Businessman who is taking Blogger to court for defamation attacked


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The NBR are reporting (paywalled) that Matt Blomfield, the businessman taking Cameron Slater to court for defamation, has been attacked last night with shots fired at his home.

How vicious and nasty. Thoughts are with Matt and his family.


  1. People are saying that there is a good chance the gun is Matts, that he discharged it. If so does he have a license for the gun? What sort of gun was it?

    They are also saying Matt discharged himself from hospital, maybe to protect his family, maybe to clean up a scene of evidence that he does not want found.

    They are also saying Matt avoided the Police?

    Anyway, the point is, could be lots of things people are missing. It is not unusual for someone to visit someone else that owes money. Maybe a gun was produced, maybe by the visitor, maybe not.

    • That’s an awful lot of speculation, ‘O’.

      So who are you when you’re at home? And what is your involvement in this, that you would feel comfortable to cast aspersions on the victim?

      In reality there are plenty of rumours floating about, most of which paint a very different picture to the one you provide. But most of us would prefer to let the police do their job.v

      I do hope that Matt is ok, and I hope that the police catch those responsible. A home should be one’s sanctuary, and it is a horrible thing to have that violated.

      Thoughts and prayers with the entire Blomfield family xx

      • My point, lots of stories, most naturally not true, I have no idea what the truth is here.

        Some blogs are allowing hate directed at Mr Slater. Crazy stuff, lacks balance.

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