More In Store? What Will Dotcom’s Enemies Do Next?



IT’S NOT WORKING, more will be needed. The revelations concerning Kim Dotcom’s purchase of a signed first edition of Mein Kampf have failed to produce the desired effect. In spite of a significant number of New Zealand’s leading journalists availing themselves of the opportunity provided by the Hitler connection to smear Dotcom’s character, much of the public remains unconvinced. Perhaps, as a number of Dotcom’s defenders have suggested, too many New Zealanders have watched the celebrated “Don’t Mention the War” episode of Fawlty Towers?

If so, the deeply cynical attempt to capitalise on Dotcom’s and Hitler’s shared ethnicity will fail – unless, of course, something else appears to clinch the insinuation that Dotcom also shares Hitler’s ideology.

That “something else” is indeed being held in reserve by Dotcom’s enemies was strongly hinted at on Radio New Zealand National this morning (31/3/14) by “leading public affairs strategist”, Matthew Hooton. The well-connected owner of Exceltium Corporate and Public Affairs and prolific political commentator strongly suggested that Cameron Slater, the journalist whose Whaleoil blog has done more than any other media outlet to tarnish Dotcom’s reputation, is in possession of something even more damning than the latter’s possession of a signed first edition of the Fuehrer’s autobiography.

What could be more damning that Hitler’s signature?

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That’s easy: incontrovertible evidence that Dotcom is a fervent believer in Hitler’s anti-Semitic ideology. There are some beliefs that cannot be spoken without forfeiting forever one’s right to be received into the company of decent human-beings – and endorsing the Holocaust is one of them. In many European countries denying the historical reality of the Holocaust is a criminal offence. But declaring the Nazi genocide to be no more than the Jews deserved is so much worse. Six million times worse! Such a statement would place the person who made it beyond the pale just about everywhere.

If such a statement could be convincingly attributed to Dotcom, then both he and his Internet Party would be destroyed instantly. All public sympathy for the ebullient German would evaporate and his extradition to the United States would be greeted with a universal “Good Riddance!”

And if such a statement does not exist? Well, just imagine how tempting it would be for Dotcom’s enemies to concoct one.

We have already seen the images of Dotcom wearing an SS stahlhelm – at the behest of one of his friends. That this “friend” conveniently kept a digital record of this moment of foolishness would worry me if I was Dotcom. Indeed, I would be racking my brains to recall any conversations I might have had concerning the Nazis, World War II and the Holocaust that might also have been digitally recorded for future reference by the same or another of my erstwhile “friends” and/or employees.

In vain would Dotcom protest that as a master of the World War II-based Call of Duty video game he had adopted a Nazi persona: that he had been further goaded into accepting the role of the stereotypical SS butcher of European Jewry; and that this anti-Semitic diatribe had been ripped from its woefully injudicious – but still innocent – social context.

In the light of his admitted purchase of a signed copy of Mein Kampf – who would believe him? In the midst of a Force-10 media shit-storm the man wouldn’t stand a chance.

I hasten to point out that all of the above is pure speculation on my part. I have never met Kim Dotcom nor communicated with him in any way. All I am attempting to do is construct a scenario whereby a German-Finnish libertarian Internet entrepreneur with Jewish ancestry and an avowed detestation of all that the Nazis stood for could plausibly end up being presented with himself saying things that will instantly destroy his nascent political party and materially facilitate his extradition to the United States.

I know that someone who wished me ill could very easily record my pub conversations – especially those in which I take on the accents and character of persons and nationalities whose behaviour I wish to satirise. (Last Friday, in a broad Russian accent, I was warning a Finnish friend to watch her step!) On other occasions I have become “Waitakere Man” for the edification and entertainment of my drinking companions. Had someone been running a digital recorder at the time they would have had a field day!

Maybe I’m allowing political paranoia to cloud my judgement. Maybe I’m too prone to entertaining conspiracy theories. But I was there this morning in that little studio at Radio New Zealand’s Auckland headquarters, and I saw the grin on Matthew Hooton’s face when he hinted that Dotcom’s enemies might have more in store.

It was like staring into the mouth of a killer whale.


