It’s only a conflict of interest at TVNZ when Labour are involved



Yawn. Oh that evil ‘liberal media bias’.

When it’s former national party candidate Paul Henry, it’s ok.

When it’s Mike Hosking and his involvement with Sky City, it’s okay.

When it’s the pro Government tone of the entire editorial team of TVNZ, it’s okay.

It’s only a conflict of interest at TVNZ when Labour are involved – the rank hypocrisy of highlighting the lefts supposed conflict of interest while ignoring the rights is staggering.

The level of pro Government spin that masquerades now as the news in NZ has made a marked increase since late last year and it is a reminder that citizens who want a media to genuinely hold the powerful to account must leave TV and go to social media and blogs for a counter narrative.

The sanctimonious crowing by some journalists revelling in the supposed bias of TVNZ is truly cretinous when you check their ‘objectivity’.

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There is no fucking liberal media bias in NZ, it doesn’t bloody exist outside of Campbell Live and to use Shane as some example of it existing is so far from reality it’s difficult not to be contemptuous of anyone claiming it.

What’s far more dangerous to democracy in NZ? Shane Taurima using a TVNZ room to talk to Labour or the Prime Minister of NZ talking regularly with a far right hate speech merchant like Cameron Slater?


  1. Wow – I didn’t even realize he actually HAD any political bias, I thought he was just a tough journalist. Now Guyon, etc…..

  2. Wells said Martyn. Agree.

    As a journalist, Shane Taurima is one of the best out there and might have had a good future in politics, possibly taking a Labour seat away from National coalition partner, the Maori Party.

    The sordid game of dirty politics has begun!

  3. Absolutely. gnational exhibits gross bias in decrying anyone that questions them. But they approve of the overall right-wing bias of the mainstream media now being hired by right-leaning executives–that’s no problem.

  4. I dont support shane, john or willie, but it seems much easier to make scapegoats of brown folk who break the rules. by comparison, no cop has been punished over lack of action on the rape cases in Waitākere.

  5. And then declared tory fleabags like Bill Ralston come on air to debate Shane Taurima’s departure with other tory fleabags!

  6. Let’s not forget RNZ and the appointments to National Radio’s “news” programmes. Carrying on the traditions of Crosbie, Barry et al. The inadequate and ingratiating interviewing by Simple Simon of any National spokesperson, particularly shonKey; the tired niceness of Robbie the Pom. We have only “Jolly Hockeysticks” Catherine on 9-Noon to show any sort of spine. She must have in order to deal to/with the Hootin Whore. I, almost, miss the acerbic Plonkett. Haven’t subscribed to or read the Listener since the Purge but at least we can access the real Campbell on line. Waiting, with trepidation, for ESP-on-Air and the imported Tartan Pimpernel to perform on the lead in to what is already proving to be the start of dirty dealings pre election.

  7. Thanks Martyn, my jaw dropped when I saw that news item, fairly well for the reasons you write.

    Accusations of Labour biasing the media – after what we have been through in the last few weeks especially- sheesh!

    I observe the strategy of Nats toward this election:
    Accusing the Opposition of what they themselves do.


    ‘Hone goes on ‘jaunts’ and doesn’t spend enough time in parliament’

    –>John Key has been noted as spending a lot of time overseas and is often not in parliament to answer serious questions about the multitude of problems that have arisen on their watch (privacy breaches, spying breaches etc) these jaunts have included attending the British Conservative clubs’ annual strategy conference [a private matter; not in the interests of NZ] and visiting the Queen at taxpayers expense.

    ‘Mr Cunliffe is dishonest’

    –>John Key is the one being dishonest – a serial liar who has been caught out so many times on this one that it is hard to take anything he says as grounded in reality and this is a real problem for peoples’ trust in the integrity of government now and in the future.

    ‘Metiria Turei wears an expensive jacket and lives in a house therefore she can’t speak about poverty because that [somehow] makes her a hypocrite’

    –> Nats are the hypocrites. When they speak about poverty because they are following proscriptions that causes more wealth disparity.

    ‘Greens play dirty and do personal attacks’

    –> Nat use this style of attack, not the Greens


    ‘Labour are influencing the media’

    –> Quite the opposite is occurring as indicated by Bradbury – and given John Key’s recent Valentines day declaration of love-I-mean-‘connection’ with his propaganda boy this is a very explicit show of propaganda infiltration – not to mention Mr-TV3-News- Gower’s antics.

