Taiwan: Amnesty International condemns the execution of five people

Source: Amnesty International NZ – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: Taiwan: Amnesty International condemns the execution of five people

Amnesty International condemns the execution of five people in Taiwan yesterday. The death sentences were carried out by firing squad without informing their families or lawyers in advance.

Amnesty International has repeatedly called on the Taiwan authorities to impose an immediate moratorium on the use of the death penalty and to engage in a national debate about abolishing its use in the future.

Those put to death today were:

  • Deng Kuo-liang
  • Liu Yan-kuo
  • Dai Wen-ching
  • Tu Ming-lang
  • and his brother Tu Ming-hsiung

In 2013, an International Group of Independent Experts, invited by the authorities to review Taiwan’s implementation of UN human rights covenants, recommended that the government of Taiwan intensify its efforts towards abolition of capital punishment. They also urged the government, pending abolition, to observe all relevant procedural and substantive safeguards relating to the use of capital punishment.

Taiwan last executed six people a year ago in April 2013. Seven death sentences were imposed in Taiwan that year.
There are currently 57 people under sentence of death in Taiwan.

In Taiwan the president has the power to grant either pardon or commutation. However, there are no established procedures for individuals to apply for this. Many of those executed in recent years had sent requests for pardon or commutation, but received no reply before execution.

Amnesty International calls on Taiwan authorities to ensure that those sentenced to death have an effective opportunity to exercise their right to seek a pardon or commutation of their sentence in line with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which Taiwan has incorporated into national law.

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Amnesty International opposes the death penalty in all cases without exception regardless of the nature or circumstances of the crime; guilt, innocence or other characteristics of the individual; or the method used by the state to carry out the execution.


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