This isn’t Tricky – it’s Corrupt



Funny how National Party Spin Drs have so much influence in the news rooms of NZ media that their spin can become the actual headline.

Take for example David Cunliffe and the word ‘Tricky’. National have done all they can to claim Cunliffe is ‘tricky’, they are doing this to degrade and denigrate Cunliffe so that the easily led sleepy hobbits accept whatever the mainstream media meme has been chosen for them.

The echo chamber of the media is pretty effective isn’t it?

. Tricky issues facing Cunliffe .

. 'Tricky' Cunliffe has priorities wrong - Key .

Tricky Cunliffe continues to mislead - scoop media

Tricky Cunliffe continues to mislead - wn website

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Secret fundraising meals not 'tricky' - Key


Cunliffe isn’t ‘tricky’. Needlessly setting up a trust to handle his leadership donations was silly, not tricky. Borrowing billions in tax cuts for the wealthiest NZers while raising GST and selling public assets which in turn cost us even more and getting away with it, now that’s ‘Tricky’.

However National seem to have managed to have gone far beyond ‘Tricky’.

Judith Collins staggering inability to remember who she was having a secret dinner she originally didn’t disclose with Chinese officials and close personal business friends in a conflict of interest as large as Collins’ interest in conflict.

Amy Adams benefiting from an irrigation program her Government has pushed through.

And a new questionable donation by a new citizen.

Add to this sleazy deals with Mediaworks, SkyCity, big oil, Corporate Hollywood and National’s ‘no corporation left behind’ policy looks less tricky and more corrupt.


  1. Well observed Martyn, but not really “funny”. It’s called branding the opposition, it’s ice-cold manipulation to establish unelectable policies and it’s well executed – but foremost it’s utter betrayal of democratic values.

    The media are letting us down big way. Welcome to America.

    • It’s also called projection…. accusing your adversary of the very thing you know yourself to be guilty of.

    • And looky what we have here – who is the third man in that picture? Why, if it isn’t our old friend Cameron Brewer – it’ll be interesting to get a look at the sources of his donations when he makes his run for the mayoralty.

  2. Is tricky (harking back to a corrupt US pres) what the Nats think is a catchy label to have their minions use this for the opposition leader this election?? Is that the best the Corrupt Nats can do, obfuscate and malign. While their sheer corruption and decay is becoming more obvious daily! Roll on the independent online commentary. They may spy one you, but demand the ousting of this corrupt National government.

  3. After 5 years of National and their manipulating and their various character assassination and diversion campaigns it’s now becoming much more obvious much quicker.

    It makes me wonder what on earth came over Paddy Gower, did the National party tear up his membership card, did he get drunk at a Stephen Joyce barbecue, start singing “You wont get me I’m part of the union” and throw up in his Bentley? Will the plain brown envelopes with cash bricks inside be once again exchanged in secret meetings by the duck pond in the domain? Or has he been briefed to make it look like he is being objective, that’s at least a possibility given the media bias has become so obvious. Who knows he may just be a brilliant journalist!

    The irony is our National friendly media created a monster. Judith Collins, nouveau riche and desperately wanting in on the multi millionaires club unwittingly pulled back the curtain ever so slightly on why the wealthy people of the National Party are even in the game, that is to enhance their personal fortunes exponentially via the NZ Government. So empowered by the thought of untouchabilty she got careless. I would not want to be that senior Chinese immigration official at that dinner party and no wonder Key was not happy.

  4. Astute spotting Bomber .
    Now , if only the entire voting-age population of NZ could be encouraged to identify such devious machinations . They’d see such covert psychological manipulations every where . In every Bank ad , in every office , on every lawyers lips , every realesnake sales skunks lips too . ( No disrespect to actual Skunks . )
    A close friend of mine recently said when talking about her perceived tsunami of institutionalized lying and deceit ” Our moral landscape is redefining itself to accommodate the New Economy . ”

    So we do become that which we hate the most ?
    That lumbering Ox collins was / is a lawyer ? Say no more . ( No disrespect to actual Oxen )

  5. Amy Adams really takes the cake, no wonder she refers to anti-mining/fracking protests as: “populous and (in my opinion,) ill informed demands”, (sic);
    “tricky” brings to mind: a) pulling off a 360 midair, or
    b) that bit when you flick the pancake into the air and catch it as it flips, c) a problem which makes you kind of tilt your head, ponder several moments with your chin on your fist, walk around it both ways, make a small decision and proceed cautiously, not expecting an immediate solution.
    Personally I would prefer a Prime Minister who can flip pancakes above one who makes a meal out of a word.