  1. Hi Chris….I watched this on TV3 The Nation and TV1 Q+A with Sue Bradford, who rightly express concerns of his Mega Upload….I BELIEVE this is a ‘sortable’ issue if term, wants to be a citizen here…ki ora I am not a Mana member only a supporter who wants change…for our kids future

    Regards and keep smiling
    Doug Hay – Cordinator

  2. Believe me Chris, what you are saying is not necessarily in the realms of conspiracy theory. As someone who was once on the receiving end of exactly that type of behaviour, I can tell you it is all too easy for a person to make false claims about someone else and get clean away with it. The shock that befell me during my experience was to discover the number of people who had been happy to believe the crap without making any attempt to check out their veracity.

    Time will tell if your suspicion is yet another example…

    • Or perhaps this first incredibly lame attempt to smear Dotcom’s name is a sign of what his enemies think is a good political weapon and anything else that comes out will be equally pathetic.

      Yes some people believe it but I expect that these are the people who already disliked Dotcom anyway – and he only needs 5% of the population to not be taken in by the smear campaign to get into parliament.

    • Totally agree. Not a conspiracy theory. – somethings going to happen. All you need to do is know how undercover cops work and you’ll be able to guess the next step. It will be very well planned though and will come out to coincide with something else. Only need to pass a few gold coins over their palms and people will say and do anything. So watch out Dot.Com. There are some nasty buggers out there who’ll do anything to bring you down. Yes I’d be thinking hard about past actions, past purchases, emails, phone calls etc etc. You need to be super human and have led a saintly life. And even if you have….still better watch out! And how sad it is that conspiracy theories are turning into ‘truths’.

  3. Ah, the important questions of the age: More In Store? What Will Dotcom’s Enemies Do Next? Is Cameron actually in love with Kim? Has Slater’s fixation reached the point of paranoia ?

  4. This reeks of desperation to divert attention.

    I mean the last thing we want is to focus on National and things of real importance, Christ the veneer is so thin we might see the emperor has no clothes.

    We might see that the health system is as near dysfunctional as it was in the 90’s, we could see that Nationals so called reduced crimes stats are based on something as unbelievable the police not charging offenders to save money, we may see our risky one trick pony economy is propped up on a weekly intravenous drip of foreign debt. Only its all hidden or deflected by the slick used car salesman that are this government.

  5. I believe it was on this website that I read someone’s reply saying they had watched the full TV3 interview, and that KDC had stated clearly that his mother was of Jewish ancestry. If so, is he likely to be a Nazi sympathiser?

    Mind you, some have accused Hitler of having Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side. I gather it remains a moot point, of little immediate value. Hitler ended up being rather looney by anyone’s standards, it would appear.

    It is sad that I raise this point – as if KDC has to have Jewish ancestry to be proven innocent of extreme right-wing views. Especially at a time when the media are giving this very right-wing government an easy ride, allowing them to portray themselves as ‘Centre’ (Right).

    The only way that KDC can threaten our current govt. is by leaning left, and supporting the left.

    So why this Nazi-sympathising nonsense? Are average Kiwis really so stupid as to swallow it?

    • IN VINO – re your final point.The average Kiwi isn’t so stupid to swallow the Nazi bullshit being dredged up by Key’s new BFF Cameron Slater and his despicable WhaleOil blog to discredit Kim Dotcom. Because we know this comes from the sphere of what Hitler did best, scare mongering the masses by propaganda.

      If anything, masters of the dark arts, John Key, Matthew Hooton, Slater et al are proving their filthy dirt digging activities are as calculating and as dangerous as that fed to the German people, by the Nazi propaganda machine.

      What is concerning, is the fact there are still enough bent voters out there, who support this type of vile behaviour from our politicians, they will vote them in regardless! In this case, Key & National.

      Unfortunately Key is so heavily secured by minders, he is practically untouchable, locked away and protected from investigation, making any inquiry into his life virtually impossible, which I’m sure would be about as filthy and as sordid as it gets!

      Bring on the election and remove this scurrilous despot and all the low life that cling on to him!

      • What is concerning, is the fact there are still enough journalists and msm publications out there, who support this type of vile behaviour from our politicians


          • Agree, Mary_A

            It seems to me that many New Zealanders admire John Key for his smiling mendacity – like not being able to remember how he felt about the Springbok tour. They think him a clever, good-looking nice-sounding politician, who needs to be able to lie skilfully and so out-manoeuvre his opponents. This leads to the acceptance of lies and smears like KDC’s.
            A depressing lack of morality.

