Slater’s trolling of Cunliffe’s wife & the real questions Judith Collins now must answer



Slater’s sleaze merchant status is at Fox News levels again. This time a grotty post today trying to compare David Cunliffe’s wife having Helen Clark open her law firm at a public green ribbon cutting event and the secret dinner Judith Collins had on the taxpayers purse with the owner of her husband’s business and a Chinese border official.

Slater’s close relationship with Judith is interesting to watch, especially as Key has now elevated Cam from attack dog of the wannabe PM to attack dog of the current PM. Cam’s attempt to spray slime all over Cunliffe’s wife however is pretty desperate stuff.

If Cameron needs it spelled out as to the differences, let’s do that.

Cam’s gutter tactic insinuations are wrong because…

1: It was a public event that was well broadcast as opposed to a late night secret meeting that Collins misled the Prime Minister over. There was no attempt to hide Helen Clark’s involvement. It was transparent, that’s the difference.

2: David Cunliffe’s wife wasn’t on a taxpayer funded trip for the Justice Department.

3: Helen Clark didn’t mislead her Cabinet over the event.

Mudslinging nonsense aside, there are two final questions that need to be asked of Judith Collins…

1: Were there any other meetings for or with Oravida?

2: Was the Border Official something other than Judith has disclosed?


  1. Well, this as well, and it makes me SICK.

    I was furious how the two leading TV news channels and their stupid and mercenary right leaning reporters portrayed Cunliffe in the worst of light again last night. So there was the attempt to undermine his “control” of the Labour caucus, by challenging him on an excuse that Shane Jones made on TV, and how he made some other comments on Collins. When does this shit ever end. Do they expect a Labour leader to have a back check and double check with every MP in caucus 24/7 on what they may think and say?

    It is getting totally ridiculous. Why do they not challenge Key on certain actions and thoughts by his caucus members, some of whom do also not fully agree with him?

    There was NO mention of Cunliffes speech to a leading business organisation, and all focus was on trivial side issues, that are apparently not even issues. So that is “democracy” in NZ, a theatre and show that misrepresents the reality and what matters.

    The bias in the totally CRAP NZ media is stinking to heaven like the stench of hell.

    Do these people understand what “media” and “4th estate” once meant, or are they all bought by Nat and ACT party donors and supporters, to simply “pave the way” for the “lord” in “shining armour” to win another election?

    NZ is daily looking more like a kind of dictatorship or oligarchy, run by a chosen business friendly “leader”, who gets donations from his lobbyists, and who has a totally dim view of the common folk.

  2. @ Marc .
    Yep , that’s pretty much it .
    however …
    How did Big jude get outed again ?
    While I’m as scathing of certain elements of the media and of certain reporters as anyone I’m also mindful of how deeply frustrating it must be , to be a reporter and not be able to report .
    New Zealand’s corrupt legal system is bias towards the rich oligarchy you mention ( Like duh ? ) and God help any miscreant that strays into its jaws . My mother , father and I lost a life’s work dilly dallying down that particular shady lane .

    The police too live/work the consequences of the rich oligarchs handy work . They have to deal with a swelling tide of brainless , graceless , foul mouthed ( Oop . Touch of hypocrisy there . ) morons hooting like howler monkeys from ludicrous hiss , puff cars as the many prison fillers of tomorrow are drunkenly humped into existence on the back seat to the throbbing mindlessness of American alco-pop , brain-rot ‘ music ‘.

    Any journalist willing to try to highlight that particular nuance to the gape mouthed , gobsmacked common folk of New Zealand had best first secure another job and be prepared to live in exile and in the shadows for the rest of their careers . Perhaps even their lives .

    I just remember an analogy !

    When once I was a young man I was wooing a long legged girl in Lyttelton . She owned a house there which was all but falling over . The bath leaned and the water did too . The windows were rotting or missing and when the weather blew a southerly , a white capped squall used to blow the soap suds to the eastern shore line of the tub . I loved those halcyon days .

    Her old house was all but falling over . We walked down hill into the lounge from the kitchen . The bathroom was more a mudslide because the retaining wall , didn’t and clay and stones had spread across the flat rotting thing that was a ‘ floor ‘ .

