Lashing out at a Journalist and raising personal issues doing so is Judith Collins on probation is it??? How many last chances does she get?


Ummmmm, what the hell?

Judith Collins lashes out at political reporter
Justice Minister Judith Collins lashed out TVNZ press gallery reporter Katie Bradford this morning, telling rival channel TV3 in an interview that Bradford had raised with her difficulties her former partner might have getting into Police College because of his family connections.

Collins then took to Twitter, effectively daring TV3 to raise the allegations she made about Bradford.

The reference to family connections is thought to be referring to Bradford’s mother, the former Green MP and frequently arrested protestor Sue Bradford.

Collins’ outburst followed her lashing out at Bradford on Twitter last night as a “liar” after Bradford said in her TV report on National’s northern regional conference that she hadn’t seen Collins at the conference, which was true, although Collins had been there.

…This is Judith Collins on probation is it? This is her on her best behaviour after the Oravida scandal? Bringing up some personal information to attack a journalist is she of the humbled moment is it?

I just don’t even know where to begin with this behaviour. It’s slightly surreal. It reeks of the same tactics Simon Bridges used against John Campbell during their angry interview on deep sea oil drilling. Bridges wasn’t there to debate, he was there to attack John because rump National Party voters hate John Campbell. Collins has targeted Katie for the same raw meat dog whistle.

The problem is so soon after Williamson, Key has to keep Collins, and she knows it. Collins can go as far off the rails as she likes and Key can’t touch her. The co-ordinated attack against her next generation candidates means she has nothing to lose by building her Crusher image and everything to gain if Key loses.

If she doesn’t play her hand now, she will be demoted after the election should National win.

Key may regret not having ended Judith when he had the chance.


  1. Then there was the allegations of her husband’s company Oravida Kauri, which is destroying wetlands for the swamp Kauri that it sends to China. How many different incarnations has this dubious company been through. It has even been called Kiwi Milk and Oravida transport in the past? Corruption wears many names …

  2. This was catty, scratch your eyes out, mega unprofessional shit from Collins, and she really is one very arrogant woman and one whom I suspect has the wood over Key somehow.

    She has since apologised I see but it was embarrassingly insincere just to add fuel to the fire.

    It reminds me of the arrogant Paula Bennett leaking privileged private details of the beneficiary that dared to highlight Bennett’s blatant hypocrisy.

    Nothing changes with National, born to rule rich arseholes looking after themselves first and foremost along with their own kind.

  3. Sounds like perfectly reasonable behaviour by Collins to me. These muppet journo’s need a good boot in the arse frequently or we’d have even worse journalism than we have now. Katie needs this more frequently than most.

  4. I am reminded of past instances of arrogance and vindictiveness from National politicans.

    For example, Paula Bennett releasing the personal details of two solo-mothers in 2009, and just last year, Aaron “Don’t-You-Know-Who_i_am” Gilmour.

    This latest outburst shows Collins under pressure and has all but scuppered any chance she would have succeeded Key as leader of the National Party.

    Pity, really…

    As Leader she would have made National unelectable for the next decade. Much like Jenny Shipley, had she stuck around.

    • And you don’t remember the arrogance of the Clark years? Depriving NZ of our appeal right to the Privy Council without a mandate? Telling us what lightbulbs to use? The Golden Handshakes? The Pledge Card, and retrospective legislation? National have a long way to go to get anywhere near the arrogance of the Clark years Frank.

  5. Her name is Judith the Crusher, and she is a a BULLY! “Paula Beneshit” may be called a bully by some, but compared with her, Judith Collins is on yet another level. She must have something really powerful over Key, as this is unbelievable what she did to Katie Bradford.

    I saw Key on the news, answering to drilling media questions. He did NOT look like a happy man, old Johnny Boy Key.

    With a bit of luck Judith will let her stubborn head ram through a few more walls, until the house of cards will collapse around her. She may drag the whole government down with her.

    Remember the fury with which she pursued Andrew Little and another Labour MP for allegations they made. Remember how she chased after Michelle Boag, former National Party president, when the Bronwyn Pullar ACC revelations were in the media? Remember how she has dealt to and tried to deal to a few others.

    Collins loses her control and common sense, when she gets very angry, and she is angry, as the media have nearly got her so exposed re the Oravida scandal, they may break the final straw soon, perhaps being able to reveal the name and position of that Chinese government official, that attended the “private dinner” with Collins and her husband’s business mates.

    I sense her head will roll, but she will fight until the last minute. She will not resign willingly and in humility, she will never concede defeat. And Key seems very worried and afraid of something. We may know as soon as tomorrow or this week, what will happen.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed, I will never forgive Collins for this:

    With a number of well executed, repeatedly released media statements, she ran a campaign, making baseless allegations and accusations, that WINZ designated doctors and other GPs signed off people (who supposedly did not want to work) onto the sickness benefit – en masse. That was when she was opposition spokesperson for welfare.

    She talked of “doctor bullying” and so forth, and never delivered facts, apart from anecdotal comments from one or two GPs, who seemed to be Nat supporters anyway.

    It was nothing much else but good old beneficiary bashing, and trying to blame the then Labour government for failing systems.

    If her head rolls, I will celebrate! She is a top manipulator and schemer, and she has to this date NOT sorted out the mess at ACC, where they used highly paid hatched doctors to execute an “exit strategy” for complex, costly claims.

  6. National will dream up some excuse to send her overseas (although probably not to China) to get her out of the picture for a while and hope that the heat dies down. Perhaps they can send her to Alaska or Iceland to talk about the government’s response to global warming, that would only take about a minute and she couldn’t cause much more damage in that short time, could she?

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