Why Key isn’t punishing Collins



In his latest blog, Paddy suggests that Judith Collins has something over John Key for Key to not punish Collins over her outrageous breach of the Cabinet Manuel.

While I’m sure Paddy is just being flippant, as anyone who has watched Key over 6 ruthless dead eyed years would know, Key’s homicidal alpha male pathology would never allow himself to be blackmailed by anyone. The idea Judith has something over Key is ludicrous because Judith hasn’t befallen a terrible freak accident.

Key is that politically bloodthirsty.

Key will leave when he is

a) – bored


b) – when he has done all the necessary knife work to NZs economic sovereignty by selling us out to US Corporate interests to get a job offer at the World Bank or IMF or UN.

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The reason Key has let Judith Collins off the hook is because Judith is one of the lead contenders to take the National Party leadership when Key steps down and Key hasn’t decided which faction he wants to leave the National Party with yet. Judith will line up against Simon Bridges with Steven Joyce as power broker with the Master-of-Whispers Murray McCully and Bill English in the background. Amongst that cacophony of interests, Key is yet to pick a side and that is why he hasn’t lambasted Judith.

Another consideration will be Collins very close relationship with Cameron Slater. National tacticians don’t need their favourite attack dog going rogue in election year.


  1. I can’t really see Judith getting the top job, too divisive. Simon Bridges much more likely, young, intelligent, articulate, and Maori heritage. One thing if for sure National will get who they want whereas Labour appears to have got who the majority didn’t want.

  2. We know this PM kowtows to Chinese interests, so perhaps the reason “Crusher” has escaped censure is as simple as the fact she’s married to a man running a NZ business in China.

  3. Judy has no particular talent – but she has funding – which makes her the odds-on favorite to lead the Gnats.

    The funders may lose enthusiasm when they find themselves funding a talent free neo-lib rump opposition against a thriving and popular progressive coalition.

  4. I hope like blazes that the Nats pick Judith Collins to succeed Key.

    It’ll be Jenny Shipley all over again. She will make the National Party unelectable.

    I see no downside in any of this.

    • Agreed, her arrogance is almost unrivalled and she is thoroughly unlikable.

      So here’s hoping she wins the top spot in National but God help us all though if she became PM.

      Her dismissive pontificating regarding her visit to her husbands dairy company in China for endorsements (in Chinese anyway) was pure lawyer, bullshit and bluster, make it look like you are holding a full house when you don’t even have a pair of two’s. It works in that she scares off poorly researched light weight reporters but that’s it.

  5. Collins does indeed have something(s) over Key and it’s starting to surface right now. It’s an incestuous developing relationship with extremely wealthy Chinese entrepreneurs where three key(excuse pun_) factors dominate;

    1. Permanent entry Visas
    2. Donations discreetly and preferably under the radar to the National Party
    3. Opportunities for placement on National Party list seats or recognition on Govt.controlled enterprises.

    Collins is the primary conduit for the above, but a number of National Party MP’s are already ingratiating themselves in this incestuous stew, So much so it looks like there’s a rich Chinese de facto National Party caucus, one not to be confused with the bulk of Chinese immigrants or Winston’s xenophobia.

  6. Another reason is, that Collins belongs to the key top National politicians, who have strong and good networks within the business sector. Key cannot sack or harshly punish any one like Collins, as this may “upset” some in the top business circles, and risk annoying “generous donors”.

    The ties between business and the National Party seem to be wide reaching and strong. It is a relationship based on the idea of “I scratch your back, and you scratch mine”.

    And having a spouse of a leading Chinese migrant business leader (with New Zealand residency or citizenship) of a successful export company upset, because his partner may be sacked as Minister, that will not go down well with that particular business community either.

    There will be other National Party ministers and MPs having their own conflicts of interest, and if Key should follow principle and sack Collins, he would likely have to sack half his caucus.

    But we know that Key does not go by principles anyway, so he wants to keep “good” relations with business, and will do all his own in efforts, to keep much of what goes on hidden in the background.

    In the meantime the Nat friendly media is doing all to portray Collins as a “victim”, for whom one should feel “sorry”. It is all really rather disgusting, what goes on.

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