What the latest Roy Morgan Poll means – Could MANA/Internet Party be the difference?


The latest Roy Morgan Poll is a reminder of what happens when the news media go to war on a Political Party. Labour have had it for the last 5 and a half years, but trust the Nats born to rule arrogance to finally provide too much ammunition for the mainstream media to ignore and the type of wild swings the latest Roy Morgan Poll shows against National are a possibility.

The reason the Roy Morgan is so important for real pundits is that Roy does one thing none of the other landline Polls do, they take cell phones into account. This gives them a far broader range than TV3 or TVNZs Polls which have always been out by massive amounts in favour to National.

So Labour up to 31%, Greens up to 14.5% with MANA on 1% and Internet Party climbing to 1.5%. If an alliance between Internet Party and MANA can be formed, the need to include NZ First becomes less necessary and a Labour led Government could be the most progressive ever voted in.

While the mainstream media will scream to you that National and John Key are riding a tsunami of support with almost half the country in love with them, the reality, as this blog has pointed out for sometime, is that the election will be right down to the wire.

National have to gain higher than their 47% at the last election, and if the Left work together to eliminate National’s support partners in Epsom and Waiariki then National will win the most votes on the night but with no clear path to a Parliamentary majority.


  1. “If an alliance between Internet Party and MANA can be formed, the need to include NZ First becomes less necessary” – exactly. One of the reasons I think they should do it

  2. Well I like Kim Dotcom – he drives Key crazy – and although that isn’t a great distance at the best of times, it does help the public see through the veneer of smarm to the vacuous mass of greed and insincerity beneath.

    I get the impression Kim is having fun with things like advertising the PM’s job, and fun is one of the signs of a healthy campaign. If Mana & TIP can play well as a team so much the better.

    Winston is a curious fellow, and as a former Alliance supporter not my favourite politician. He’d make a hell of a good speaker though, and the need for a good one is highlighted by the pathetic gimp in the chair now. It may be that Winston simply cannot accomodate the level of corruption that has taken hold of National, so that while his background was indeed on that side of the house he may not wish to swing that way. I expect he’ll harvest a lot of discontented National votes as the landslide progresses.

    As the Key Oravida links are made explicit we may see some irrational behaviour from John: will he get angry, goring both friends and foes like Judith Collins? Implode in a tragic weeping heap? Try to tell increasingly laughable stories like IV? Or run like a yellow dog? We should run a sweepstake 😀

  3. Who do I vote for? Labour or Greens? I like Cunliffe, but the Greens have good ideas about growing green technology. And we can’t swim in our nearby river, it’s too polluted with farm run-offs. That’s the river I used to swim in, as a child. 🙁

  4. I am sorry, but my impression is, that Mana and the Internet Party may indeed become increasingly irrelevant. Either Labour and Greens get their crap together, or we will have Key bend over backwards and try to make any kind of deal, perhaps really with Winston.

    I can only encourage people to vote for liberal and progressive forces, the rest will be counted.

  5. lol all the person who National party pays to post on this blog can come up with now is “no”.
    Face it New Zealand is tired of the blantant corruption and greed of the National Party.

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