MANA AGM – When Hone met Kim UPDATE


Willie jackson kicked off the AGM bagging the mainstream media for their usual racism in judging what Hone does as some how worse than the deals every other white politician makes.

It clearly touched a nerve, here is Tova O’Brien tweeting furiously…

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 11.35.15 am

…yeah, no bias from the msm. Willie ended his speech by urging MANA to cut an alliance with the Internet Party.

Media frenzy at Kim being at AGM – pity they can’t ever get this excited about 285 000 children in poverty and feeding them…

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…The media get another ribbing from Hone. “I know all the media are here to hear me, so I will be speaking for 3 hours”.


…he addresses the MANA AGM, and he presses them on taking an opportunity on like the alliance. He gets strong applause.

“When Kim says he is against the TPPA, I listen”.

“When Kim says he is against the GCSB, I listen”.

“When Kim says he wants this Government out, I ask, ‘why isn’t he a member of MANA'”?

“I would be a wretched leader if I didn’t at least bring this to the table.”

Much applause.

Kim starts speaking. The interesting thing about him is that he is actually very quietly spoken, it forces people to sit forward a little to hear him. He starts by pointing out that he was brought up in deep poverty and that he believes in social fairness. He notes his wife’s poverty in growing up and states himself as a fighter and a survivor. He explains that he has the ability to grow the economy. He sells economic dynamism and it appeals, especially in terms of student loans and the lack of opportunities for youth.


The questions from the floor begin. These aren’t verbatim.

“Would you support action against deep sea oil drilling, tracking, forced evictions even if you weren’t in an alliance with MANA?”
-Yes I support things that make social sense. Fracking and deep sea oil drilling make no sense.

“What are your thoughts on MANAs tax policy?”
-I agree with a luxury tax. Details need to be worked out, but we need more money for social equity and that has to come from somewhere.

“What would you do to make MANA better?”
-Technology, I would bring technology to an Alliance.

“Would you support with every MANA policy?”
-Well I think I would bring different knowledge and maybe make the ideas better.

“If John Key offered to let you stay in NZ, would you cut a deal with him?”
-let me tell you something no one knows. I was only given residency in this country for the purpose to extradite me, that is political interference in its purest form. When Russel Norman said he would look at my extradition, I felt uncomfortable with that because I want to trust in the justice system. I don’t want to cut any deals.

“What do you think of the media bias?”
-Watching the media, they told me that MANA was a pack of extremists, that you want to burn down rich peoples homes. The truth is far from that.

“Why did you walk away from National”
-I have always stood by the thinking that you always talk to everyone, even your enemies. But when National started smearing me with Nazi smears, that disgusted me.

The room was warm and the reception was warm and there was a lot of applause at what Kim had to say.

There will be discussion and talk long into the night and throughout tomorrow morning. My guess is that if the MANA AGM decide to approve formal negotiations there will be a MANA negotiation team meet with the Internet Party negotiation team for a week, thrash out a deal and then there will be a week for MANA members to consider it.

The energy in the room at the AGM was powerful, something deep is stirring. Sure, the haters are gonna hate, but when did they ever vote for MANA?


  1. I hope there is a documentary crew following KDC around this year – renegade German playboy internet technology businessman washes up in NZ which is supposed to be the U.S. lapdog and extradite him to face trumped up charges, only the justice system still sort of functions so it takes a while and meantime the Snowden revelations rock the world, and he hooks up with the local Maori/left progressive faction to enter parliament, helps form a coalition for change to help overturn 30 years of neo-liberal voodoo economic crap that offends all thinking, passionate, caring people.

    You could not make this stuff up!

  2. Its potentially a powerful combination IMHO.
    Perfect antidote to the John Keys pied piper B.S. we have endured for too long.
    The Torys will be very worried – Good!
    Labour and the Greens have become part of the establishment and the whole rotten system needs a shake up.
    Mana / TIP will get my vote if they can work together. Heres hoping they can.

    • Hmm. One sentence posting, from an anonymous troll, parroting NatACT key message. Either a paid shill, or a useful idiot. Go back to Crosby-Textor, “Insider”, and tell them their time is nearly up.

      I agree with Bert. I’m excited to see the Mana/ IP alliance being explored. If they do join forces, all they need to do is adopt a drug law reform policy, and they’re certain to get 5%.

  3. The Greens should give Labour the finger & go with Mana & the Internet….
    A lot of folk who are undecided or couch bound would respond to something politically more radical.

    • MANA does support the Greens informally because our policies overlap a good deal. Many of our members have Green Party friends or are former members, we are often together at the same gatherings and we exchange ideas freely whenever we meet.

  4. Well done KDC & Mana. The establishment must be shaking in their boots at the thought of the youth vote awakening in his favour.

  5. What do you mean the Jewish problem, please extrapolate. I wasn’t aware there was one, I am aware that the Zionists think they can grab even more land from that belonging to the Palestinians.

