Hysterical Press Editorial vs Hysterical Patrick Gower Blog



I simply can’t tell what is more hysterical, The Press Editorial or Patrick Gower’s spite rant on his blog. Honestly, Paddy, you make Cameron Slater look reasonable and balanced.

The Press Editorial, Politics deserves better than this, seems to have utterly ignored the fact that Kim Dotcom was illegally spied upon and the Government have responded to that by making mass surveillance by the GCSB lawful. That KDC has been sacrificed for brownie points with the US and his case grossly interfered with by the Government is the issue, not that he has decided to have the temerity to fight back and attack a political system that has betrayed him.

That’s what’s so outrageously hilarious about all these claims that Internet MANA, Greens or Labour would interfere with his extradition, to date the entire case against Kim Dotcom has been one giant manipulation of process by Key on behalf of the Americans. Finger wagging interference at this stage in a case where the Government are up to their armpits by interfering is eye rolling.

Without any reflection on how it has come that KDC was arrested in the first place, The Press’s editorial is just an axe grinding session against the reputations of Hone Harawira, Laila Harre, Annette Sykes, John Minto, Kim Dotcom, MANA members and Internet Party members.

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That’s fine on Kiwiblog, but isn’t it distasteful and biased as an Editorial in a major NZ Newspaper?

Paddy’s spite rant is something to behold. It’s like Internet MANA ran over his cat or something. He’s managed to make Paul Henry and Mike Hosking look like Green Party voters.

The Press and Paddy suddenly have a disgust at the manner in which the coat tailing feature of MMP is being used by the Left for the first time, and to that I say, who cares? This is MMP, strategic voting is what will be required to kick John Key out, we should be pleased that there is finally a strategy that shows how the opposition can actually have the numbers to win now. Wailing that the Westminster tradition has been betrayed and the Greek fathers of Democracy are being desecrated by this is just brain fart bullshit.

The opposition wants to win, using MMP to do that, the way the Right have since MMP began, isn’t a selling out of principles, it’s a decision to play with tactics that will see a change of Government. Paddy and The Press can sulk all they want, but it’s in the rules.

Beyond their personal bias projected as political narratives, I think what we are hearing in these two examples are media who haven’t got the contacts within this new left power bloc making angry noise in an attempt to stay relevant as the debate moves past them.

The internet is a legitimate electorate and needs a champion with the track record and tenacity of Laila, that the Party would remain in Parliament self funded beyond Kim Dotcom seems to have missed most critics and they’ve also ignored the fact Kim can’t tell the MPs what to do once they are elected.

Anyone looking at Harawira, Harre, Sykes and Minto while screaming ‘sell-out’ are the ones who sound desperate.

Isn’t it nice to hear the Right frightened for the first time in 5 and a half years?


  1. Paddy was just as hard on the use of coat tailing by the ACT Party as he was on the Mana/Internet alliance. He is actually showing real balance on this. Just not the rapture that you and your contempories expect.

    • “[Paddy]… is actually showing real balance on this”

      That has my eyes watering. Sure he is … he was lying on his back when he wrote it. See what I mean Martyn? It’s a laugh a minute.

      • Hopefully Gower gets his come-uppance and deliverance for squealing so loudly against Intenet-Mana.

    • Worse than coat-tailing is the party-vote busting by Dunne and Banks being in parliament at all. As National party flunkies, they should be there under the Nat party vote. Won them the last election.

  2. How ironic that the right, who have had decades of being advantaged and therefore benefiting from big business and big money, start squealing like stuffed pigs when the shoe is on the other foot!

    “What’s this ;an equal playing field?
    That’s not fair;we can’t be having that.
    Better ring Patrick and get him to start whining and muck raking.”
    They really are pathetic! Go David
    Go Laila
    Go Hone
    Go Kim

    Go Meteira
    Go Russell
    Go Winston

    What a fantastic line up that would be!

    If there’s any justice in the world……

    • Key gone, that is the end. Now we just need the means to do it, in spite of biased, rabid MSM Muppets Gower, Hosking, Henry, Dann – did we miss any?

  3. “Isn’t it nice to hear the Right frightened for the first time in 5 and a half years?”

