Why Shane is wrong about the Greens



Jones has gone rogue on the Greens. His continued grandstanding from supermarkets to bird insults aimed at Gareth Hughes is Jones promoting Jones. The ABCs who didn’t want Cunliffe or his left wing reforms aren’t happy and want a new champion post election they can align with if Labour lose.

Jones wants to be that new champion. His ability to appreciate his self worth before and above all others seems almost religious. Shane Jones refers to himself in the third person so much he’s become 3 dimensional.

“Shane Jones is being very Shane Jones about how Shane Jones he’s being. Shane Jones.”

Jones’ attacks on the Greens are detrimental to the bigger Game of Thrones. The only way Cunliffe can win is if Labour strategists use MMP tactically in conjunction with the Greens and MANA. Shane mauling the Greens doesn’t help that political good faith bloom.

The idea that Winston would agree to being a small fish in a Labour led coalition rather than the big fish in a National led coalition is ludicrous. Shane can pretend he’s playing a smart game here, but he’d be woefully wrong.

Now the election date has been set for September 20th, progressive voters throughout NZ will be asking themselves, ‘how do we win’? In the face of dismal polls predicting a National Party landslide, left wing voters wanting a change of Government feel like Team NZ supporters in the final America’s Cup race.

The landline Polls predicting a National Party romper stomper result are poor oracles. In 4 weeks leading up to 2011 election, One News Poll gave National 56%, 54%, 51% and 50%, while Fairfax Poll gave them 54% – National actually won 47%.

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National’s support has been over rated by these flawed landline opinion Polls and the Left can take some comfort in knowing that in an election that will be as close as this one, strategic use of MMP by the Political Parties that want change could be the difference between Government and 3 more years of Key.

One of the best new moves instigated by new Chief-of-Staff Matt McCarten has been new regular meetings between MANA, Labour and Green leaders and Chief-of-Staffs so that a far more co-ordinated front can be formulated. This co-operation needs to seep all the way through to using MMP tactically with a confirmed approach on lynch-pin electorates like Epsom, Ohariu, Auckland Central and all 7 Maori Electorates.

Antagonising the Greens doesn’t help with that process and it’s ultimately flawed because Labour hasn’t managed to rejuvenate their party list enough yet meaning the talent pool in that caucus is pretty shallow. The Greens will provide far more of the intellectual grunt around a cabinet table than Labour’s tinder dry dead wood caucus can generate meaning Jones picking fights with the Party Labour will need to rely on to provide some real muscle in the new Government isn’t just stupid, it’s counter productive.

I predict a late night chat with Matt McCarten will be on Shane’s calendar shortly.


  1. F**k this shit.

    Activists and supporters of all three Parties are willing to bust a gut, in the next six months, to get a new progressive government elected – and in the meantime, Shane Jones indulges in a petty tanty and shits all over the place?!?!

    Christ, Jones – the enemy is over yonder in the Blue suits. Not the green hemp outfits.

    God almighty, I despair sometimes.

    • Agreed. Speaking of the ABC’s, after seeing Mallard with Tau Henare (on MMS last Sunday, I think Cunliffe should do a quick tidy up in that direction. They were far too cosy and so much in agreeance I did wonder if Mallard had swapped parties. Up until now I’ve always has a soft spot for Jones but if he loses us the election……..

    • Frank
      Forget it,
      You have lost the election.
      In fact, the left may be out of office for quite a long time

      If you ever get out of your collective progressive backsides and start talking language that the average punter can understand, instead of prattling on about ill defined concepts such as “neo liberalism”, “climate change” “identity politics” and all the other claptrap that students in smelly dorm rooms angst over in the small hours, your movement is doomed.

      • OK sunshine a bit of translation: neo-liberal – I worship the ground that Roger Douglas walks over: climate change – the thing that the right hide their head in the sand to avoid seeing: 3-identity politics: a speciality of the right to avoid having to talk about their policies (what policies?): other claptrap – what the right talk about in public; smelly dorm rooms – where the right make dirty backroom deals with multi-nationals and sign away our laws and principles: Anything else you don’t understand?

  2. Ha ! @ Frank . Well said .

    Could I be right in saying that I smell the stink of a Machiavellian confederate ?

    I can’t stand shansie johnsie . I don’t think he’s that bright to be honest and anyone referring to themselves in the third person is just plain creepy .

    He bravely uses the well rounded vowel to hide his flickering light bulb of a brain in my view .

  3. Judith Collins was talking up Shane Jones on Morning Report today (at the end of her interview) With fans like that, it’s pretty obvious Mr Jones is in the wrong party.

    • There are a bunch of them in Labour. The old guard from Rogernomics days are still there. And they’re pulling Cunniliffe to the right. While they’re still in Labour and so obviously powerful Labour will just be seen as “National Lite”.

      Why can’t they bloody see that?!?!