  6. Very, very well then, I saw the news on TV, not that I was surprised, I know how the “bastards” work (the journos). But I listened up, and was a bit taken, here Dotcom talks about his childhood and youth, having an alcoholic father, having a mother work in 3 jobs, and going to bed hungry, or only with some toast with sugar or ketchup.

    Now this is interesting. We never heard much about this stuff. Indeed, while I doubt Dotcom, aka Kim Schmitz was all that poor, living in a block of flats in North German Kiel, but he seems to at least come from humble beginnings, and did not have it that easy.

    This is stuff that actually a fair few rich and successful and powerful people have as their history. They are not all the Bill Gates garage to success stories, some come from troubled backgrounds, and that actually made them tough and aspirational, and ambitious, to make it. Now here we have one person, who is so despised by some, also disliked or hated by one John Key, and he may have a similar background after all.

    No wonder he connects with Hone and Maori, not all, but a fair few. No wonder he can reach out across divides and barriers, that are dictated by income and social norms, last not least by ethnic belonging.

    I am a bit intrigued now. But to really get this moving, that Mana and especially their leader Hone want to work on, we need to perhaps see the full commitment by Kim Dotcom, to offer to share, to perhaps make his mansion a Ratana style residence, an open home, a refuge for some, a place where every downtrodden one is welcome at the door, to be housed, counselled, helped and fed perhaps. Turn the Coatesville Mansion into the Marae of Aotearoa New Zealand, for all in need to meet, consult, to seek guidance, support and reinvigoration.

    I suggest Kim and his wife go home and reflect on their first close encounter with Mana Whenua, with Tangata Whenua, it may be important and a radical chance for them, in their lives.

    I really see a need of some revolutionary actions by Kim to come across convincing, and not be mixed up with other successful and rich people, who also came from humble beginnings, but forgot that once they were at the top and well off. And we know also, wealth is not endless, and can go away and be lost again.

    Is this moment a game changer for Kim, for Hone and others, perhaps? Is Kim going to become one of us mortals, of us commoners now, a spirited being, humbling himself, and do the journey to Damascus, or become a Saulus to Paulus conversion?

    Well, I am looking forward to new surprises. We need unity, commitment and spirit, but Hone also better wake up, that money, invested, like in ACC funds, that is not stuff to simply hand out and share around, it is an investment, to bring in more rewards for a better future.

    He seemed to have missed that in his interview on The Nation.

    Best wishes, best of luck, this is an interesting story, but it is hardly “socialist” anymore, at best it is modern day social democracy with compromises at work.

    But we know also that Key and Nats cannot argue or say anything about all this, as they did the cuppa deals and so all along, so they can get stuffed and better shut up!

    • “We need unity, commitment and spirit, but Hone also better wake up, that money, invested, like in ACC funds, that is not stuff to simply hand out and share around, it is an investment, to bring in more rewards for a better future.”

      Maybe I watched a different interview. Hone said he was open to possibilities and that it wasn’t his choice.
      MANA decisions are made by the members, not Hone.

      Also your suggestion that KDC give his money away is the antithesis of MANA’s existence. The idea of personal charity is a neoliberal concept pushed by National, Labour ACT etc.

      “We need to perhaps see the full commitment by Kim Dotcom, to offer to share, to perhaps make his mansion a Ratana style residence, an open home, a refuge for some, a place where every downtrodden one is welcome at the door, to be housed, counselled, helped and fed perhaps.”

      No, we don’t need to see that. We need systemic changes, and that is why I’d vote for MANA. Personal responsibility/charity is a waste of time

      • FATTY – I invite you to read the further comments and linked stories below, same as what media will shortly report. Wake up from a day dreaming slumber, and see it as it is, same as Che and others in Latin America faced reality, with the blood that was involved!

        • Wake up from what slumber? I’m not in favour of the merger, I think it’s a possible short term gain for a probable long term loss.
          As for your information below, I don’t know what is? Doesn’t sound like the sort of website I’d go to for information. Plus I don’t really care about digging dirt on a millionaire, you should leave that to the MSM – and it seems you’re eagerly anticipating that for some reason…

          I base my voting on two things – policy and political context (such as probable electorate votes for local MPs etc). So far I have seen little to no policy from the IP. I don’t see what they offer, nor what they want. MANA on the other hand could get another MP in by themselves, or two more if Sykes wins her seat.
          I’m against the IP merger based on policy. I don’t care how much money is in KDC’s account, how big his breakfast is, or his past donations to charity. I don’t care if he sold some CDs when he was 15.
          How on earth does this relate to Che’s experience? 12.21am on a sunday morning makes for interesting posts!

    • How ridiculous. People need more to be given the tools to fish, not the fish itself ie not charity. If he can help provide those tools all power to him. I have a big house but I’m not going to turn it into a Marae for the homeless. But it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to make a world a better place. I don’t think he’s saying he’s Jesus is he?

  7. With all the “fairy tales” about Kim Dotcom, and how idiot Kiwis suck all this up, perhaps do some investigations, dear folks:

    “Schmitz was born in 1974 in Kiel, Germany, and grew up in northern Germany. His father piloted the luxury cruise liner “MS Deutschland.” His mother was a chef. He attended a posh boarding school, the Staatliche Internat Schloss Plön, and got his first computer when he was nine. Because gaming software cost too much for him to buy, he figured out how to make illegal copies and went into business selling them to friends for a few marks a piece.”

