Laila Harre to be the new leader of the Internet Party



Boom, it’s been leaked by the NBR, so the secret is out. Laila Harre will be the new leader of the Internet Party? So if this works the way we hope it will, Hone Harawira, Laila Harre, Annette Sykes and John Minto will be in Parliament.

Where’s all that left wing angst and screams of sell out now?

You wanted a game change? Here’s your game changer!

Now let’s go beat John Key.

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Game on.


  1. The game is just a just a human construct, it doesn’t truly exist so it cannot be changed. But angst is real, and must be followed blindly for our own wellbeing.


  2. I hope Sue comes back now it turned out not to be a foreign takeover, struggling a bit to see the Internet Party connection though.

  3. Hmm. Kinda goodnews/badnews really.

    Definitely wasn’t what I expected – Laila has some serious credentials and is definitely a person from the left, and deserves to be on the same list as Hone, Annette and John.

    But why is this coming from the Internet party and not MANA? Why was Laila not a member of MANA, and what is the IP connection. If anything, it makes it more confusing for people and harder to know what influence Dotcom and the other wealthy libertarians will have on policy.

  4. is she the one with the lisp? not really a game changer. Just another activist in parliament. No biggie.

  5. Wow excellent news Laila Harre to lead Internet Party, couldn’t think of anyone better. Bet there is some who are trembling in their boots.

  6. She is so far left will only further divide the left vote .
    Cunliffe must be worried .
    Key very happy.

    • How ridiculous, she is no further left than Harawira, Sykes and Minto. They pretty much think that the underclass we have in NZ should not be there, I am with them!

  7. The stench of hypocrisy, the putrified sanctimony pervading the left wing bolgesphere is offending my olfactory and intellectual sensitives.

    You have spent months harranging Judith Collins and any media not aligning itself with your views but whatever happened with Orovida is completely eclipsed by the left wings attempts at justification here.

    Your blatant perversions of principle are laid bare here for all to see. One can only hope that you are not only hoisted by your own petard but, indeed, you are fully exposed as the unprincipled envy ridden and indigent hypocrites that you are.

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