Last minute discussion this morning with Annette Sykes before the AGM opens

It will be an AGM in excess of 300 as MANA members coverage upon the Rotorua Marae to hear what possible Alliance between The Internet Party and MANA could occur and how it would happen. Debate will be fierce, but my reading of the mood on the Marae and members in general are excited about a possible alliance and are interested.

The Socialists aren’t happy, but when was the last time in history they were happy right?

The near civil war some in the mainstream media had predicted doesn’t seem to be materialising. How KDC fits into the philosophical kaupapa of MANA becomes apparent when members consider that 70 armed paramilitary Police stormed into Kim’s home and terrorised his family. That salient point seems to set a better appreciation of where MANA and Internet Party both can find common ground.

Media are here in droves, looking forward to teasing Patrick Gower about how he will whip this all up into some absurd headline.

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Kim is due here just after 11am, I will be blogging the AGM throughout and will attempt to be the first media to publish some idea of what will come out of all of this.

The hospitality has been amazing, the Marae warm and the kai amazing. The strength and passion for Annette Sykes is clear and I have zero reservations in thinking that if she has this level of support, she will win Waiariki.


  1. Some of the ‘socialists’ may have indicated they are not ‘happy’ and several individuals certainly have a real problem with KDC’s alleged past. But many are fine with exploring what the Internet Party is all about. People have to look past Kim Dotcom on this. Mana constituents too have truckloads of reasons to want to put a choker chain on the surveillance state and special ops police.

    There is nothing wrong with talking to rich white folks if you have a firm Kaupapa and the members make the final decisions. Best wishes to all at Te Mana Movement.

  2. I think a Mana.Com alliance will be brilliant.

    The Internet Party could concentrate on technology, Science, Fast affordable internet, New innovations, GCSB and the Spy law reforms while the social, economic and environmental policies are left to Mana to handle.

    Such an alliance could be a very strong political force drawing in votes from the left and the right, young and the not so young, Maori and non Maori, the politically savvy and the missing millions of last election’s non voters.

    Go for it, I say!

  3. Most interesting development in New Zealand politics for a very long time. This could be just the filip that Mana needs. I’m loving it !

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