      They’re losing their voters to the Greens. They need to start talking to the Greens and make sure the electorate knows that a vote for Green is a vote to keep Labour left. At least, that’s how I see it.

      But I despair as Frank does. I just don’t think they can do it. And we’ll have another three years of Key and National 🙁

      • Don’t count on it.

        For most of the last five years people have been struggling to survive in the munted-by-Gnat-morons economy. They may not like or trust Labour, but if they get to the polling booth it won’t be to return ‘power’ Bill and the snoop John Key.

  4. SeaLord Jones is just a walking ego. Even when he does accidentally latch onto a decent issue, he buggers it up. I agree with Countryboy. I think Jones is just not very bright. Mix that in with laziness, ego, sycophantic pakeha colleagues, and an attitude that he’s Tai Tokerau aristocracy, and he is in the wrong party. Sadly, he’s not the only one. Goff and Mallard are just as bad, and even more useless.

    Funnily enough, a vote for Mana or Greens is much more likely to give us a Labour government than a vote for Labour by itself. Labour with no one to keep them honest would quickly become a continuation of the 1984 ACT regime. A government with 3,4 or 5 Mana members and 20 or more Greens would have no choice to go for the full social democratic program, and quickly run up against the limits of that. But that’s another story.

  5. “Jones has gone rogue on the Greens. His continued grandstanding from supermarkets to bird insults aimed at Gareth Hughes is Jones promoting Jones. The ABCs who didn’t want Cunliffe or his left wing reforms aren’t happy and want a new champion post election they can align with if Labour lose.”

    Shane Jones is truly a liability for Labour, but sadly some in caucus do not seem to realise this. It appears the ABC fraction, that is provided it still exists in the presumed form and with numbers, are totally deluding themselves.

    Cunliffe stated repeatedly that he wants to work constructively with the Greens, but of course, during the campaign both parties will run independent campaigns.

    But yes, some advice to coordinate some actions and candidacies in electorates may be wise.

    As for Shane, while I supported his criticism of Countdown supermarkets and what they allegedly do, I found he went way over the top with comparing the company with the Mongrel Mob and their activities. Also does Shane seem to be blind on one eye, as we need an investigation into the conduct of ALL supermarkets of that duopoly here in NZ.

    His attacks on the Greens are destructive and could risk the chances for a change of government.

    Indeed, it seems Shane is all about himself, and he is very friendly with Winston Peters. I have seen him repeatedly whisper into Peters’ ear during question time in Parliament. That tells you something.

    And he previously got himself into some trouble by supporting an immigration fraudster, although no serious wrongdoing could be proved in his conduct. That was a man from China. Recently he used the “racist” comment, saying that there were too many Asian students at universities. Also has be lashed out against his own people at times, sounding somewhat similar to Winston during a dog whistle fit.

    Jones is a hypocrite and too toxic for my liking. If the ABCers do indeed use him to undermine Cunliffe, they are total idiots. Letting down the poor and downtrodden and allowing Key to win with a landslide, that is betrayal of hundreds of thousands.

    I think though that may be the end of Labour as we know it, should they indeed lose in September. Then it is time to give serious consideration for a totally new, fresh and independent Left Party, that represents the people that in distant times once felt at home in Labour.

    Shane Jones should perhaps join NZ First or Winston First, and he would possibly be Winston’s most “suitable” successor.

    It does not surprise us that Jones is favoured by many in the MSM, to be leader of Labour. He would surely keep Labour on the right, and make it a very populist party.

    • Yes, sometimes it seems that Shane Jones might fit in quite well with NZ First. On the other hand, Winston would probably see Shane as a threat because he gets a lot of media attention and Winston doesn’t like anyone else in his party getting much attention.

      • Eventually Winston will have to realise, he won’t live forever! Someone has to take over the questionable “heritage”, or his “idea” of “NZ First” will die with him.

  6. **The ABCs who didn’t want Cunliffe or his left wing reforms aren’t happy and want a new champion post election they can align with if Labour lose.**

    Well that just turns the “if” into “when” Labour lose. Hammering the self-destruct button that hard cannot be put down to foolishness. Labour has a narrow-minded contingent that is seeking to scuttle this election deliberately, for long term personal advantage. I’ve had a gutsful of them as much as the Nats. There is no oasis to be found in the current political desert . . . just a couple of riderless camels.

  7. Problem is to get new votes from outside the perennial left voting clique. At the moment it seems that Labour and the Greens are just swapping votes and this will not be good enough to win. May pick up a few NZ First voters but not enough to make a real difference. As mentioned in another post – the solution is to get the 800,000 odd voters who did not vote last time out to the polls this time. The right-wing media are trying their best to make them believe that their cause is hopeless so don’t bother, just accept another National victory as inevitable and save yourselves some embarrassment. It’s up to all the left to work together and show those arrogant right-wing p….s that they are NOT the natural government of New Zealand, as their media toadies like the NZ Herald would have it.

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