadership, along with sensible, strong, practical and progressive policies. The Greens’ star is definitely on the ascent. This point will be noticeable on September 20.

  5. Maybe National (or even ACT) has cushy little corrupt sinecures set up for “Goff, Hipkins, Mallard, Davis and Shearer”, like the corrupt, fishy “job for the boy” McCully did with Shane Jones?

    IMP does not threaten Labour, only division within Labour will.

    Now that Shane has gone to the fishy job supplied by his National cronies, who is going to draw in the 800,000 non-voters that Shane talked so eloquently about in the Labour leadership challenge debates? I went to the Christchurch Labour leadership debate and applauded Jones for wanting to shepherd 800,000 voters back into the polling booths. Personally I don’t give a rat’s, as long as 799,999 of those voters lean to the left while voting. More power to the left, and Key “gone by lunchtime”.

    And while Labour’s ex-Fab-4 and new-Fab-1 are gnashing their gums, and de-stabilising Labour’s potential allies in a left-coalition bloc, don’t they realise that IMP is a direct mirror image of what the Tories have been doing since 1996?

    National’s under-rock dweller, the Hollow Men cabal, Hooton, the right-wing political commentators in MSM, are all rubbing their hands with glee looking at the Roman senators sharpening their pens against IMP.

    My advice to Labour – sort your shit out. Get round the Arthur’s table and start preaching from the same values hymn book. Social values and justice just start out with Purple Hone, morph into Green, and then to Red. Blue is never in consideration when it comes to looking after the victims of neoliberal croney experiment in daylight robbery.

    IMP are more likely to get 800,000 back to the polling booths than 5 Labour dissenters stirring up trouble on the left.

    Your call….. yeah? Or nah? Or watch National Party’s machine start to drive even further wedges into the Left Bloc.

  6. One of my pet hates of our current electoral system is the way National rig the vote with the likes of Epsom, etc. Changes to the MMP system that were recommended should have been adopted to eliminate this but it didn’t suit National and no matter how you look at it, that’s a crooked abuse of power by National.

    So to counter this if we live in Epsom/Ohariu Belmont or whatever rotten electorate Key is going to throw Colin Craig, we vote for the National candidate to stop the pseudo National MP getting elected thus stopping National sneaking in a second MP for the price of one.

    But then we vote Mana/Internet for the party vote or do we vote Greens or Labour or even NZ First? And if we live in Te Tai Tokerau and are able to vote, we vote for Hone Harawia as MP but Labour for the party vote aka Kelvin Davis thereby mirroring Nationals rotten electorate tactics.

    And somehow out of this confusion of two wrongs making a right and if everyone can just remember who the hell they are scripted to be voting for rather than who they want to vote for we end up with enough in the mix to form a left of centre government?

    Is there something wrong with this electoral voting system picture? Its getting out of hand. What a “system”, no wonder the missing million can’t be arsed voting!

  7. This imperialist presumption that getting a reunion of the Alliance into Parliament is best for the Maori of TTT is arrogant at best and stinks of racism.

    They will punish the hard left for that. Kelvin Davis will clean up.

    Apparently at the weekend, Jacinda Ardern refused to murder a family of National voters when she had the chance. Does she not want Key out? She may as well cross the floor.

  8. It is astounding that a whole lot of you here are strategically weak and politically non astute.

    NO ONE in ANY party or in ANY group of parties can effect ANY change in ANYTHING one desires UNLESS there is at least 50% of support from THE VOTERS. Elementary maths and elementary politics.

    Ask yourself if you prefer to shuffle the progressive votes sideways feeling smug but possibly lose the election, or grow the vote and have a greater chance of winning the election?

    • There’s the Investment ‘smiling assassin’ banker, sunning himself in Samoa, while all about him the left eat themselves from within.

      This should be the focus for “Goff, Hipkins, Mallard, Davis and Shearer”, not cannibalising and fracturing the left. If they don’t like it on the left, get a De Laurean, a hoverboard, grow a mullet and go back to 1984 when Prebble, Douglas and Stan were ‘rogering’ the left.

      FFS grow up and grow some. The end is to get rid of Key on 22nd September 2014. The means is a strong and united Left. Pull your collective heads in and work towards that end with your leader, with Matt, with Hone, with Laila and with Russell and Meteria and even with Winston.

      You know it makes sense

  9. So Chris Hipkins doesn’t want to get elected? Doesn’t want to be Minister of Education too.

    ON a serious note I can give my party vote to the Left.

    I WANT Adolph Key kicked out of government, politics and New Zealand!

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