    So first things first .
    She employed a builder to re-pile . He wasn’t just any builder . He was the male equivalent to the mighty girl in Game of Thrones .
    That huge blond wielding two broad swords .
    He was a blond giant of a man with massive calf muscles and a pair of hands that could crush rock but most alarmingly he had a ferocious temper for all things inanimate so God help his tools if they misbehaved .
    Once , when I was painting a pretty picture in the kitchen , I felt a dull thump come up through the floor boards … then silence .
    Then ! Fuck ! A raging explosion of flying hammers and nails ! There was a bellowing which sounded not unlike an elephant threesome on party pills as the floor bucked and rattled . It was more than alarming . It was more like run for your life alarming .

    The poor guy later told me that he’d had enough of crawling around under damp stinking houses in clammy , close confinement with moulds , fungi and cat shit and savagely banging his head was the last straw .

    He told me convincingly that old shitter houses like ours were best pulled down and burned of a Guy Fawkes . He went on to say ” If you want a sound house , start with the foundations . If they’re fucked ? Pull it down ”
    As he spoke , I looked into his wild blue eyes and the chill of that convinced me to agree .

    New Zealand’s foundations are corrupt and founded on lies and swindling . They’re full of worms and maggots feeding on the detritus that falls through the cracks and the likes of collins et al are as a result of years of intellectual inbreeding . New Zealand needs rebooting essentially and NOTHING ! will change until that happens .

    4.2 million NZ people
    53 k of them derive their incomes solely from agrarian enterprises .
    Agrarian enterprises are NZ’s PRIMARY foreign currency earning endeavor .

    Our Prime Minister is an otherwise useless investment banker .
    Some of his ministers , as is collins , are lawyers . And as in collins’ case was using OUR money to schmooze her dear and close Chinese friends .

    I mean … WTF ?

    While we poke at the rotting carcass that is New Zealand no one has yet tried to figure out what killed it . Bizarre . It’s truly bewildering and bizarre that no one else ( That I know of ) has twigged on to it .

    • what a great rant!

      We the unwilling,
      trained by the unskilled
      to do the impossible,
      for the ungrateful
      ten minutes too late

    • NZ has sunk into the mire.

      the philosophy that exists now from the ruling political party is “If you are a worker you are there to keep the country working and other than that we don’t give a rats arse about you”

      and we will prove it with our policies.

    • Quote: ” If you want a sound house , start with the foundations . If they’re fucked ? Pull it down ”


      But – please, don’t form a committee…

      Or a revolution. The wheels can keep going round forever without any forward movement at all.

      We could move into something far more useful than the sham of ‘democracy’ that we endure at present. An advance of centimetres made after many millennia.

      PS brilliant rant. Loved it. Brought back memories of similar dosses.

  3. Cunliffe’s wife is not a Cabinet Minister so Slaters claim like many he makes is ridiculous, and his close relationship with Key is a concern to me and I am sure many New Zealanders that only want balanced reporting throughout our media. Just one other point, David Benson Pope did a similar act in not reporting the full facts to the then Prime Minister Helen Clarke, and was promptly fired by Clarke ; yet Key has allowed Collins to get off scott-free, showing a weakness on Keys part, so this week has been a particularly bad week for John Key as well

    • “…and I am sure many New Zealanders that only want balanced reporting throughout our media.”

      You make the error of linking Slater in the same sentence as ‘reporting’ in our media; Slater is not a journalist, he is not our media, he is a blogger with a clear right wing malevolent agenda that he delivers with spite and guile.

      For an unbiased look at Collins dealing, read senior journalist, David Fisher’s excellent piece in the NZ Herald, that goes about as far as he can to say BOTH Key and Collins are corrupt in their dealings around Oravida.

  4. Thanks for the interesting read, Mike Mc.
    In “The Four Horsemen” doco film the observation is made that prior to the collapse of an empire the masses are entertained with trivia and events designed to entertain without the need of thought. The Romans used circuses and turned their cooks into celebrities- anyone else noticed how many sports and cookery shows are on TV these days?

    • If you need any more convincing about how deep we are in the shit read ‘The Long Emergency’ by James Kuntsler. Its also worth remembering that just before we started seriously extracting oil the world’s population was only about 1.5 billion.

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