It’s Show Time Today For The Kim Dotcom Internet Party


Kim Dotcom launches his new website "Mega" in Auckland.Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom plans to launch his long-heralded political party Thursday, after what can only be described as a stuttered planning phase. To get Parliamentary representation it is most probable Dotcom will need the assistance of other established parties.

On Sunday, the New Zealand Herald published a feature report by Jonathan Milne (ref. 1 and 2), suggesting that the Kim Dotcom Internet Party may form an alliance with the Mana Party – a move that would almost assure Dotcom of having his party represented in Parliament after this year’s elections.

The problem is, the plan miscalculated how Mana’s top positioned politicians remain skeptics of Kim Dotcom’s motives. And for good reason.

Audio of Selwyn Manning’s Across The Ditch bulletin with Peter Godfrey on 5AA Australia this morning.

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We all know the Mana Movement is primarily a Maori affiliated party, located on the left of New Zealand’s political axis. It is also primarily a party that develops its solutions to inequality in Aotearoa through its observation of class and alienation. The rationale goes that if you get things right for Maori, then you get it right for all in New Zealand who have been shoved out of the road by their money-rich and politically-powerful establishment-fawning compatriots.

Mana’s policies also are very much designed to address inequality within the extremes of rural and urban society. Its movement has already given voice, hope, and mana to disenfranchised people in south Auckland, Glen Innes, in the East Cape Waiariki areas and most significantly in the Far North Te Tai Tokerau.

It is vital to note how the Movement’s politicians have committed their lives to political activism, much directed at getting the National Party, and, Labour’s old Backbone club factions, out of office.

There in lies the problem for Dotcom.

When Kim Dotcom first arrived in New Zealand, he and his wealth found comfort in the friendship of New Zealand’s right wing politicians… that is until the FBI traveled to New Zealand, used our spy agencies to illegally target him, placed him under constant surveillance, banged him up in prison for a time while his wife and little children were left wondering what was to become of them and their Kim.

And we all know the story of how when Dotcom found himself banged up in remand prison, he sought help from his powerful right wing politician friends… But he soon realised these were fair-weather friends who had deserted him. Ironically, it was New Zealand’s more liberal-left aligned people who began to argue for his liberty and against authoritative surveillance in general.

Within that fraternity, Kim Dotcom found solidarity.

Since then, his attempts to resist being extradited have become a challenge, and it looks a strong possibility his extradition order may become a reality and be decided by whoever is the Justice Minister/Immigration Minister after this year’s September 20 election.

So it seems to me, Kim Dotcom is understandably desperate to gain political representation. He hopes his popular support, particularly among young and tech minded Kiwis, will turn into votes. The gambit plays that should his party make it into Parliament, then he may help determine who the next government will be.

If he is part of a post election coalition deal, then you can bet Kim Dotcom’s bottom line will be a promise that he will not be extradited to the United States on those charges including alleged copyright infringements, money laundering.

He launches his party today. The Internet Party. It will be big news for all the reasons detailed above.

Will Dotcom shed his economically right wing leanings, and dedicate his party to advocating the same kind of policies as Mana?

Will he help address poverty in this country?

Will he come up with policies that solve the digital divide problems?

Will he find a home with New Zealand’s most left and pro-Maori parties?

Will he be able to convince the hardened political activists that make up the dna of the Mana Movement that he has their best interests at heart rather than his own?

Yesterday, Mana all but closed the door on Dotcom (see its leader Hone Harawira’s statement).

But for the gambit to work, this larger than life public figure needs to seek mega support from the 18-35 year-old Kiwi voter, while slipping into a new character, who connects to the poor, becomes a co-leader of sorts who will pave the way for those who just want to reach their potential.

But how can a man who is flanked by stern body-guards and the cloak of disproportionate wealth reach out a large-manicured-hand to touch the cheek of an 18-year-old kid from Manurewa, promise her the internet, the world, while hunger and getting something to eat for her two kids is her preoccupation. Mega and show biz doesn’t come into it. The apparition does not resolve the impact of class here, it accentuates it, magnifies how wide is the ditch.

And that was the message driven home to Mana’s executive on the weekend, underscored by the comment Kim Dotcom made to the Herald On Sunday that he could work with National, that it was just the Prime Minister’s attitude that was problematic.

You could hear the door slam shut. As Vernon Small wrote this morning, the Dotcom Internet Party party lacks a vital guest.

So, the Mega boss will pitch the party’s purpose to the interests of the high-tech and progressively ICT savvy voter. Is there five percent in it? Or will this mega-wealthy German tycoon discover that beyond his target demographic, the tall-poppy-syndrome lives on within this country’s DNA? And will that spectre be more crushing for him than a FBI agent’s jackboot?

My guess is he will find out soon enough.


  1. Well with a few clicks a bit of information and a membership fee of $ can become a member of his party.How long has it taken for our present ruling drones past and present ,to get their heads around the future of voting that will be electronic, yonks,as the old rule of debate and bureaucratic red tape squable about the ins and outs.How long has it taken Dotcom,to bring the electrol enrolment commission to accept eletronic enrolement two months.

    Make no mistake Dotcom,is a full blown profit driven capitalist and like all capitalists self interest is his fundamentalist drive yet to write him off as a political chancer or dreamer, would be a very foolish thing indeed.

  2. It is interesting to also note that there are shared similarities between the Urewera police actions ie: surveillance and heavy handedness , various allegations by law enforcement…and the situation surrounding Mr Kim DotCom….the common denominator being USA-style overwhelming force,detentions etc….albeit different circumstances entirely but with the same un-Kiwi implementation.