    I can’t stop laughing at these right wing bloggers (let’s face it … that’s all these MSM “opinion” articles are) getting all bent out of shape over this. Perhaps I have an odd sense of humor, but I find it absolutely hilarious. It’s the Kiwi rugby mentality … when the ‘boks cane us, all we can talk about are the “professional fouls” and how the game needs reform. That’s the risk when blatantly partisan news sources attempt to become non-partisan critics. They’ve already abdicated their role as neutral community watchdogs. All you can see is the humorous aspect.

    Until some genuine non-partisan analysis and pressure for genuine electoral reform comes from them, all I can say to them is … cry me a river … keep me entertained.

    • I’m with you. I put my hand up and acknowledge I have a twisted sense of humour, but watching people trying to ground themselves as “reasonable” and then doing a Regan from The Exorcist is just exquisite!

  4. “Isn’t it nice to hear the Right frightened for the first time in 5 and a half years?” YES!!!

  5. Yes Martyn. It did cross my mind when Patrick Gower was having his melt down on twitter last night, that perhaps he felt threatened because he didn’t have any way into the new networks. Also because JK may not give him the access he currently has into JKs networks to get all those little ‘scoops’. So he’s having a ‘paddy’ to ensure that at least he will still have access to the tit bits that he receives from JK now – and make him the best in the business (haha). He’s playing his master’s game. I’m not sure about the press and this whole democracy thing that they seem to be bleating on about. Since when have they pulled JK up about his disgusting misuse of democratic principles and the law. I haven’t heard one word uttered by the great Patrick Gower about the truculent way National carries on in the house. The MSM’s criticism about the principles of those most principled people, (much more principled than they) has been virulent.
    The fact that there is money involved for a party that champions the poor and the disenfranchised is something so totally different, they can’t get their heads around it. I would have thought that KDC’s intention was pretty clear and that was to take JK out. He’s always said this. I only hope that IMP take at least 10 seats and wipe their smug faces in the dirt. They laughed at the internet party and I remember one sumg commentator saying they wouldn’t get more than the 500 members when they first started. I for one am certain that I will be helping IMP to win well – especially for the sake of my children. I now know where my vote will be going especially with that ‘nice’ but intellectually light weight Davis strutting around like a prize peacock saying that he’s going to take Hone out. I think not only Labour will be working in Te Tai Tokerau this election. This is going to be dirty because the establishment, and especially the MSM, are definitely threatened by IMP. Already the comments section of the papers which were previously anti JK have been taken over by trolls who are doing nothing but making personal attacks and telling lies about IMP. This is classic Crosby Textor strategy. All about getting out a perception into the public arena to the unquestioning public. The MSM are doing such a fine job of carrying this perception and they don’t even need facts. Suddenly there is a new opposition party that has money and JK knows what money can do and they have been caught unawares. IMP need to work out how to contradict such rubbish. Perhaps use the Crosby Textor handbook on them. Nasty but necessary. And Shaun Plunket is a sanctimonious git.

  6. They appear terrified.
    Their puppet masters will be furious with them if they fail to deliver a return of a neoliberal government.

    • The puppet masters will be hiking in the big guns right about now – this is going to get a bit ugly, a whole new level of ugly.
      This new development wasn’t in the script at all.
      There’s still 3 months to go to 20 Sept. That’s quite a long time – enough to manufacture a lot of mischief.

      • It is also three months in which National have nowhere to hide Can John Key’s patronising smirk hold up that long? I am beginning to think that calling an early election was a major blunder for a party who’s claim to a good economic record is paper thin. But it’s too soon to celebrate yet. Suppose that Kim Dotcom loses the present court case ….

  7. “… Kim can’t tell the MPs what to do once they are elected.” Why’s this? Some funny milk company seems to have been in charge of at least one minister’s diary and her continuing presence in the house rather indicates the milk company may have the PM’s bits too. And how do we explain Sky City’s cosy pozzy in Auckland… Oh and then there’s a small matter of labour laws that Warner Brothers requested be changed… um, so, remind me, what makes Laila so deaf to Kim’s stentorian tones?

