The new candidates that should excite Progressives this election



Without a shadow of a doubt, my current favourite MPs in Parliament – in no particular order are…

Hone Harawira – quite simply one of the best voices for the vulnerable this country has ever produced. Hone is a Civil rights hero and has managed the transition from Opposition MP to Party leader with a skill and passion that demands respect.  He is a legend with few equals.

David Cunliffe – After his beautiful Campbell Live at home with the leaders episode where the intelligent, kind and funny person I know was seen by every one else, he has the potential to be one of the best Leaders NZ has ever had. His desire to lead rather then be led is a rare courage in Politicians.

Russel Norman – So intelligent and sharp. Needs more Auckland mates, but one of the best MPs this country has. His vision for a green economy will be one of the great turning points in NZ political history when progressives win.

Metiria Turei  – The idea of Metiria being our new Minister for Welfare is one of the few things that helps me get up every day. Her compassion and ability to cut through the jargon to explain in every day language makes her one of the great communicators for progressives.

Tracey Martin – Easily the hardest working MP inside NZ First, totally wasted in that party.

Gareth Hughes – Future Prime Minister material.

TDB Recommends

Moana Mackey – One of the smartest inside Labour.

Louisa Wall – Civil rights hero.

Sue Moroney – One of the hardest working MPs in the House.

Ian Lees-Galloway – One of the smartest men in Parliament.

Mojo Mathers – Shows such amazing leadership and representation for NZers with disability.

Catherine Delahunty – Old school Green legend.

David Parker – He’s just so smart, so very, very, very smart. A remarkable brain, It’s always worthwhile trying to get him for comment.

Kennedy Graham – When he starts attacking the Government on whether or not they believe in climate change, it’s some of the funniest questions the House gets to hear. The naked contempt he shows the Government’s policy to address climate change is a joy to behold.

Kevin Hague – One of the best MPs the Greens have. Very funny in person.

Julie Anne Genter – Will make an incredible Minister for Transport. Would also make an excellent Broadcasting Minister.

Jan Logie – Coolest MP

Carol Beaumont – Staunch as hell.

Jacinda Ardern – You always forget how many next generation Labour activists adore Jacinda. That level of undying support is a rare thing for Labour MPs to have and Jacinda deserves it.

Dr Paul Hutchison – His speech during the 3rd reading of the Civil Union legislation was really one of the highlights on the night. Proof that the Right can show courage and compassion.

Chris Finlayson – He’s so vicious and funny with it. His leadership on Maori settlements and chastising the Government over their various breaches of civil liberties is appreciated even though he doesn’t stop them.


Current MPs aside, it is the next crop of progressive candidates who could make it into Parliament that are truly exciting me this year.

Annette Sykes (MANA) – Annette will win Waiariki and bring a radical intelligence and brilliance into Parliament. She is one of the most important civil rights leaders of this generation and having her inside Parliament would make NZ a better place to wake up in each morning.

John Minto (MANA) – What greater honour to add to John Minto than getting him into Parliament? If a MANA-Internet Party Alliance comes off, he has every chance of coming in off the Party list.

Marama Davidson (Greens) – The best new MP the Greens have brought aboard. Her fierce intelligence and social media Jedi skills mean the Greens finally have a candidate in Davidson who can win them the hearts and minds of Auckland.

Claire Szabo (Labour) – Part of Labour’s desire to promote brilliant women over average men, one to watch.

Jerome Mika (Labour) – Has done his time in  the trenches.

Kelly Ellis (Labour) – Legend.

Carmel Sepuloni (Labour) – She was robbed last time, welcome return.

Kelvin Davis (Labour) – Will have a high list placing so TTT voters know they will get him and Hone representing them.

Michael Wood (Labour) – Has the opportunity alongside Julie Anne Genter to end ACT once and for all.

Tamati Coffey (Labour) – Has an excellent chance of winning

Tony Milne (Labour) – Rising star.

Virginia Andersen (Labour) – Another one to watch from Labour’s desire to promote brilliant women over average men.

Stuart Nash (Labour) – If Labour can’t win back the provinces, they can’t be a genuine nationwide political party, much rests on Nash’s shoulders to lead the charge by winning Napier back.


  1. I rate Dr Deborah Russell (labour, Rangitikei) very well too, she’s bright, great speaker and a staunch feminist

    • Gareth Hughes PM material?? Are you kidding me??!!

