Far right hate speech merchant wins best NZ Blog


How sickening that a far right hate speech merchant like Cameron Slater wins best blog at the Canon Media Awards.

The judge hilariously was the viciously hard right and totally irrelevant Deborah Hill Cone.

The disgusting Len Brown story was a horrific piece of gutter journalism written by Slater while his Father just happened to be the campaign manager for Len’s rival. The manner in which Luigi Wewege attempted to pressure Bevan Chuang into taping the sex was as ugly as it gets.

This week he has disgustingly dredged up old photos of Moana Dotcom and he has previously called a person who died in a car accident ‘feral’ for speeding while taking photos of himself speeding.

Remember when Slater described a Kings student who drank himself to death as “a toffee-nosed school boy, a dead thief and a liar who couldn’t handle his piss. I always said King’s boys were poofs.”

Remember when Slater published all the details of businessman Matt Blomfield whose stolen computer he somehow obtained?

Remember when he was convicted of breaching a variety of name suppression orders?

Remember when Slater published the personal employment details of a wharf protestor?

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Remember when Slater posted a fake Green Party press release that inspired threats of violence against Russel Norman?

Remember when Slater publicized a doctored interview with Jim Anderton edited into Anderton saying an earthquake would need to strike for him to lose the Christchurch mayoralty?

Remember when Slater was wanting looters in Christchurch to be shot in the stomach so that the death would be slow and painful?

Remember when he claimed Chris Carter’s mother who was dead for 12 years was still using a taxpayer cell phone?

Canon should be ashamed. How ugly that such a hateful person can be celebrated by a mainstream media awards ceremony. How on earth was Deborah Hill Cone allowed to be the judge? Toby Manhire and Giovanni Tiso are one million times more talented than Slater.

Let’s hope his defamation court case wipes the smirk off his face.

So disappointedly ugly. For shame Canon. For shame.


  1. Awards are only as good as the criteria used to make the judgements…not sure what the criteria is for “Best NZ Blog”, but you get the feeling if he didn’t have a daddy like he has, he would probably be pretty anonymous.

    • “Awards are only as good as the criteria used to make the judgements”
      How true, Saarbo.
      One only has to note the nightcrawlers who receive knighthoods to verify your statement.
      I suspect a particularly obnoxious PM will worm his way into that slithering subterranean ‘hood shortly.

    • What’s New Zealand coming to when a vile piece of right-wing filth wins an award.
      It’s not surprising, we now live under the rule of the National-ACT cabal, propped up by Maori Party, United Future, Chinese and American business interests.
      When all the assets are sold, all the schools charterised, when euthanasia sorts out the Superannuation bulge, when health system is privatised, when TPPA is installed and kiwis can’t afford to buy houses in their own country, then the right-wing revolution will be complete.
      And Key will speak with Slater every day and kiwis will look through the window, like the animals on Orwell’s Animal Farm: “No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which. November 1943-February 1944”
      When people like Slater win an award on behalf of the National Party he writes for, this country hasn’t gone to the dogs, it has gone to the pigs.

    • Canon cameras suck. Nikon and Olympus are higher up in terms of professional or easy to use cameras. They should bring out a new model for John Key to spy on New Zealanders with. Do they contribute to National’s election campaign, do they get special benefits like Rio Tinto, or Cabinet club meetings? I detect bias, maybe Canon should be in the running for a Roger award? xD

    • Seriously? Canon are a name sponsor and really don’t have anything to do with choosing who is nominated or who wins.

  2. I don’t have a clue what criteria they used to decide that hate site was the best blog. It’s total rubbish, written for 12 year olds with learning deficiencies.

    As for Slug Boy’s thoughts on King’s “poofs” – when I was at school we put AGS in exactly the same category as King’s. Not the done thing these days, I know, but I’m talking about the early 70s.

  3. I assume the winning criteria would be the number of hits his falsehoods get each day which really is nothing to do with the quality or anything else about his blog at all.

    It is so easy to get an enormous number simply by playing the game the way that hit counter works. Then even this measure is a dubious scale to give an award for. It would be the same as saying Windows Explorer is the best – simply because of the greater number of PC’s coming with it pre-loaded.

    • You really dont have a clue about site traffic measure do you.
      search google analytics you might learn something lol

  4. Sour grapes guys. Slater deserves this award for bringing to light the deplorable antics of your pin up boy Pants Down Brown and the misdemeanours of assorted feral scum, and for outing paedophiles and predatory school teachers. I don’t agree with everything he says but he and his team put most of the “official” media to shame.