  8. Anyone looking at Harawira, Harre, Sykes and Minto while screaming ‘sell-out’ are the ones who sound desperate.

    Anyone looking at John Banks, Stone Shii, Peter Dunne, Warner Brothers execs, Skycity Execs, Liu, Oravida, Tiwai point, CIA, GCSB, Maurice and Wodehouse, Cabinet Clubs, Golf Games, $5,000 a head fund-raisers, Judith Collins, EQC and CERA, school closures in Christchurch while yelling out “Corrupt” are desperate also. Desperate to re-instate transparent democracy and to get rid of Key and the neo-liberal Croney Capitalists. Roll on 20th September 2014. Change can’t come soon enough.

  9. I don’t know Rosemary – can you take the lady out of the left but the left out of the lady? Pretty difficult task I think.

  10. I saw those tweets from Gower , He was either drunk when he wrote those or has lost the plot. How can be claim to be an unbiased journalist any more??

    • So agree PRISS. They were shocking. Would anyone from the IMP want to be in his presence let alone interviewed by him? Especially when they “make him sick” end of quote. Professional journalist – I don’t think so. In fact I know so definitely now.

  11. Having read the tweets by Gower – I was gobsmacked. For a moment I considered that his account had been hacked and hijacked by ACT-On-Campus agitators.

    Firstly – I thought journalists were supposedly impartial reporters of the News – and not there to judge it?

    Secondly – the content of those tweets suggests that Gower is somehow so emotionally involved on this issue that he lost all measure of objectivity. The man is simply not credible to report on political events anymore. (It would be like TV3 asking me to report on National Party policy, impartially and without bias!)

    Thirdly – the intemperate nature of those tweets suggests that Gower’s judgement is in question. Talking quietly with your mates, in a private conversation, is one thing. But broadcasting it to the world? What was he thinking?!

    Lastly – how can anyone now trust Gower to be impartially reporting on Mana-Internet, Laila Harre, Kim Dotcom, or any other leftwing party – and not have that reporting coloured by his comments on Twitter?

    Perhaps a columnist such as Karl du Fresne, Rodney Hide, or any other far-right commentator could get away with making such provocative, intemperate comments.

    But a trained journalist who is supposedly objective and not emotionally involved?

    Gower has seriously damaged any credibility he might have had.

    By his own words, he has disclosed his agenda.

  12. After sitting personally in on the John Banks trial this last week and watching both Jones and certain elements in the media attempt to make it ALL about KimDotcom’s veracity and insinuating a likely threat of implied ‘violence’ (via Mr Tempora) rather than Bank’s arrogant lack of it and belief he is ABOVE the law I know the Cash for Access Party and the Wilfully Blind party are very worried.
    Their concern so obvious they even got a badly unrehearsed Rodney MP Mark Mitchell rushed onto stand last Monday who in my opinion, potentially perjured himself.
    NOT one media person there reported that! Stuff did report a biased highly dramatised diatribe about KDC wanting to bring down the government and insinuated much worse about how he MAY do it!
    Given the recent call to Hollywood moguls so timely after their ploy failed and straight after the leak that Laila tipped for job. Given Garner announced it and his subsequent quasi vitriolic rant alongside Gower’s I hope she and Pam look carefully at ‘friends’ and Mainstream media mouthpieces alike

    I am currently banned from Plunkets show and even having trouble even getting on Willie and Ali to try to refute malicious allegations the former has been attempting. Firstly linking soil throwing at High court to Penny as well as far more parlous ones to slur John Minto, Kim and rest outside Key’ house at peaceful vigil.
    Make no mistake the dirty tricks Crosby T team are in full tilt now. The NZHorrid editorials Gower Henry Hosking and some of the others who we may have hoped better from are also very selectively now cherrypicking what certain people want seen and what they don’t!
    Banks incidentally guilty as buggery just on Sky’s Nigel Morrison’s Styan’s Campbell’s and his own mendacious evidence alone in my opinion.
    But will Judge Wylie have courage he did with putting him in dock in first place?
    I live in hope as much as Key praying not.
    That ONE vote still PIVOTAL by the way .More so than ever!

    • That kinda sounds sensible on first scan. Avoid all-caps and more people will read what you have to say. Extend your sentences, e hoa.

  13. “Paddy’s spite rant is something to behold. It’s like Internet MANA ran over his cat or something…” (M Bradbury, date above)

    Or somebody ran over his cat’s eyes, all five of them… (stay tuned)

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