I don’t think the 285 000 children living in poverty give a damn what the flag looks like


I refuse to allow this flag blinded distraction that Key has cleverly cooked up so that our attention is on bullshit nothings rather than on the real issues confronting NZres.

The Rockstar economy, drunk on cheap milk powder to China is about to see power price increases and mortgage rate increases. Key moving the election early is because of the changing economic situation and to avoid Banks guilt in court making Key look like a lame duck.

The real issues confronting NZ have nothing to do with our flag…

-Tax cuts for the rich.
-A growing deficit.
-GCSB spying and infiltrating civil society.
-Denied rights to have a say on activities in the EEZ.
-Deep sea oil and sea bed mining in precious habitats.
-Removal of (already limited) environmental protection under the RMA.
-Destruction of the Department of Conservation.
-Subsidised irrigation schemes leading to dammed, damned, and polluted rivers.
-Environmental abuses.
-Selling out workers’ rights to Warner Brothers and selling off gambling laws to Sky City.
-No accountability for bosses who oversee deaths of workers, whether it be in forestry, mining, or truck driving.
-The 90 day fire at will law, and undermining organised labour and the right to strike and join a union.
-Selling assets generations have built and paid for at less than real value and still failing to ‘balance the books’.
-The rebuild of Christchurch slow in the hands of monopolists.
-Appalling child poverty.
-A growing gulf between the rich and poor.
-A veto of extended paid parental leave. Cuts to community education.
-Charter schools.
-Private prisons pocketing proceeds of crime.
-Trade deals negotiated in secret binding the nation, sacrificing sovereignty in pursuit of the mighty dollar and cheap and nasty junk.
-Transport budgets concentrated on mega motorway projects that don’t stack up on benefit:cost analysis and which suck funds from local roads, public transport, walking and cycling.
-Resistance to Auckland’s City Rail Link.
-The ‘supercity’.
-CCOs which disempower the public and put decisions into the hands of the non-elected.
-Closure of the Dunedin Hillside railway workshops and outsourcing ‘Kiwi’ rail construction overseas with costly effects

…What is the point of changing the flag? So that hungry NZ children know what to salute? Those 285 000 kids are still living in poverty and they can’t eat your flag Prime Minister.


  1. Makes me wonder why Key is so focused on changing the flag.

    Is it to divert attention from the real issues of rising unemployment, low wages, increasing industry closures, growing family poverty etc, to deflect economic and social responsibility from National?

    Despite these facts being so glaringly obvious, is promising a referendum on changing the flag, the best election policy the PM can come up with? WTF?

    • It’s the old switch and bait trick which is pretty standard for the liar DonKey. What disappoints me is how many people will fall for it. So despite public sentiment being against asset sales DonKey IGNORED the referendum and went ahead anyway. Now he chooses a subject that is so trivial and NOT a hot topic and NOW he wants a referendum and NOW he will listen to one?? Hypocrisy at it’s worst! The ego of the man, he’s obviously been dreaming about the lasting legacy he will leave!! Ha his legacy will be that he sold our country out from under us and ran a government that made NZ a nastier place to live. Yaaayyy Key.

  2. Yep, having had the tricky campaign semi backfire on him (I say semi because the Herald has faithfully ignored the hypocrisy and creepiness of Nationals back room deals) and Judith Collins tour of hubby’s Chinese dairy company tour also turning sour with Key misleading yet again its back to the flag, that great burning issue of national importance the country has been wrestling with…NOT!

    Christ, National and their little media helpers are as predictable as night follows day. John Armstrong of the NZ Herald is lauding it as a sign of leadership when any idiot and his arthritic blind dog can see its a John Key smoke screen.

    John Key reassures us fools in voter land there will be a referendum on it. Trouble is National ignore all referendums especially if the result is not to their liking, so whats the point again?

  3. I would have liked to have seen a binding referendum that asked “Should the government use 1.5 billion tax payer dollars to bail out South Canterbury Finance, or not?”.
    And who are these 35,000 investors who benefitted from this largesse? When my business failed I had to absorb all the costs myself, admittedly with a helping hand from the wonderful Phil Tait of Dunedin who didn’t even know me yet generously agreed to take it all over and off my hands, saving me from literally losing my home.
    How does the average struggling Kiwi access this tax-payer-funded failed-business safety-cushion “pot o’ gold”? That’s what I’d like to know.

  4. Rockstar economy drunk on cheap milk powder? More like high as a kite from railing Tony Montana style piles of cheap off-white Oravida powder from Fran O’Sullivan’s desk top.

  5. John Key would be surprised at just how unappetizing a flag is in a breakfast plate.
    It is an old trick of course, your government fails to address real problems and so distracts the public with shiny new things.

  6. When the flag change occurs , and it will , there will be a shift in power . We will no longer be a country per se . We will become a business . The Flag Change is to psychologically implant that process into the Kiwi mindset , if there’s one as such left .

    It’s inexorable , it’s inevitable , it’s profitable , it’s vile and it’s implications are terrifying , particularly for the vulnerable . And that’s 99.0 % of us .

    Fuck waiting on 20 September . Lets send Jonky home to Israel today ? ( OMG ! Did I just write that ? Yes , I did . )

    NZ is a bit like the little town I now find myself living within .
    Compared to other 1 st World countries , it’s crude and in robust good health . It’s denezenes are vulgar yet eager to please while rudely crowding the Global kitchen , oblivious to the accepted requirements to schmooze the fat , rich , insane and darkly powerful .
    The locals here see their town as a town that is what it is . They know the roads and beaches . They know the river and the fields . They throw their beer bottles out the car and they do burn outs on the main street and they have absolutely no clue at all that suggests they live in a Paradise given to us by naught more than blind good luck .

    And without the character building murder fest that is invasion and war we Kiwis have no real idea of what we might lose since it’s existence has never been under threat by invasion and war . ( I could mean money and twee . Think Arrowtown or Queenstown , tired old whores to foreign money . )

    We are , without a doubt , being drawn down a dark and dangerous midnight lane . There are beasties down there that are best left to linger alone .

    In short . If we don’t act fast , we’re fucked .

    Hungry NZ kids is a signposting for things to come . It’s a fore-telling if you will .

    Or have a beer . It’s a nice day after all .

  7. They call it Shonkey Economics did OECD label NZ a Rock Star Economy or some hack Tory Journalist like John Armstrong from the NZ Herald, we really do live in Lala Land here in NZ.

    Anybody remember Pike River, Solid Energy, Tiwai Point and Rio Tinto, Sky City, South Canterbury Finance, Warner Bros, Hanover Finance?

    The NZ Government and NZ Business Leaders have driven most NZ Companies into the ground or have governed them so poorly they have imploded or been sold offshore over the past 30-40 years yet John Key is still the darling of the majority of NZers and the NZ Press. It just goes to show how financially illiterate and uneducated most of the NZ Public are and how easily influenced they are by MSM.

  8. A flag means nothing.

    A relic from an illiterate age.

    Wars and servitude.

    Not a part of my life nor most others.

    I haven’t noticed one for a long long time.

    That indicates its importance.

    But it presses the buttons for the brain washed masses.

    Key’s US PR advisers school him well.

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