Sculpture of politicians discussing climate change



Sculpture of politicians discussing climate change


  1. 60% of New Zealanders polled want the government to do more on climate change. 80% oppose deep sea oil drilling. With the $155 million bail out of Solid Energy the cancellation of Hauauru Ma Raki NZ government response is similar to the Australian government’s response.

    • Awesome Jenny, I wanted to show my husband last night your you tube link but couldn’t find it, goody found it again, *happy happy joy joy* it is really good thanks. Awesome sculpture also it would be good right outside the Bee Hive in a small pond, so no one forgets the BIG picture.

    • 60% of people polled in NZ want the government to impose a $10 a litre surcharge on petrol, ban all air flights, impose a 100% tax on all transport, enforce a one-child policy, and euthanise anyone over 60


      Well what do they want then?

      They want the government to “take action”.

      Not to actually do anything, mind you, just “take action”

      We need to “take action” and we need to “urge” our leader to take action.
      Always urging.
      Every year, a bunch of NGOs and politicians fly to a COP, have endless meetings about “taking action”, then fly home again.

      Are you “taking action”?
      I am. I am “taking action”

      And I am going to “urge” everyone else to “take action”

      • 100% of Right Wing trolls think that the science of climate change is a threat to the profits of the fossil fuel companies.

        (Disclaimer, like Andys I just made this statistic up)

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