What Kim Dotcom & Hone Harawira talked about


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Brilliant idea by Cameron over on Whaleoil that MANA and The Internet Party could work together. Thanks Cam, you should send in an invoice for such creative tactical thinking.

Kim and Hone have lots in common, they are both radicals and the GCSB is spying on both of them.

Here is what they spoke about when they met on the North Shore this year.

· How much they both disliked the way John Key has allowed NZ’s intelligence services to be used as pawns by American big business against a New Zealand resident;
· How much they both disliked John Key’s cavalier dismissal of the rights of ordinary New Zealanders;
· How well things are going in the Bundesliga;
· How bleak NZ’s future under National will look if John Key keeps floggin’ off our key assets;
· What MANA would like to see in a positive future for Aotearoa;
· What Dotcom might want to see happen in Aotearoa; and
· What wonderful beaches we have in Aotearoa.

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Those committed to seeing John Key gone this year are prepared to look at every possible means to do so. Interesting times ahead.


  1. The funny thing is that you could have substituted quite a list of names in there and it would be just as true of them. Oops! That’s not funny, that’s kind of scary. I never thought I’d see the day in good old “Godzone”, time for action.

  2. It won’t be long before Mr Dotcom is in an orange jump suit in the US. My advice to Mr Harawira is to not be seen to be within a country mile of KDC.

    • Your advice has as much value as your comments. As much as you and Key might like it, we are still not a state of the US and A. Some of us remember how to stand upright. Maybe you should try it. Vertigo can be conquered.

      • And your view today, Ovicula, after the revelations about Mr Dotcom and the way he has treated his staff?

  3. Those who think that Kim Dotcom will play a significant role in the elections are dreaming. He should have started his party a month ago, and hit the ground running, but due to various issues, he is now facing endless challenges.


    Yes, I know, a “gossip columnist” may not be the best source, but it was there, where the info about certain visitors to that mansion was first mentioned to the public.

    I had suspected before, that the source of the information about Norman, Peters and others privately visiting Dotcom must have been someone close to Dotcom and his staff.

    It seems there has really been some “bad blood” between Dotcom and his security staff. This does not look good for Dotcom’s prospects.

    So better focus on the forces on the left, and get stuff sorted there, to make things happen. A megalomaniac with a libertarian view on things does not necessarily bring the social and economic progress this country needs.

  4. Kit Dotcom attracts a lot of publicity because he is is a bit different from your average NZ politician, and the media like his “bit of a rebel who takes on the system” persona. But honestly what has he got to offer NZ voters? All I can see is policies about the internet and copywright law. Sorry, but in my book there are many more important things to worry about in NZ.

  5. I will never work out why these Politicians want to go anywhere near Kim Dotcom.

    There is nothing to be gained by associating yourself with him.

  6. Makes a mockery of the suggestion that the internet party would appeal to right leaning voters. Why would right leaning voters support a party that doesn’t support asset sales?

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