The Prime Minister is the number one Minister in this country



The Prime Minister is the number one Minister in this country.  The role of leader, an example for all other Ministers to follow, someone to  be held in high esteem.  Or they should be.  They should be utterly honest and trustworthy, loyal and straight forward, good hearted and transparent, a prime example of a thoroughly decent human being.

It would seem that once again this week that John Key has displayed his characteristic “brain fades” otherwise known as lies.  His claims around his relationship and subsequent hiring of his old school friend Ian Fletcher to the head of the GCSB role were quiteblatantly untrue.  Just some more lies, rolling off the tongue quite easily.  Which he has also made easier for himself, by surrounding himself with people that enable this particular behaviour.

When in this country did we lower our standards and have lying become acceptable?  Our levels of tolerance seem to have risen and we now accept that our elected representatives (or some of them) will bend the truth, conveniently forget, and flat out lie.  Is this really something that we should be comfortable with?  Surely not!

We are allowing by acceptance of this lying, the lowering of  the whole tone of our Parliament.  I believe it has contributed to the standards we now have, it has increased the cronyism, the favouritism, and the “perception” of corruption, perception is everything.

Sadly this situation is not unique to New Zealand.  Lying as a Member of Parliament is seemingly rife all over the world.  These people are attracted to the power of politics it would seem, in fact thrive and do well as politicians in a lot of cases.  Just because corruption here doesn’t seem too bad for the most part does not mean that we should just accept what IS happening.  Things can get worse quickly if  ignored, if no one is ever held to account.  We should take a stand.

Thankfully not all  of our MP’s are dishonest, we do still have some rays of hope,  lets push and work hard to keep these good hearted honest and hard working representatives on our side.  Lets vote this year for honesty and for truth.  It is time to demand more from our elected politicians and remove the utter acceptance, even endorsements from radio and media journalists has become part of the cycle by promoting lying as no big deal.  Well it is a big deal for me, I want my politicians to be honest, however hard the truth may sometimes be to hear, I would rather hear truth than lies any day of the week.


  1. We all now know when Key is lying… his lips move.
    I have no doubt that Orwell had a Key-like creature in mind when he wrote 1984. “Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
    Nationannul’s strategy for this election will be to run a “clean” campaign and to cry foul if the Opposition attempts to remind the voters of the many lies that Key and his minions have told and will tell throughout the run-up to Polling Day.
    The sympathy and support that poor helpless wee Judith Collins garnered from the “stress” of having her “honesty and integrity” questioned by those nasty bullying thugs on the Opposition benches was the first taste of things to come.
    To nashernil’s supporters and apologists the corruption and blatant lies are completely irrelevant, and worse, seem to be lauded and admired by them.
    I look forward to the day when any M.P caught telling lies can be impeached, called to account and face severe penalties of imprisonment for doing so, though it will be a cold day in hell before Key and his accomplices will support the requisite legislation to do so.

  2. The way to corrupt a person is not to ask them to commit a major crime but something small and then repeat the process. For some reason a huge number of New Zealanders have been willing to allow this to happen to them. The question is have they been corrupted or like John Key were they amoral in the first place.

  3. Well said.

    However I think the title of the article could have more appropriately read “The Prime Minister is the number one Traitor in this country”.

    Opinion and belief.

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