    • This sour grapes accusation by whale army recruits is nonsense. TDB didn’t enter the awards because we don’t crave the sad desperate need Slater does for msm recognition. The Len Brown story was needlessly cruel and offensive and seeing as Slater’s own involvement in how that story came out is in itself murky it is hardly the high point of journalism.

      I’m taking it that the ‘assorted feral scum’ are the ‘feral scum’ who died in the car crash? And the outing of paedophiles that put the identity of the children at risk was illegal, you do understand that right?

      You have not in any way shape to form countered even half the list of hate speech Slater has spat out on his blog.

      If there is Karma in the universe, Slater will get his at the defamation trial.

      • Do you actually have to enter the awards? I thought Canon’s judges just pick the nominations themselves.

        • I’m pretty certain you have to enter. Allowing the judges to just pick seems very open to abuse

          • You mean giving them choices beyond only those who ‘enter’ is open to abuse? Your bs machine is on high today Martyn.

              • Deborah Hill-Cone is a commentator. She’s entitled to her opinion, even when that means she picks someone you find obnoxious. Having commented previously about someone doesn’t discount you being a judge. NZ’s too small for that.

          • You have to enter. Cannon’s representatives merely receive the entries within a criteria setting. They then go out and choose the judges. Critique has been longstanding that the media awards in this country should be judged by peers who live overseas. That in some ways would attempt to level the field. A NZ-based judge is going to attract claims of bias whoever it is.

      • Slater is such a dirty filthy dodgepot it is difficult to list all his nasty activities. Another one that comes to mind was his paid “tipline” around the time of the last election when National billboards were being stickered by Green associates.

        Whale Spew was encouraging would be junior Stasi types to note down number plates and details and get info back to him asap. He has run photos of animal rights and other demos and named people, particularly women, to try and provoke followup harassment by some of his thug mates.

        I don’t know if Karma exists but this turd on legs sure deserves to find out.

        • I am shocked that such an abusive biased blogger as Slater could win an award; however I think you need to ask yourselves, does abusing him and calling him things like “vile” and a “turd” not constitute hatred too.

          The very thing you don’t like about him, in some fashion you are doing yourselves! Why not rise above what he does, and point out your disdain for that kind of behaviour….but politely and with a bit of class. The Buddha said, “Hatred is not overcome by hatred, but by love…this is eternal law.” And Jesus Christ asked us to be meek in the face of hatred.

      • Personally I think you would be better off not saying anything, rather than indulge in this rather childish mud slinging.
        Fact is Cams blog is popular, if you don’t like it don’t read it.

        • See I disagree. Allowing Slater the sanctity of mainstream acceptance belittles the entire debate and pointing out the long history of vicious vile things he has said reminds people.

          Cam’s blog generates much traffic from images and media clips – let’s not start pretending his low brow abuse is more popular than it is.

          • More nonsense. A blog only attracts traffic when people choose to go there. Very little of the images and clips there are unique, so viewer could see them anywhere. Face it, whatever you may think of him, Slater’s numbers speak for themselves.

        • But Micky, one could say precisely the same to you, and your comment to Martyn. What you’re really saying is, “don’t say things I disagree with”.

          That’s more honest, isn’t it?

  5. Yes but then he is the blubber lipped , cruel , greasy megaphone for The Hate Nation that is Nu Zild . Have you not noticed that we of The Daily Blog are in a severe minority ? Go anywhere where there are hoards of the hoi polloi and listen carefully . Listen to the rustle of the maggots ?
    Some of the most dangerous and determindly Right Wing are the labourers for the Hate Machine . Working class people without a clue and ‘ … don’t fuckin’ wanna clue mate ! ‘
    Ironically , I was about to up-date my cameras to a 5D Mk 3 but cannon can go fuck themselves . I’m going Nikon .
    Cameron Slater ? For Gods sake . What were they thinking ? Oh yeah … That’s right . Not much .

  6. I strongly believe in karma, and justice, and that everyone gets what is coming to them in the end.

    Most of us learn early on that what goes around, comes around, and revise our behaviour accordingly. Slater seems unable to grasp the link between cause and effect: failed businesses, the demise of Truth under his control, legal problems, court cases, strained familial relationships, the disapproval of his father, his ongoing depression and personal problems, even the reality of being NZ’s most despised person: all of his own doing, but he lacks the self awareness to do anything about it, even for the sake of his own wellbeing.

    The reality is, that Slater is a very horrible person, but the pain he inflicts on others is nothing compared to his own inner turmoil. It seems sickening that he could be rewarded in any form for the bile he spews on an hourly basis, but any external manifestation of the karma he deserves is nothing compared to the punishment of simply being Cameron Slater. I wouldn’t wish that fate on my worst enemy.

