Why is Anne Tolley holding up Springhill Prison riot report?



Jacinda Ardern has been pushing Anne Tolley to get an in-house report on last years Springhill prison riot to be published, the Minister is dragging her feet using the excuse that ongoing prosecutions for the rioters mean the report can’t be published.

There’s a very good reason for this and that is, the Minister doesn’t want the scrutiny.  Medium security prisoners are entitled to being unlocked from their cells for 8 hours a day, at Springhill that had been reduced to 2 hours a day. This created  a vast level of anger and it seems incompetent management led to the pressure cooker that blew apart.

While there will be many screaming that prisoners deserve  nothing but orange jump suits shackled together along highways breaking rock with sledge hammers singing ‘Old Man River’ , if we as a society so easily revoke the rights of those who have sinned against us, we as a society have no high ground to judge in the first place.

Prisoners are human beings, regardless of their actions, and they have rights. To take those rights away are the actions of the vengeful tyrant, not the just.




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  1. I disagree with your comment ‘prisoners are human beings, regardless of their sins, and they have rights’. Some prisoners are worse than animals in their behaviour and barely qualify as human beings in their stimulus/response conditioning. Particularly those who deny their victims the right to live a life free from their despicable crimes. By choosing to ignore the rules of a civilised society, these men have chosen to exclude themselves and should therefore not enjoy the privileges of being part of a civilised society. If that involves not being able to go outside during incarceration then tough luck – they should have thought about that before committing their crimes.

    Lastly, to claim political motivation whilst ignoring the legal ramifications displays a breath-taking naivety of due process. Find something meaningful and worthwhile to blog about.

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