    So yes there is common ground here…we have seen the slick ,PR groomed representatives of the Mont Pelerin society with its classical neoliberal moneterist policies since 1984…systematically dismantle our country….any mention of a return to the stability of more keynesian economic models is vigorously opposed- along with those advocate it.

    And it goes further any ideology..becomes entrenched…in which it has. Politics is all about opportunism and expediency..if those in the incumbent government have no problem with those methods (check out the ‘Hollow Men’ documentaries online for example) , yet Mana and the Internet Party remain upfront and without guile, I see no reason to balk at a political alliance to further a mutual cause only has to remember Bob Jones party that was formed soley to get Rob Muldoons National government out of power.

  3. ‘ Idiocracy ‘ A prophecy .

    @ Andys . I like the pretty girls in the uniforms in the photo .

    If Dotcom does become our Leader at least we might finally get to have some fun . Not like the current crop of dopy , grey , vanilla creatures .
    I used to care . Now that I’ve reached my Rubicon I don’t really give a fuck who our ‘ leader’ is anymore . Although …imagine if our world was ruled by big judy collins ? The Stepford Brunhilda .

  4. The Internet Party (funded and launched by Dotcom and his paid and volunteer supporters) is not targeting Maori, Pasifika, and those on the social income margins. It is targeting the youth in general, the young, who have a dim view of politics, who are tired of mature, baby boomer and even generation X politicians, who do not speak their language, do not connect with them, who are alien to them, as they are part of a rigid system, that does not adopt new ideas, technology and lifestyles as the young ones do (those 18 to 30 or 35).

    The new generation is not as critical as most of us more mature citizens, and they like simple, open, easy and direct communication and action, also aspire for self fulfillment in different ways, who want swift results with whatever they desire and strive for.

    Old style politics turn them off, as debates about election carrots, about deals, about strategies and tweaking otherwise maintained systems serving the older generations, that is stuff they frown upon.

    They are rather liberal and open to successful people and their ideas, be this in business, entertainment, the arts or whatever. Kim Dotcom may be criticised, ridiculed and hated by the critical thinkers above 35 years of age, but the younger ones would be happy to go to a party or other event he would finance and hold. Whether he may have some past criminal convictions is not that relevant to them, especially in view of what he was convicted for.

    Most do have concerns about privacy, but not all that much amongst the young ones, who freely use social media, and do not seem to bother having certain browser data collected by Facebook, Google and so, as the fun and benefit of the technology is more important to them, than having advertising thrown at them.

    They are a new generation, happy to consume, work and reap benefits of a capitalist system, when it benefits them in many ways. The lot of low paid workers in China and elsewhere, producing the computers, gadgets and else they use, that is to many amongst them only a secondary concern.

    So having just had a look at the goals the Internet Party has set itself and published today, I see quite a few that will be interested in joining up and voting for that party.

    Unless the MSM and some right wing and other spinners manage to totally discredit Dotcom, as they have tried again recently, his popularity and that of his party will not fade, but rather increase. Many who would not usually vote may well do so. Even if Dotcom may be extradited, his party can be run and maintained despite of that. So I can see them reach and perhaps get through the 5 percent threshold after all.

    It will not make it easy for Greens and Labour, but also not for National and ACT.

    • My Parties mind is made up.Doubt they will get to the road of my Politics.but a understanding of care and fairness they say,shall be their rule.Politicians, who could trust a Shameless trade.

  5. I’d never vote for a sexist pig who uses scantily clad women (I wonder whose daughters/wives/girlfriends they were?) as sex-objects to “sell” whatever the fuck he’s selling.

    And don’t talk to me about “choice”. There is no choice when thousands of people are out of work and it’s either prancing around on stage with skin showing for the gratification of others, or living on $200 a week.

    I’m surprised – no, DISGUSTED! – that the Left would have anything to do with him.

    • Who knows, it may end up with Hone and a few going for an “alliance” with the Internet Party, but the rest of Mana opting out, and going for a new left party, yet to be founded?

      This will be an interesting year, that can bring many surprises.

      Do not get distracted by the “girls”, they do not seem to have been “forced” to dance and skip around for Dotcom and his party, or have you got any other information? They may just be doing their “job”, getting paid for it, like so many do these days, whatever they do.

  6. @ Priss . They’re somebodies daughter I’ll grant you that . A pretty girl is a pretty girl however . So what ? Get over it . Rejoice in that . If you want to get all Presbyterian , go to church with the other hypocrites .

  7. Oh my God @ Andys , I see what you mean . Jeeeesus ! Zer Fazerland comes a-calling .

    You should be more specific at the get-go , some of us are not that erudite .

  8. Well I hope he confounds everyone and gets in. If a person can be judged by the quality of his enemies then KDC is a giant, maybe even an Akira. NZ used to like to protect its endangered megafauna – and some of us still do.

    Bit of a giveaway from Abbott though – he and Key being sisters under the skin and all that – ANOTHER sub-normal hyperintelligent reptilian alien shapeshifter on the run from the tacky luggage industry! Sith command structure – two there are, always.

  9. I have carefully followed recent developments, and I can sadly only come to the conclusion that Hone is desperate for a “deal”, and some within Mana are ready to follow, and if that is what “the left” in New Zealand is at present seeing as necessary to do, then I am extremely disappointed and worried indeed, as it could be the end of “the left” in this country.

    Already now Labour is hardly a “left” party, and under Russel Norman the Greens are moving fast away from any social agenda that used to be the norm in New Zealand. I am scared and angry about what is going on, this “sell out” of souls and hearts on “the left”, it is NOT good.

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