  7. Considering the judge for the award was Deborah Hill Cone, whose own journalistic ability and writing ability is below par – it is the equivalent of a group of toddlers in a sandpit with one of them saying to another “Your my best friend”.

    My reasoning behind her lack of skill? A couple of recent examples is the badly premised article on the death of Charlotte Dawson, and the equally pathetic follow up article.

    And the use of sentences such as:
    I didn’t know you when you were alive, Charlotte, so I hope you don’t think it is presumptuous of me to write about you now you’re not, but then … hardly.

  8. Yes Countryboy, from Canon to Nikon, every dollar is a vote. Sadly, choosing wisely in the allocation of the immense power that lies within every penny spent seems to be a concept beyond the masses cognisance. I now look back questionably at my previous allocation to Canon and will wait and watch their corporate manoeuvring more intently

    Meanwhile I’m off to my communities local market to meet friends, share stories, shape ideas, listen to live music, trade preserves and find out whats happening on the street where I live, oh and I’ll purchas$e some fresh food from the local growers & makers too. Food from people I know, who tell me where it’s from and what ingredients are in it and how its prepared and cooked. I’ll know that what I’m putting inside my system is good for me.

    Maybe I’ll take my camera along to the market too, it’ll be a good opportunity to take some life pictures of folk enjoying, sharing and making a positive difference in the world in which they live. Oh! Wait… it has Canons brand name on it. The very corporation that sponsors the Media Awards, the awards that just gave hate speech a thumbs up. Hmmm that doesn’t feel quite right? Maybe I’ll just take some pencils and sketch pad instead.

    ‘The constant drip eventually fills the bucket.’ Well that works in reverse too, starting from the ground up, one person at a time, but only if we apply conscious thought to where our votes go.

    Every dollar is a vote, what say you Canon? Do you wish to retain mine?

  9. “The Len Brown story was needlessly cruel and offensive a ”

    You mean like your treatment of Judith Collins?

    Face facts. You haven’t broken a story of any merit in your lifetime, and your tirade is just left wing envy. Be a man and suck it up. Along with the readership.

    • IV – you need to be far note clever with your trolling than this offering.

      Len Brown had an affair and he conducted it on Council time and property. That was certainly a story that was worthy of blogging on, but that’s not what Slater did, the story was cruel and utterly unnecessary in its pornographic, lewd and obscene level of detail.

      Comparing that vile level of coverage to the righteous criticism aimed at Collins, a Minister who used her position in a gross conflict of interest is nonsense and you know it.

      As for the range of story’s that I’ve broken as a blogger, my record speaks for itself and I don’t feel any real need to embarrass you by proving you wrong on that front.

      In terms of this being a tirade of left wing envy, no. Slater lowers the debate, yes bloggers are supposed to be provocative and pash the envelope, but he takes it to another level all together and the list of offensive stuff he has done means allowing him to win an award without seriously criticising that decision is the utterly wrong thing to do.

      So tell us IV – where is there a place for describing a young student who drank themselves to death as ““a toffee-nosed school boy, a dead thief and a liar who couldn’t handle his piss. I always said King’s boys were poofs.”

      How is that level of debate acceptable? My punches are always above the belt, below the belt is the first place Slater punches. That kind of editorial direction should be denounced.

      • Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people…… Eleanor Roosevelt.
        When Slater spreads his small-minded filth about ‘ferals’ and ‘poofs’ it deserves something, but certainly not an award. His hateful site deserves to be shut down.
        When the Government changes in 133 days, within the first 100 days, Labour and its allies should get rid of Slater and his hateful bilious page.
        If politicians can get rid of synthetics in less than a week, getting rid of Slater’s vile filth should be a possibility.
        Only 133 days Martyn, to rid the e-verse of Slater and his salacious sleaze.

        • If the Govt changes this election I would love to see right wing ignorant people like Intrinsic Value, Slater and the Act leader offered a one way ticket to Australia as that is where people like this thrive.

      • Righteous criticism? No Martyn you have shredded Collins on a personal and professional level, and that’s all ok with me, but don’t come with this holier than thou bollocks on your mate Len. Our mayor is unfit for office. His actions were corrupt and a disgrace to his position, and a slight on his family. Collins has done nothing other than make an error of judgement for which she gained absolutely nothing.

        With regards to your record, my comment was out of line, and I apologise. I read TDB because although I detest most of your views, I enjoy reading an alternative position to my own.