    Read the full article: The Rise And Fall Of An Internet Heavyweight: “Mega” Millionaire Kim Schmitz

    • Marc, this article you have shared is a smear piece worthy of Slater.

      1) None of the claims made in this article are referenced. Without some evidence, I see no reason to believe them because…

      2) This article was originally published by the Die Velt newspaper owned by Axel Springer AG, a multinational media corporation whose profits – like the rest of the corporate media – depends on brutal enforcement of copyright like the raids on KDC. Axel Springer’s corporate principles include supporting “unification of the peoples of Europe”, supporting the State of Israel, “solidarity with the US”, rejecting all forms of “political extremism” (which in their eyes would surely include Mana), and upholding a “free social market economy”:

      3) The website you linked us to, WorldCrunch is a translation site run by a bunch of corporate media hacks, whose profits also depend on copyright, and towing the line on the evil of sharing, er, I mean “piracy”:

      The last thing these sock puppets want (not to mention the 1%ers who operate them) is working class political movements joining forces with cyber-libertarian political movements. If you’re going to take their FUD seriously, you might as well call Whale Oil journalism.

      • What about Wikipedia then, are they also “corporate” interest operators, out to “smear” Dotcom?
        Quote from Wikipedia’s entry for Kim Dotcom:

        “While living in Hong Kong, Dotcom visited New Zealand for 10 days in December 2008 and again for two months from August 2009. On his 2009 visit, he bought 12 cars, valued at $3.2 million, and leased a helicopter on a stand-by basis.[36] He applied for residency and received it in November 2010. The New Zealand Immigration Department made its decision on his application (despite his foreign convictions and despite his persona non grata status in Thailand) after officials used a special direction to waive “good character” requirements. Warwick Tuck, head of New Zealand Immigration, said that New Zealand granted Dotcom residency under the “investor plus” category, which allows people to gain residency if they invest $10 million in New Zealand.[37] It was anticipated[by whom?] that Dotcom would contribute to New Zealand through investment, consumption and philanthropic activities – he has given $50,000 to the mayoral fund following the Christchurch earthquake, another $50,000 to a rugby player who was left in a wheelchair after an on-field injury and funded a $600,000 fireworks display in Auckland harbour.[36] Mr Tuck says Dotcom disclosed his previous convictions and these had been considered;[37] they occurred more than 16 years earlier and did not involve harming anyone. Dotcom also told Immigration NZ his convictions had been “erased” from his record under Germany’s clean-slate legislation.[38]”

        This proves to me how corrupt New Zealand is, and how Immigration NZ work, favouring the rich and powerful. As for Kim’s past, it is well recorded in Germany, and if you do not wish to believe Springer’s press, well fair enough. It is a bit like saying, the NZ Herald has a bias on some matters, hence “all” they report must be wrong, or has no credit.

        Why is Kim Dotcom refusing questions by the media, like he did today? If he has nothing to hide, he should give honest answers. I regret seeing and hearing what I do, and I fear Sue Bradford is right in her assessment. This “alliance” will only cause serious damage to Mana’s reputation.

        I am sorry to see you fall for all this BS.

        P.S.: Like in New Zealand, sadly in Germany business related offences or crimes are also treated in a too dismissive manner, hence the way Dotcom got off some charges there, or got lenient sentences for those he was convicted on.

        • So you’re anti our immigration laws? Is that your point?
          …well join the club, you’ll find loads of people agree with you there.
          However, your personal attacks on KDC appear weak and irrelevant.

  8. tova obrien is full of shite, in her report last night she said dotcoms motorcade was ‘worthy of john key’, then the camera panned over & we see 2 or 3 cars drive up, ffs! worthy of a patrick gower award that one.

  9. One thing I would like to see from KDC is a promise to follow the example of Ricardo Semler of Semco, and start actively moving towards making Mega into a democratic workplace. I’d also like to see him put some of his wealth into supporting the establishment of worker-owned cooperatives like Loomio, where people can make a living writing free code, or releasing artistic or educational works under CreativeCommons. I’d also like to see him support the idea of a universal minimum income for all kiwis.

    These would be ways for him to put his money where his mouth is, and prove that he really supports the egalitarian social mission of Mana, as well as the principles of the cyber-libertarians who he wants to support the Internet Party.

    • What I believe people are glancing over all too much is that what really matters is the MANA party has generated continued public interest, momentum, drive, publicity, gossip, and excitement in the lead-up to September. These are all EXACTLY what is required to build on their relatively small percentage of votes. I believe the process of these talks on there own will dramatically increase the standing, votes, and ability of the party to do what was created for (doubling their percentages is hardly impossible). It’s political prowess with style and forethought! Personally my party vote goes to the Greens, and I think that an actual Mana/IP alliance will be chosen by Mana members.

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