The potential for a Labour-Green-Internet-MANA majority



I think as the enormity of what has just occurred is slowly starting to sink in, the oxygen for “sell out” by some on the Left has been sucked from the lungs by Laila’s appointment.

You know how spooked the Right are by facing a political party with as much resource as them by the shrill screams of outrage by David Farrar and the continued shanking John Key feels he has to keep providing in the media.

The dripping spite from the Press Gallery is another sure sign that the alliance has annoyed the Wellington gate keepers.

That’s all great news, because that’s the sound of fear. Having the PM and his online mouth pieces this aggrieved and personal helps strip that nice laid back BBQ PM image and we get to see John for the nasty piece of work that he is.

It also helps illuminate the deep bias expressed by so many press gallery journalists have against it (Armstrong & Young being the exception).

This will become a game changer if Internet MANA pull the don’t knows to their flag.

What should excite progressives this election is the possibility of a Labour-Green-Internet MANA majority. The Left have never been able to be truly progressive because conservative brake pedals like NZ First and United have always dragged it back, if the majority were Labour-Green-Internet MANA however, there would be no conservative or neoliberal brake pedals.

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My fear is not that we lose, my fear is that the Left are going to win by accident.  Strategists within the Left need to start working on what the first 100 days looks like or else MMP could simply beat National at the ballot box and the Left trip into Government with no clear vision of change other than management.

A Labour-Green-Internet MANA majority is a unique opportunity for genuine progressive change, such opportunities rarely come by and when they do they must be risked.



  1. LOL @ the Right are spooked.

    You need to come up with an Alliance that will poll more than 2% before we would have a twitch let alone be “spooked”!

    The people being spooked are those soft Labour voters who now face the prospect of a Labour GIMP government (Greens, Internet, Mana, Peters).

    My thoughts are backed up by iPredict which has seen a 1% rise in the National Prime Minister stock after this announcement.

  2. Martyn the truth is you know and I know that a Labour, Green, Internet, Mana, NZ First coalition would be so dysfunctional and so damaging to NZ that it would lock the left out of the political landscape in NZ for decades.

    It’s a joke that the principal party of the left (Labour) is polling at just over 50% of the support of the principal party of the right.

    • Yep it is a pretty sick joke that 50 odd percent of NZers are so deluded.
      $30bn increase in overseas debt under Key – where has that money gone? Certainly not into education. infrastructure or clean energy.
      Pretending that climate change doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. In fact, being on track for a 48% increase in GHG emissons over the next ten years is an obscenity.
      285,000 kids below poverty line – that’s a 15-20 year timebomb.
      Secretly grovelling our way into a trade agreement that will cede NZ sovereignty to US corporations.

      But it’s not all bad, the 1% are doing OK as are the increasing foreign owners of our country. There’s not much national any more in a vote for transNational.

    • You must be ten years old – or whatever age is needed to have not heard the same drivel before 96 & 99.

  3. The Crosby Textor, Whalefail, Sewer & Trade Me shit sprayer is yet to hit turbo boost mode so it is way too early really to discard Winston from calculations.

    It will be so enlightening for Mana supporters to see what a tory sized campaign budget can do after previous tight rations. Like Bomber says about IMP the naysayers have gone from “it will never happen” to “it will never last”, heh.

  4. Parliamentarian politics is a specific way making politics, and perhaps not always the most meaningful. Regardless of its real substance, one basic rule always applies: one can only govern having the majority of parliamentarians supporting it, somehow.

    In diversified (or increasingly segregated) societies – like NZ – this enforces a sort of “compromising” between different parties intending to claim power or a share of it, especially under the MMP voting system.

    Any parliamentarian strategy that does not envisage such “compromising” (which is a tactical or technical compromise, not a principled compromise) has lost the fight before even starting it.

    Given the probably close numbers between the presently existing NZ voting blocks (national led vs labour led), it could be a shortsighted mistake, if the IMP alliance would not target the potential voters (and non-voters) in all social and political camps, and in all age groups. The political subject of internet and communication technologies and their impacts on the lives of everyone certainly justifies such wider approach.

    A repeat of the past Green Party strategy – which basically isolated the Greens from parliamentarian power for 25 years, and – worse – helped blocking the mainstreaming of very serious environmental and ecological issues across the country, should be avoided.

    WEARY KIWIS-The scent of Freedom and justice!

  6. I think as the enormity of what has just occurred is slowly starting to sink in, the oxygen for “sell out” by some on the Left has been sucked from the lungs by Laila’s appointment. – See more at:

    Really Martyn?

    Have you forgotten the role Laila Harre played in helping to set up the Auckland Supercity, when she was appointed to the ATA (Auckland Transition Agency).

    I remember, once upon a time – YOU were supposedly VERY opposed to the corporate takeover of the Auckland region – which Laila Harre helped to implement?


    I don’t think so.

    Don’t ask me to have a frontal lobotomy.

    PS: The Internet Party supports privatisation via Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs).

    (For which there is now far more scope in Auckland – thanks to the ‘SuperCity’ which Laila Harre helped to set up?)

    Do you, Martyn Bradbury support PPPs?

    Penny Bright

  7. Looking at Cunliffe’s strategies, I don’t think we have to worry about the first 100 days. We just have to get consensus within the coalition itself. This is will be the first true MMP parliament we are about to pull off.

  8. “if the majority were Labour-Green-Internet MANA however, there would be no conservative or neoliberal brake pedals”

    … except Labour of course (or at least a substantial bloc within Labour). Still, it’d deprive them of the opportunity to blame anyone else for their dodgy neoliberal ways. Overall, it should help pull Labour back to the left, which would be fantastic.

  9. Mr Writerman, I think you have just had an orgasm while being the only person in the room.

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