Labour’s Digital Bill of Rights



Finally – the Digital Bill of Rights gets some traction.

Ever since Key legalised mass surveillance, NZers have had their civil rights under threat by an Orwellian state that seems to send everything they see straight to America.

Labour’s Digital Bill of Rights goes some way to rescinding that imbalance.

-Repeal the GCSB and TICs legislation

-Law to protect online citizens from the digital equivalent of warrantless phone-tapping

-Online privacy rights.

TDB Recommends

As the Snowden files reveal more and more dirty spying tactics by the State, the need to demand digital rights is now. Labour must flesh this out with clear guidelines that do not hand over NZers digital footprint to the NSA. This is an issue about our digital sovereignty.

My thinking is that the Human Rights Commission be given a specific Commissioner to focus on Digital Rights. With the HRC one of the few agencies that can take the Crown to task over breaches of rights, the ability to regulate the Intelligence apparatus by citizens impacted through their spying is essential in a democracy.