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Today’s Daily Blog Watch Round-Up of matters that have attracted the attention, assessments, and articulations of this country’s leading bloggers and on-line satirists…

NZ Left Blogosphere

Cafe Pacific is  Fighting for East Timor’s right to free expression and information for everybody, not just journalists,

Earlier this month Café Pacific published two commentaries on the draconian proposed media law for Timor-Leste and why journalists are up in arms about it. They were republished on Pacific Scoop.

Is this why so many in the West supported Timor-Leste’s fight for independence? To descend into Third World banana-republic status?

On Imperator Fish, we have a BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Allies win World War Two!

You heard it here, folks!

On Frankly Speaking, Frank MacSkasy issues another sternly-worded letter to the editor, Cunliffe’s plan for jobs – Big Tick! This time it was the ODT’s turn.

Yeah you tell’em, Frankie!

TDB Recommends

More from Idiot Savant on No Right Turn, who offers his usual short-to-the-point reports,

Its election year, and the State Services Commission has released guidance for state servants during the election period. But buried in section 2.4 there’s a nasty surprise about the OIA…

Yesterday Uganda’s president signed into law viciously homophobic legislation which would jail gays for life. punish advocacy of gay rights, and make it a crime to fail to report gays to the authorities…

The core idea of democracy is “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” – that is, representative of the people and reflecting its views. But it turns out that that’s not the case in the UK, where the people are well to the left of the Labour Party…

The latest on Manus Island: staff there were instructed to lie to refugees about their prospects of resettlement…

Me and TDB on Polity – Rob Salmond takes a look at how to get the numbers out for the coming election, and discusses various options.

Absent since the beginning of November last year, Brian Edwards says It’s time to even the odds for the victims of Fair Go – and Brian is not talking about the victims of unscrupulous tradespeople or car dealers;

For some years now Fair Go has been a programme out of control. Its reporters, with the notable exceptions of Hannah Wallace and Kevin Milne,  about whom we have never received a single complaint, are power-drunk bullies, its journalism is suspect, its honesty open to question.

Can Fair Go be taken to task … on Fair Go?

If you haven’t already, check out Giovanni Tiso’s excellent blogpost on Bat, Bean, Beam.  When bloggers and the mainstream media meet, it can only be described as when Worlds collide – and Jonathan Milne takes a bit of a tongue-lashing from Comrade Tiso.

In a blogpost simply entitled, Sentry, Tim Selwyn on Tumeke  looks further into the death of a South Auckland man whilst in Police custody. Tim also comments lon  the appointment of Matt McCarten as David Cunliffe’s new Chief of Staff,  Labour hard,

The election just got very serious.  Matt McCarten is the street fighter’s street fighter.  He is a great campaigner for sure, I don’t know how much of a great chief-of-staff he will be.  Like Cunliffe’s whip for the party…

And over at The Standard,

At the end of last week Treasury announced that they were surprised by the lower than predicted tax take. I wasn’t, and I suspect that no-one who is involved in businesses would have been. I am anticipating quite a lot of faux surprise this year and next from the numbwits who have been hyping an illusory “recovery” when it doesn’t happen….

Matthew Hooton has already started the right wing spin exercise, claiming that McCarten is an extreme left winger and that his appointment is evidence of a “move to the far left”.  Hooton lives in a strange world where the likes of Prebble and Douglas who inflicted so much damage on the country are considered mainstream but someone like McCarten who is genuinely concerned at the effects of poverty is considered to be an extremist.  He also claims without evidence that Cunliffe is critical of the Clark Government.  Keep on spinning Matthew….

And check out Phillip Ure’s  unique take on local and world events on Whoar; the Ukraine; piss ups at The Vatican; and a spectacular failure of Charter Schools in Britain…


Blogpost of the Day

Open Parachute reports on Pseudoscience in your supermarket in an ascerbic look at current food-fads, and their links to other anti-science movements. This is a clever look at the mentality of those who think the Earth is only 6,000 years old; that chemtrails are here to turn us into Republican (or Communist – depending on your viewpoint) voting zombies; and coconut oil will cure cancer…

Add to that anti-flouridation; climate change deniers; anti-vaccine adherents, and you have people who would be more comfortable living in a world  6,000 years ago. (For about a week.)


Right wing nutjobs of the Day

Those morons on various right-wing blogs who insist on making fun of Matt McCarten’s stutter.

Not cool.



Thought for the Day



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