  6. Certainly people do seem to be gunning for Dotcom.

    Nevertheless the idea that a casual questioning of received holocaust wisdom should end someone’s credibility merely makes it the tool of choice for political manipulation – and potentially marginalises healthy critique.

    People say lots of things, and in most cases it doesn’t really matter. Mel Gibson for example has made a few choice observations in his time but neither operated nor financed death camps – the oppression seems to be coming from the other direction.

    All of this is a distraction from the abyssmal failure the Gnats have made of governing NZ. The economy is not in good shape. People are hungry, poorly housed, disaffected… New Zealand is as run down as the village in Yojimbo, just waiting for a civilised drifter with a talent for killing.

  7. Mathew Hooton is a recidivist liar , bluffer and bullshit artist and should be treated with contempt .
    Why anyone would want to employ him; to actually pay him money, to espouse his mindless diatribe is beyond me.
    Word on the street is that his continued character assassination of David Cunliffe,Winston Peters and now Kim Dot Com is failing miserably.Everyone can see his shallow ,facile attempts for what they are!
    How ironic, that he has alluded to Kim Dot Com being a Nazi sympathizer, when he himself would not look out of place dressed in 1940s styled German regalia.He certainly has the thin mean lips and pernicious attitude to match!
    He,Slater and Gower are now treading on very thin ice!

    • If I were Dotcom, I would pay for billboards and mail drops all over Auckland with pictures of Cam posed to National Party luminaries on one side and some of the filthy crap he has said and done on the other side. Underneath in All caps can read “You are the company you keep.”

      Dotcom has the resources to destroy Slater as a public figure.

      Hager probably has some similar choice comments from Hooters.

    • Yet he is good mates with Matt McCarten. Go figure.

      BTW I’m not sure everyone can see this. Me thinks you might be just meaning your hard core leftist colleagues.

  8. My guess is that KDC has been photographed with members of some European far right party (not Jobbik. I looked), and that this will be spun to make him look like he sympathises with far right views about Jews.

  9. Whether a smear campaign will gain traction depends on two things;

    1. the msm. Will they be complicit in any such campaign? I fear the media’s much vaunted independence is now more a historical fact than a contemporary reality.

    We’ve seen too much in the media which seems to do National’s bidding, lately.

    2. The Kiwi attitude of giving a bloke (or blokette) a Fair Go. If people perceive that Dotcom is being targetted, he may garner more support even still. He may attract votes much like Peters did in the 1990s – his anti-establishmentarian credentials validated by a vindictive National Party and it’s poodle-media.

    Time will tell.

    As for Hooten – you’ve done well to reveal this, Chris. It shows Hooten to be mired in this muck-raking.

    • Now you’ve joined the great ‘MSM is controlled by National’ conspiracy theory Frank. Ah well I suppose it was inevitable. Just wondering if you could tell me how this control actually works? I mean how does National convince these media outlets and associated journalists to do their bidding? I would be interested in seeing how you answer that because at least you make an effort at coherency in your arguments, sometimes at least.

  10. “If so, the deeply cynical attempt to capitalise on Dotcom’s and Hitler’s shared ethnicity will fail – unless, of course, something else appears to clinch the insinuation that Dotcom also shares Hitler’s ideology.”

    Yes, perhaps you can say Dotcom shares “ethnicity” with Hitler, but even that is stretching it a bit. Most do not know that Herr Hitler (aka “der Fuehrer”) was AUSTRIAN from the town of Braunau on the river Inn. Yes, Austrians are very similar to Germans, ethnically, but history has it, that Hitler was not a born German, he was Austrian, and some rumours have it, that he himself had some Jewish genes in his body.

    Dotcom is part Finnish part German (North German, which is actually a bit of a different “breed” to the Southern Germans or Austrians). Even Dotcom revealed that he apparently has some Jewish blood from a great grandfather’s side of the family.

    Kim Dotcom has lived in Hong Kong, married a wife from the Philippines and has mixed race children. Dotcom also has black and white friends in the music and gamer scenes. Well, a true “racially aware Arian”, just as the Nazis dreamt of, I suppose????

