The questions you will ask, in about the order you will ask them, next month when you open your power bill


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When you open your power bill next month and it’s increased by 24% you will suddenly not care about the mainstream media’s feeding frenzy over David Cunliffe’s supposed gaffes and ask, ‘Why the fuck is my power bill up 24% and why the fuck is this the first time I’ve heard about these power increases and what was that about Labour and the Greens decreasing my power Bill and why isn’t that on the news instead of Patrick Gower auditioning to be Key’s Press Secretary, and is this what happens when you sell our power companies, thanks John”.

Those are the questions you will ask, in about that order, next month when you open your power bill.

The myopic Press Gallery beltway fetish is a self saucing pudding, it isn’t the bread and butter issues facing the majority of the voters who are hungry for information about the way they are going to balance the monthly bills. Instead of a policy debate on the real issues, we get self selected narrative to paint David Cunliffe out as ‘Tricky’.

The bubble world of the beltway has been shown up several times recently as being out of touch and their hubris for a National Party landslide could be their next.

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  1. Investors demand maximum return on investment for minimal input blah blah blah.

    I could wax lyrical as does Fran O’Sullivan, (shes distracted at the moment with the David Cunliffe project) about the infinite wonders of the investor and business but I would rather eat broken light bulbs.

    We in Joe Public land were always going to pay for these asset sales which support the greedy and the lazy well off.

    Anyway John Keys derping says to our “journo’s” that he’s just a regular guy hamming it up. How adorable………

  2. Other questions will be why is it some people’s power is increasing by 7% & others are increasing by 24%?

    And why is it we are getting any increase at all – and have done for the past 6 years – when National promised they would lower prices, that a revised version of Bradford’s energy reforms in the 1990s would reduce the cost to us – the consumer?

    This is a HUGE issue & I think, along with child abuse & discrepancy between real wage & the real cost of living due to the fact that those have the top continue to see increases that those at the bottom don’t – both of which have been happening for the past 20 years (so is an attitude more than an ideological issue).

    We need to make these issues our priority as voters as no matter who gets into government, the cost of living goes up & more children are being abused, neglected & maltreated.

    The rest of the issues are just distractions.

  3. When Labour was infiltrated by the ACT Party in the 80’s, much like Crimea being given a referendum on Russian rule, they embarked on a programme of asset sales. They were banished to the opposition benches for 9 years.
    Another Bradbury question might be “why the fuck, don’t Kiwi voters realise they are be rimmed by the same group of ACT neoliberal Tories, but disguised in centre-right blue?
    Anyway John Keys tripling handshaking says to our “sycophantic journo’s” that he’s just a regular guy trying too hard for the photo-op. How adorable………

    • They were banished to the opposition benches for 9 years.

      That would have been six years if Peters had done what people expected him to do and had gone with labour.

  4. Well I guess this is how they will make their promised dividends. So we (the 97% that now own 49% less of the power companies than before) get screwed TWICE, 1st by losing the income at Govt level from these companies, and then again by increased power prices that we HAVE to pay for. Nice one, John. The arguments for going completely off grid are really starting to get compelling. Just stop working, stop producing, just STOP. Starve the beast.

  5. Simon Bridges said: “The Government believes electricity prices are a reflection of the current environment, with significantly increased investment in transmission and infrastructure.”

    The current environment being a dilapidated infrastructure created by not reinvesting profits (as other businesses do)?

    What he says is that “investment in transmission and infrastructure” are bloody well socialized, and are not to get in the way of profits for shareholders and that’s just the way it is. Not a word on affordability and or responsibility. It’s pretty sickening really because he signals that further increases being ok too.

    Why is this not making headlines? It would if Labour/Green would run the place.

  6. Precisely the same thing has happened since Bradford’s so-called “reforms”.

    And precisely the same thing happened when Wellington’s publicly owned Capital Power was privatised in two tranches (1994 and 1995), to Canadian-owned Trans Alta.

    Shortly thereafter, power bills in Wellington skyrocketed as the new owners tried to recoup their multi-million dollar investment.

    Wellingtonians bleated about their rise in power bills, but how many of them voted (in 1995’s local body elections) to return every Councillor who voted for privatisation in 1994?

    They got what the voted for.

  7. I think you left out “How much rope does it take to hang a Hawaian overstayer?” and ” Can I use an old extension cord? I can’t afford to use it for electricity any more anyway.”

  8. Good to see Victoria University continuing its fine traditions of churning out inbred Tory morons to work in Treasury. Those two have probably been chosen for some affirmative action hiring program.

    • Learn economics, become a Tory.

      You don’t really learn economics at universities. What actually happens is that you’re indoctrinated into an hypothesis that’s as unrelated to reality as the Bible.

  9. Selling state assets and telling us that we’re better off because of it is propagating an outright lie. That lie is that the capitalists are paying for everything but they’re not -we are. We always pay for everything and the capitalists pay for nothing which how they get rich and we get increasing poverty.

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