    ‘Winston/Norman doing secret deals with Dot Com’

    –> Q. Who are known for secret and dirty deals?
    –> A. National

    Also note:


    –> One of the key words Nats are repeating this year. National are the ones being underhand and dishonest (this word should be turned around by Opposition parties to infer that what Nat really mean is that the opposition is ‘tricky’ – difficult for National to deal with).


    National are accusing the Opposition of things they do themselves.
    This distracts from National’s bad behaviour while giving the public a falsely negative impression of the Opposition. Two birds – one stone.

    Watch for more of the same.

  8. I would be more worried about National Radio journalists and presenters who haven’t seemed to realise that “trickle down” “Rational Market Expectations” “Private Companies must be more efficient” and “Competitive markets exist” are all Zombie economics. Closely associated with neoliberalism, they are dead but they keep being dug up and made to walk on National. Also most of the business and economics commentary on National is given by bank economists, as if they are not biased, with occasional imput from Dr Crampton who is considered extreme even here at Canterbury University. No bias there, yeah right.

  9. It is irrelevant to the issue if the PM talks to a blogger.

    But if you want hypocrisy…

    PM talking to far right blogger = bad for democracy
    Leader of the opposition and potential PM talking to far left blogger = ….?

    • What a load of arse Contrarian. You are attempting to compare me to a hate speech merchant like slater, so you will of course be able to back up such an assertion.

      Please provide me with a link showing me promoting a doctored video of Jim Anderton edited into saying an earthquake would stop him from winning the Chch mayoralty.

      Please provide me with a link showing me calling on a looter with Aspergers to be shot in the gut so the death is slow and painful.

      Please provide me with a link showing me illegally publishing employment details of a grieving warf worker.

      Please provide me with a link showing me using stolen information to defame a business man that has nothing to do with anything.

      Please provide me with a link showing me involved in a political sleaze scandal where my father was the campaign manager.

      Please show me where I went onto social media and bragged about sending a suicide note about a woman to CYFs in an attempt to remove her children from her.

      Once you have done all that, then you can compare me to Cameron, not before.

  10. While I disapprove of what Shane Taurima has allegedly done, provided the information so far made available is correct, I cannot believe the hypocrisy of the various “media personalities” that are now crying shame over their private and corporate media outlets.

    So Shane did use his work email address to send some mails out re some Labour party matters, and he is supposed to have used a room belonging to TVNZ to hold a meeting with Labour members. If that happened it is clearly poor judgment and unacceptable, and it is right for him to stand down from his job.

    But having seen and heard Shane interviewing various politicians on Q+A and other programs, he never struck be as being biased, he was actually rather fair and respectful, apart from the odd hard question he had to put to ministers dodging questions. There are few others that dare to ask the deservedly hard questions, but he did at times. One such minister was Paula Bennett, and she is now moaning that she felt treated unfairly by Shane Taurima.

    Get a life, Paula Bennett, what about the sole parents whose private details you disclosed a few years back, and were totally unrepentant about? Did they not have reason to feel treated unfairly also? And what about the many “customers” of your WINZ department, who get harassed by staff, are they not having a right to raise the unfair treatment? What about the sick and disabled now classed as “fit for work” by your biased “designated doctors”, that were trained and are liaised with by our Regional Health and Disability Advisors, all working under your highly biased, unscientific and unprofessional Principal Health Advisor Dr David Bratt? They surely will in many cases feel like having been treated unfairly.

    Now we have the many high earning, National friendly, always Labour and Greens rubbishing “media hacks” cry “scandal” and “unacceptable”, while they are all known for their own political views and preferences. I hear them state their personal views, mostly in line with what the government does or stands for, on morning radio, on talk back radio, I read similar stuff in their “editorial” and “opinion” columns, and we get no investigative journalism, no in depth reporting, just many brief “reports” covering media and policy releases, and middle class journalism graduates repeating the same day in and day out.

    Trivial news about who said what about whom else, and who visited Dotcom how often, that is what we get, while policy is not discussed and analysed.

    Shame on the MSM and one sided news spreaders. How can a National Party supporter pass as late news magazine presenter on TV3, but a Labour candidate, trying to work out whether to stand for Tamaki Makaurau or not, cannot be excused for some probably minor ill judgment?

    It says it all what the MSM in this country is about: They report what the hands that feed them want or tolerate, and none else.

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