    This whole smear campaign is bizarre and also frightening, it shows though, how desperate the right within National and their “supporters” (bloggers and others) are, to make sure that there will be no change of government. There is no other explanation for it, but real fear, that Dotcom with his internet party could steal Key and Nats a win, taking votes from younger voters, who may otherwise not bother voting, or perhaps in some numbers be voting National or ACT.

  11. Hooten, Slater, Gower and Farrar are all indirectly funded by the NACT Party, they have to be as they are fanatical supporters of a highly suspect regime.

  12. I think you will find, that Kim Dotcom’s Grandma’s, Neighbours, sisters friends Dad knew someone that was a NAZI.

    While I say that in jest, This is probably the crap they will try and spin.

  13. In 2005 pom prince Harry was snapped wearing a nazi costume complete with swastika armband to a friends grog up, this appeared in all the tabloids and he had to make grovelling apologies. Other celebs such as ex Forumula One motor racing top got caught in similar circumstances.

    So Dotcom is not alone in leaving his brain at the door on this sort of idiocy. Some motorcycle riders still prefer the “german helmet” type lid probably just to wind people up. Kiwis predisposed to voting Internet party probably know all this. But the direct links with Hollow men Hooten and Key with their mates WhaleSpew, Farrar and numerous media toadies are indeed a major worry.

    If they can gang up on in some respects an easy target like KDC, what chance do the rest of stand unless we start pushing back very hard.

  14. I joined the Internet party (spent a whopping $1.29 for three years membership – which other party can match that?) for no real reason other than that his “Manifesto” video was so funny, I couldn’t help myself.
    I think, especially given that any potential supporters of The Internet Party will presumably be able to use the internet, any successful smear campaign will have to have some seriously concrete verifiable evidence. Just some hearsay won’t cut any mustard in this space.

    • Great video !!!
      Here’s hoping it becomes the most watched video in NZ.
      Jonkey is shown to be the buffoon he comes across as.
      I also tried to join the Internet party, but they had ‘technical problems’ at the weekend and I’m still awaiting for the I.P to resolve them, so I can join.

    • Seems a very intelligent and well thought out reason for joining a political party humour funny video.
      Fits in with the intelligence of all these comments on this blog.

      • How did you make that ‘non’ logical-intellignet leap, of because of a funny video i (tried to) joined the party???
        Oh and by the way, on the off chance facts might influence your thinking, the video link was put up the day after I tried to join.

      • Well that backfired didn’t it. A grammatically incorrect comment. A questionable exhibition of intelligence?

        Perhaps the comment was written in an emotionally charged state which hardly signifies a rational person anyway.

  15. Chris, when you say “….to tarnish Dotcom’s reputation” I really do think you’ve lost the plot on this one.

    There was no need to tarnish any reputation – it was of the self-tarnishing variety!

    The MSM gave this guy a long coil of rope but at long last it looks like it’s snapped taught. I think that eventually we’ll see this guy in an orange jumpsuit size XXXL complete with matching leg chains being led on to a jet. Then those who previously associated with him will be the tarnished ones.

    I seriously doubt there is some kind of conspiracy by National against him. The Real Politik of this issue is that the Internet Party is an absolute gift for National. It’s the perfect way to split the Left vote: A couple of % for the Internet Party and a couple less for the Greens?

    • You are dreaming. The Internet Party is the worst thing to hit National since the Exclusive Brethren in 2005. Their supporters despise the current political parties and will vote for Dotcom just to annoy the current establishment. If the Nats weren’t worried then none of their media sluts would be attacking Dotcom. They are worried ,hence the repeated attacks and slurs. I hope they keep it up. It’s Dotcom’s best recruitment tool.

  16. Isn’t it possible that KDC owned a signed copy of Mein Kampf solely as an investment? like an artifact or work of art hoping to make a later profit on it? If this is so bad then what about John Key’s currency trading – buying and selling millions of dollars of currency every week to cash in on currency fluctuations and make a profit? What’s the difference? The main difference I can see is that if KDC makes a profit it doesn’t really hurt anyone. If JK makes a profit, then that profit comes from somebody else’s loss, which do you think is the more ethical?

      • GOSMAN – Since you seem to know everything better, and are an “expert” in this, please explain then, how currency trading “actually” works!

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