Synthetic outrage at legal highs benefits organised crime


The childish knee-jerk moral outrage that has seen legal highs banned is us as a nation at our least adult.

The hypocrisy to attack legal highs while tobacco and alcohol continue to kill thousands every year is just so staggeringly large it’s difficult to take the entire debate seriously.

“Legal Highs are evil, pass me a beer” is a culture in denial over its alcoholism. Being lectured by drunks over what we should and shouldn’t use is eye rolling.

The issue for me is how legal highs helped expose the insanity of real cannabis being illegal. How have we as a country gotten to a place where the synthetic, more harmful version of organic cannabis was allowed for regulated sale, yet cannabis was not? That debate has been lost as we march our way to prohibition.

The PSA (Psychoactive Substances Act) was hailed as a global break through at the Star Trust pathway to reform I hosted and simulcast on TDB in March, and for a good reason. It cut retailers from 6000 down to less than 160, it cut products down from over 300 to 41 and it put restrictions on selling the stuff. Why can’t we have a PSA model for alcohol, tobacco AND cannabis?

The only Political Party that comes out of this with any honour are the Greens for abstaining on this feeding frenzy and the only ones laughing at this ban are organised crime who will be thanking Parliament for the boost in profits.