Let’s see John Key appear on Campbell Live now!



Just so that we are all clear – John Key has stated “we do not carry out wholesale collection of metadata”, today we find out the NSA has been teaching our GCSB how to carry out that very same wholesale collection of metadata via a ‘New Collection Posture’ called “Sniff it all’, ‘Know it all’, ‘Collect it all’, ‘Process it all’, ‘Exploit it all’, Partner it all’. Either Key is lying or he is being protected by the school mate he appointed head of the GCSB. Either way, this casual fascism represents one of the largest erosions of civil liberties we’ve had in NZ.

Let’s see John Key appear on Campbell Live now!


  1. Key needs to front on what NZ spies are up to

    Prime Minister John Key has questions to answer following the latest Snowden leaks detailing New Zealand’s involvement in the Five-Eyes spying network, the Green Party said today.

    Information released in a new book by journalist Glenn Greenwald on National Security Agency (NSA) whistle-blower Edward Snowden includes top secret briefings for the Five-Eyes network, of which New Zealand is a member.

    “These briefing documents directly link New Zealand spies to a global mass surveillance network,” said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

    “Prime Minister John Key has no choice but to start answering questions about what it means for New Zealand to be a member of the Five-Eyes network.

    “It’s becoming increasingly implausible for Key to claim that New Zealand is not participating in the type of activity that the other Five-Eyes partners have been found to be undertaking, when over and over again we’re seeing evidence to the contrary.

    “For the first time we’re clearly seeing the Five-Eyes network’s approach to data collection, and their ambition to ‘sniff it all, know it all, collect it all, process it all, exploit it all and partner it all’.

    “The documents also show New Zealand’s spy agencies were instructed on how to use X-Keyscore, a type of search engine for NSA’s database that enables users to access our private information.

    “It’s also been revealed that New Zealand knew about diplomatic espionage by other members of the Five-Eyes network. Any involvement by New Zealand’s spy agencies in this sort of spying would be incredibly damaging for our international relations.

    “Being a member of Five-Eyes sends a clear message to other countries that we’re part of the American network. It’s a serious compromise to our independent foreign policy.

    “New Zealanders have the right to know what our spy agencies are up to, and what this means for our own private information.

    “Journalist Glenn Greenwald is clear that the lack of oversight of spy agencies is the problem. New Zealand is no exception to this.

    “We need a wide ranging independent inquiry into New Zealand’s intelligence agencies to ensure proper oversight. In response to the Snowden leaks, other countries have taken this step; New Zealand must follow suit.”
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    Subjects: Security and Intelligence, Parliament and Politics

    Green Party Parliamentary Office, Parliament Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand

    Green Party Parliamentary Office, Parliament Buildings, Wellington,
    New Zealand
    Authorised by Metiria Turei and Russel Norman, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

  2. Key certainly did know about all this.

    The Aussie media were onto it. Now I understand why the NZ MSM didn’t make it more public – they would have been hushed up by John Key and the GCSB.

    Also, Key must have wiped his brow with a big “Phew got away with that!”, when “the 88” was outed.

    The US used the NZ public to test out their latest high tech surveillance equipment – they did this for 2 years! And at the end of the 2 years, the test was complete, and back they all went to the US! According to the Australian press.

    You can’t tell me Key did not know about this!
    Probably the only reason he made his mate head of the GCSB was to have a scapegoat if this ever came out in the media.

    Opinion and belief.

  3. Is John Key’s nose getting longer, or is it a cartoonist’s trick?

    For his next appearance they might have to get him a shorter chair.

  4. I know he will be on CL, on the budget, so we will see. The message from the government to voters is, that is middle class voters, hey, heres a few hundies extra a year, vote me and my party, nothing else!

    F*ck off JK, we had enough of your lies and bribes, especially favouring the “upside trickle” beneficiaries.

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