Why I don’t believe a word the GCSB says



GCSB head: ‘We don’t do that stuff’
GCSB boss Ian Fletcher has offered everyday New Zealanders an assurance they were not being spied on or listened to by the GCSB but suggests a public discussion needs to take place on greater regulation of the internet.

I don’t believe a word Ian Fletcher says. He’s not there to protect NZers, he’s there to protect John Key. Key appointed his old school chum to head the GCSB in a process that did not follow the normal procedures. After appointing his mate, Key then progressed with handing over to the GCSB mass surveillance powers that are open to the NSA.

We are being lied to when Fletcher says the GCSB doesn’t break the law, that’s only true because Key changed the law! This is the same department that illegally spied upon 88 NZers – they are liars and manipulators who ignore the law whenever they see fit.

Their ability to spy upon us all doesn’t make us safer, it makes us weaker as a Democracy.

These powers must be revoked if there is a change of Government.


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