McCarten & Cunliffe – political survivors and how they’ll use MMP to win


Just pause for a moment to appreciate the amazing turns of fate for Matt McCarten and David Cunliffe.

David was crucified in 2012 as part of a manufactured leadership coup created by the mainstream media and seized upon by the Anyone But Cunliffe clique to publicly flog and humiliate him. It was that very event and watching the ease with which the mainstream media manipulated that conference that helped me decide to set up The Daily Blog. David incredibly bounces back from that vicious political attack with a stunning victory from the members and the affiliates to become leader in a win that openly shocked Robertson’s supporters and some within the Union hierarchy.

Matt McCarten recently was facing terminal cancer. That near death experience tripped up his finances and he owed the tax man. Only the most snivelling National Party propagandist would hold that against him, and yet here he is, having fought off cancer and arranged total repayment of what Unite owed to become the Chief-of-Staff of the Labour Party after having argued against the right wing ideology of that party for a decade.

Despite what the right wing bloggers are spinning, Matt cheated death, he didn’t cheat the IRD.

These two men are survivors in every sense of the word, and their teaming up will generate a fearsome opposition to this Government.

It’s been a bad day to be an ABC.

What Matt can do is reach across to other progressive parties and seriously discuss using MMP tactically so that the entire Left are united in fighting the Government come election day. MANA and Labour can reach a tactical arrangement, Matt can reach out to the Greens to also reach a tactical arrangement and the blogs can carry the voter guide as they did with the Auckland Mayoralty Election. That gives Labour their best chance of victory and it gives progressive voters and activists everywhere a reason to engage and fight.
David Cunliffe as leader and Matt McCarten as Chief-of-Staff is as good as it’s going to get in our generation – the time to get involved is now.  If you are a MANA voter, vote MANA tactically. If you are a Green voter, vote Green tactically and if you are a Labour voter, vote Labour tactically.
I think the claims of a John Key landslide are greatly exaggerated.


  1. A good burst of positive in what has been a reasonably negative start to an election year. Let us keep up the good fight for our people and country. Left MUST win this year or it’s goodbye to our sovereignty, environment and our lands etc. I will be doing everything I can to get some NON voters to vote, I am even taking some to the post office to register…apathy no more!!!

    • good onya Sally, my eldest ( now an aged 28 yrs) has done exactly that for the last 3 elections. Run around all day on election day getting his unregistered mates on the roll and voting. Younger offspring voting for the first time last election managed a couple of their slacker mates each altho most of them voted National like the sheeple they are. But at least they were on the roll and they voted.

  2. A formidable team and both men of the people.We are lucky to have them.A master stroke by David Cunliffe who is looking every bit a Prime Minister in waiting.Look no further for evidence of this than the cavernous void between Cunliffe and Keys State of the Nation speeches.Cunliffe-Full house open to the public, spoke without notes,passionate,compassionate,engaging,informative and humourous. What a proper Prime Minister should sound like.Key-corporate rent a crowd,Ill prepared so read speech,lifeless,monotone ,bland,filled with corporate gobbledeegook talk.A corporate whore and no more.We are definitely at a crossroads…..

  3. Labour, Greens and Mana need to do what National have done in Epsom for the past 2 Elections if they don’t we will have another 3 Years of Key, English, Brownlee, Bennett & Parata.

  4. David Cunliffe motivates by being boring . Is he appealing to the Yawn Vote ? The generic blather that he’s been espousing of late is embarrassing considering the fire and brimstone rhetoric required to unhinge The Mighty Jonky-Stien from his high nag of many fleas and scabs . If we allow ourselves to succumb to Cunliffes weak tea approach then we’re once again in deep shit .
    ‘ I’m in ‘ for example ? Yea , I know what we’re in Dave . The afore mentioned deep shit is what we’re in . As for him referring to me generically as ‘ Friend ‘ in his unsolicited emails ? I’ve read about snake oil sales-men using that same tag .
    I’m not a fucking little kitten Dave . I don’t need stroking or smooching . I need to see a man roll up his sleeves and punch junky up his hooked fucking nose . I need to see a man lay waste to the High Wankery that is the appalling , rich mans game of political swindlery NOT a misty eyed scone baking , cooing , humm de do , fucking john campbell clone .
    Or it could be that I’m just grumpy with a sore back . A sore back derived from my heaving sheep and hay bales as a fifteen year old kid . Bone spurs plague me now and as I cringe and swallow codienes I remind myself of watching mum wander around in a daze with my rifle as her farm was swallowed by the Demon bank at 22% interest rates as that soulless fiend douglas , pig torturer and private wealth creator , tore into our resources like a serial killer . Just the other night that vile cunt stood on stage applauding prebble as another one time Labour member is lauded for their crimes … while Dave withers along , promising a better NZ . Yeah right .
    I see you were born in 1974 Martyn . You will not remember the old NZ . You’d have only been ten years old when the Labour Party shat out douglas , prebble et al . You will only have what others tell you ; to be as your point of reference . An entire Universe could be filled with the profound differences between Then and Now and Dave isn’t about to change a thing . I pray I’m wrong but it’s not looking good .

  5. For the first time in a long time I feel excited and energised (politically that is 😉 ). It’s brilliant ‘news’ and I think David and Matt probably ‘never saw that coming’ either. They look like newly-weds 🙂
    Let’s also remember the thousands upon thousands of Kiwis who John Key has ignored, sneered at and dismissed. We/they are jumping for joy. Bring on the election!!! It usually happens right on my birthday. I’ll have a great one this year if so 🙂

  6. but Martyn baredbury, you went with that German thinfellow yeah ? Then how can you ask vote for Mana !!!. Labour will try their best to get rid of Green this time. When McCarten joined Cunliffe, Labour became more left lean and now they don’t want another Community to come on board. If they do that, the swing voters will go away from Labour totally. Cunliffe know that.

    • No.

      Because I helped set up Mana.

      No they won’t.

      You have no idea of what is being talked about behind the scenes.

      No they won’t.

      I don’t think you have any idea of what Cunliffe knows.

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