      The guy is a baffoon. He doesnt even understand the most basic elements of his allocated portfolio for FFS.

      Anyone remember his appaling and damaging interview with TV3?

  2. You’re missing Liz Craig. After 10 years spent as a Public Health doctor watching the decline of children’s health she’s decided to become a MP so instead of treating the problem on the sidelines she can solve the problem as an MP. She decided to run for Labour in the biggest General electorate which takes a few hours to drive from town to town and it’s also one of the safest National seats. Within a few months she has rebuilt the party organisation which had been non-existent over the last 10 years and we are door knocking all over the electorate which Labour has never done before. She is health minister material and you should try and met her if you get the chance as once you do you’ll put her on your list too.

  3. “Nice to have” a positive column on a Monday Bomber!

    Hone deserves top ranking, revisit the clip of his town hall speech on the marginalised and the GCSB to see what he is made of. He was the only MP to represent NZ at Aussies “Sorry Day” apology to indigenous people. Other countries just lock up their radicals, under MMP we put them into parliament, Sykes and Minto too hopefully.

    Some great Greens there too, Labour a mixed bag of a party still suffering from Rogernomics fallout.

  4. I was thinking something similar just the other day. There are some awesome younger MPS coming through from the left. National in comparison is full of ciphers, much like the Cybermen in Dr Who and the Borg in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    • The borg and the cybermen are hyperintelligent – Gnats are more like the clone army – a horde of hapless morons.

  5. Hard work in the Clutha Southland electorate could see a huge upset victory for Labour. Bill English has not enhanced his reputation out in the rural areas. He is not good at being available to constituents, and he has done almost nothing to assist Save Fiordland in its fight against developer greed plans for tunnels and monorails in Fiordland.

    • It would indeed send a message to National if they lost such a heartland seat, and with National having selected a tobacco lobbyist to succeed Bill English surely it is now or never.

      But an effective protest vote against Bill English himself (in a doubtless high place on the National list) would mean translating that discontent into party votes against National… and in a deep-blue seat, that might be a tough ask…

  6. If I had it my way back at orewa we would have got rid all those silly maori and mana parties. You lot have had a good run now its time you stopped using the tax payers money and got a job. I was the most progressive M.P. out back in the day now all you regressive types are pulling this country back into the stone age its as embarrassing as hone’s shitty policy. The only real progressive is Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand you lot should take a leaf out of her book and stop dilly dallying with your ignorant polls

  7. With all these exciting candidates I’d be expecting a big turnout from “Progressive” voters this election.

    At least we wont have to put up with three more years of Daily Blog writers complaining about mythological Labour voters staying at home!

  8. Minto can easily make it without the Internet Party. Hone and Sykes can win their seats and then Minto gets in on the list.
    Judging from Labour’s policies so far, there will be a lot of Left voters giving their party votes to either the Greens or MANA

  9. In Tauranga Labour has another gem in Rachel Jones, clearly one to watch. In the space of a few months Rachel has rebuilt Labour in Tauranga, where it has been missing in action for a decade. She is real smart, real Labour and a real person.

  10. This is a mickey take, right Martyn? I’ve never seen a more comprehensive list of failure and inactivity in all my life.

  11. The Greens seem to be over achieving and have one of the best positions on the Corporate attempt to take us over using the insidious TPP(A).

    Greens will be getting my vote for the first time ever. Labour and there gutless “we want 2 weeks to read it ” position on TPP(A) only deserves contempt .

  12. Chris Finlayson (NAT) votes against Marriage Equality Bill; Bomber labels him a “candidate that should excite progressives this election.”


    You used an upworthy headline (without the Arbitrary Capitalization) for a very thin article.

    Many of the candidates you told us nothing about, other than they were “Legend” or “Part of Labour’s desire to promote brilliant women over average men”


    You even put Stuart “I’ve been drinkingthinking it’s a good idea to engage with the Left activist base after having a few” Nash in there. I know he’s a columnist, but…


    EDIT: Let me add Martyn, it seems highly arbitrary that you have me in auto-moderation. Care to explain why? Maybe a link or two if you think I’ve broken the rules?

  13. I assume the next crop of progressive candidates you have listed is just based on ones selected by parties for electorates.

    I am aware of a number of up and coming candidates who are standing as list candidates includeing some strong contenders from the disability community. Having talked to a few they are not chose not to run for the electorate as it would mean challenging entrenched electorate MPs and would potentially be political suicide for them.

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