TDB’s April Poll’s Been Kicked Off


The Daily Blog’s April poll has been kicked off, asking readers: What party will you likely vote for at this year’s General Election?

We will continue TDB’s site rolling poll, one poll for each month, through to the General Election.

Comparing the results will provide readers an interesting account of how this audience cumulatively accesses each party on merit and performance.

TDB-Site-Poll-March-2014As you can see from the graphic (left) the TDB March Poll saw 1797 people vote, pushing the Green Party to the top with 33% (up 2% on the February Poll).

Labour settled to 26% support (up 1% on the February Poll).

National came in at 17% (down 5% on the February Poll); Mana Movement received 9% support (up 1% on the February Poll); Internet Party came in at 5% (up 1% on the February Poll); then came New Zealand First on 3% (no change from the previous poll); ACT on 3% (down 1% on February); Conservatives received 2% (up 1% on February); Maori Party on 1% with just 14 votes (down on its 1% February result); and last on the rank was United Future on 1% with just 6 votes (no change from the previous poll).

How the poll works:

TDB Feb 2014 PollSo you know, each person gets to vote once for one single party of choice. So choose well.

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We have settings that restrict the number of times a person can vote from their personal computer and IP. That is an attempt to prevent a person voting repeatedly, if we allowed that the results would not give us a sniff of the audience’s view overall.

As the month progresses, you will be able to see how the parties are doing. If your preference changes over the month, you will be able to reflect this change in your vote in next month’s poll.

For the record, TDB does not claim this poll to be scientific. We run it on TDB as an indicator of the cumulative audience’s political preferences. We also run it over a sustained period so as to reduce the manipulation effect that sudden flight arrivals of audiences pushed here from other sites may have on the results.

Click here for the summary of the previous February Poll.


  1. Good idea but how about being allowed 2 votes esp as there are people like myself who intend to split their vote as I have done for the past 3 elections

    The 1 vote option is FPP to me…..


  2. if we allowed that the results would not give us a sniff of the audience’s view overall.

    Just like the real polls.

  3. Can i have the URL to the page where I can cast my ‘vote’. And see the results.
    I’m a regular on this site, but have never noticed a poll asking/offering me to ‘vote’.


    ………..OOopppsss, I’ve found it near the bottom of the page (on the right), BUT it took some finding.
    Maybe you could make it a tad easier to locate, and then maybe more people might vote???…….just genuinely trying to be helpful and give constructive feedback.

  4. RISILDWGTN – as I understand it, even if you split your vote under MMP, it is only the party vote that affects the make up of Parliament (except for the minor parties relying on the coat tails provisions).

    Can someone confirm this or put me right. I am currently trying to educate people in my local area who still think that who they give their electorate vote to affects who will be government. Cheers

  5. OK, TDB, how about being the first to add that much-desired and begged for “None of the Above”?

  6. I want to suggest that you change the voting to a MMP style rather than FPP. It give erroneous colouring as it stands. Could you set it up to vote for Electorate and List votes and see the winning combo??? I find this continual referencing in FPP language in the media very frustrating as none of it is representative of our possible political mix. Thank you.

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