        As to Slater, he breaks stories, and provides balance to the left wing media (such as the TVNZ Labour Party training ground). And yes, you are right, he steps over the line, and I agree his comments on the Kings student were despicable.

        • Intrinsicvalue says:
          May 10, 2014 at 9:25 pm

          Righteous criticism? No Martyn you have shredded Collins on a personal and professional level…


          She did it all to herself.

          Where is the much-vaunted taking personal responsability that you ACT supporters bleat on about all the time?!

          Christ, you demand it from everyone else, but refuse to display any when caught with your pants down!

          No one forced Collins to lie to the media; the PM; the public, and god knows who else!

          Fucking hypocrite.

          • “Where is the much-vaunted taking personal responsability that you ACT supporters bleat on about all the time?! ”

            Frank you need to slow down, and read my posts more carefully. So to repeat “No Martyn you have shredded Collins on a personal and professional level, and that’s all ok with me, but don’t come with this holier than thou bollocks on your mate Len ”

            And it would pay not to sign your name as “F….ing hypocrite”

    • Intrinsicvalue says:
      May 10, 2014 at 1:46 pm

      “The Len Brown story was needlessly cruel and offensive a ”

      You mean like your treatment of Judith Collins?

      So you’re justifying the actions of one (a Minister) with that of another (Len Brown)? Is that how you evaluate the moral actions of one person – but pointing to someone else as justification?

      So really, what you’re telling us is that it’s ok for all of us to do wrong because, hey, someone else is doing it?!

      Only an ACT supporter could be so amoral.

      By the way, Anonymous ACT Troll Intrinsicvalue – Collins is alleged to have mis-used her ministerial position to support her husband’s business. Plus, she lied about her planned visit to Oravida.

      That lie, plus other mis-leading statements earned her a rebuke and time-out from Key.

      So your defending her is farcical.

      So Brown had an affair? But the Ernst Young report did not find that Council resources or money (except a desk top – and a bit of spit’n’polish will sort that out) was spent on Brown “extra-curricular” activities.

      So be careful. Slander laws still apply to on-line comments, even if you’re “anonymous”. (And I doubt if you’re clever enough to hide your IP tracks.)

      But Martyn is no doubt conscious of such matters and any further remarks by you on this issue will be turned into recycled pixels.

      • “So you’re justifying the actions of one (a Minister) with that of another (Len Brown)? Is that how you evaluate the moral actions of one person – but pointing to someone else as justification?”

        No. I’m commenting on Martyn’s commentary, not making an evaluation of behaviour.

        “Collins is alleged to have mis-used her ministerial position to support her husband’s business.”

        Emphasis on ‘alleged’. Show me the evidence Frank.

        “So Brown had an affair?”

        Yep. He betrayed his wife, his children, his voters, and lied about it for 2 years to over it up. He showed an error of judgement so extreme he has no moral authority whatsoever, which is why his leadership of Auckland is now nothing more than a charade.

        “But Martyn is no doubt conscious of such matters and any further remarks by you on this issue will be turned into recycled pixels.”

        Wow, I have touched a nerve! You have this habit of trying to shut down debate, Frank. It’s pathetic.

  10. Does the general BIAS by the dominant MSM, and their defenders and supporters need any more proof?

    This is what we are up against, misinformation, patronising, bias, right out dishonesty and manipulation, and that is what gets “awards”!?

    I find New Zealand such a dishonest place, where so many are so damned self righteous, run down other places and people, and here they celebrate the most despicable, most hate driven, manipulative, evil and rotten “blogger” there is.

    Sorry for the harsh language, but I am lost for words, what this is about. Surely the best blog and blogger cannot be rewarded simply for having the most “site hits”, done by manipulative means, and nothing else. What has that “blogger” ever delivered, but endless brown coloured manure, and supposed “scandals”, that in most cases never materialised.

    I suggest we ignore such stupid awards, as they are not worth the time and money.

    Anyway, it is time to get back to reestablishing a solid, well resourced, independent, quality public broadcasting system, to counter act this abysmal privatised, manipulative, commerce driven and profit focused “private” media. How many have time for the opposition there? Hardly any, that tells us how “independent” those “sources” are.

    • You know what? No.

      This is a healthy site, and though the debate gets robust at times it is not gratuitous. The worst of it comes from commenters, not Martyn, and even the trolls have to cross a few lines before people have a go at them.

      I sometimes wonder if NZ is big enough for awards.

      I don’t read Whaleoil, but it is regularly in the news for gross and gratuitous offense. It didn’t get DDOSed for speaking the truth to power. That is the best in New Zealand? Criteria cannot be very sound.

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