  6. The sad thing is that ‘tricky’ doesn’t really suit Key either: you have to be clever to be tricky, and Key always comes across as someone who left half his brain at the door.

    We should have a contest for the best Key descriptor, as Ambrose Bierce explains:

    OLEAGINOUS, adj. Oily, smooth, sleek. Disraeli once described the manner of Bishop Wilberforce as “unctuous, oleaginous, saponaceous.” And the good prelate was ever afterward known as Soapy Sam. For every man there is something in the vocabulary that would stick to him like a second skin. His enemies have only to find it.

    Superficial has some merit, narcissisistic is probably more accurate, venal describes his state asset thefts – but none completely capture the putrescent essence of the subject. It’s an ongoing project.

    • Saponaceous! Never heard it before, but I like it. (Don’t be mislead, it means soapy, not sappy.) I also like unctious (=oily). John (tric)Key is extremely unctious.

  7. One simple way to defeat this kind of labelling is to simply constantly use it back on the accusers. If every time Key is challenged over his many vague and questionable statements he is also labelled “tricky”, the public soon gets sick of the label.

  8. Amy Adams has said she removed herself from the Canterbury Irrigation scheme – something she could personally directly benefit from.

    Why was she present at this Ecan review then?

    And what about this:

    “[The] focus on the prospect of thousands of new jobs, largely irrespective of the knock-on effects of irrigation on water quality and the life-supporting capacity of water bodies, fits hand-in-glove with the Minister for the Environment Amy Adams’ newly re-crafted Section 32 of the Resource Management Act.

    And this:

    “Proposals in a discussion document from Adams amount to a serious watering down of the weighting for environmental considerations, and an up-weighting for development rights for private property owners and balancing environmental concerns against economic benefits.

    However, the changes are not as bald as that. Rather, where the economy and property rights were previously clearly subservient to sustainable development, they are now part of the same long list as includes all the environmental, heritage, cultural, freshwater and other considerations that the RMA seeks to take account of.

    As law firm DLA Phillips Fox put it in an opinion for the Environmental Defence Society, the decision not only to meld two previously hierarchical sections of the RMA, sections 6 and 7, but also to add new, economically focused elements to it, would increase uncertainty rather than reduce it. “


    Despite her protestations, Amy Adams has been part of the process of changing the RMA in a manner that she stands to directly benefit from.

  9. Key is a media construct, the like of which we (NZ) have never seen before.You could have taken his pinstriped suit and pastel ties and put a gorilla in it, and ended up with the same gorilla great to have a beer with at a barbe.
    There was a funny oddish looking man, with an even more oddish moustache,who had a very bad temper, back in the late 1930s who showed the world what a corrupt relentless PR team is capable of.It is as clear as day once you see what is happening here; and once you see it ,you can’t unsee it .Call it paranoia if you like ,but I prefer to believe it is critical thinking.
    The most worrying thing for me is the amount of seemingly intelligent people out there who a)don’t possess it or b) don’t want to know.
    The last thing I want David Cunliffe to do, is to buy into the’ blokey’ PR b.s and become a derping ,beer ponging,flouncing lunatic.
    Mature ,intelligent statesman is what N.Z needs and for that Cunliffe needs no P.R!

    • Key is both TricKey and Slimmey, lovely how he is trying to stick his moniker on Cunliffe.

      Key is the Master of Trickery, he is like a magican, now you see it, now you don’t.

      The GST increase was a Master Stroke of Trickery, tax cuts for the wealthy National Party Supporters and smack the poor and less fortunate with a 2.5% increase in tax across the board.

      NZ voters have to wake up and go and vote otherwise MR TRICKY will get you again.

  10. It’s funny how in the headlines Cunliffe is tricky but Key is not “tricky”.

    The subtle difference implies that for Cunliffe it’s a fact, for Key it’s someone’s opinion.

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