The Snowden NZ leaks – why we need to pull out of the 5 eyes



This is a slide from JTRIG – the Joint Intelligence Threat Research Group that answers to the GCHQ the British version of our GCSB and together with us make up the ‘5 eyes’ mass surveillance program.

The slide details the dirty tricks the GCHQ conduct including ‘honey traps’ , ‘false flag operations’, ‘fake victim posts’ & ‘nasty viruses’. It has just been released by Snowden.

Key says he’s not worried about the huge NZ dump of the Snowden files that are about to be released before Dotcom’s case.

I’d suggest John Key is lying.

At least we now know why Obama wanted a private 5 hour golf game with Key.

Everyone still happy this Government allowed the GCSB to spy on us if this is what the GCHQ are secretly doing? Our collusion with mass surveillance abuses and the level of spying for ‘national security’ reasons will be far more shocking than Key is scrambling to down play.

David Lange must be rolling in his grave to see how we have been belittled down to America’s South Pacific Caddy.

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Remember when we all of a sudden had a spate of high level US security officials quietly visiting NZ?

This was March 2011…

Key meets high-ranking US intelligence chief
Prime Minister John Key has had a meeting with a man he describes as the most senior American intelligence official to visit New Zealand.

…this was September 2012…

US Defense Secretary’s visit ‘shows great progress’ – Coleman
New Zealand is hosting the United States Secretary of Defense today in a symbolic visit that could signal a move towards restoring defence ties between the two countries.

…and this was November 2012…

Mystery spook’s identity confirmed
The identity of a United States spy who mysteriously landed in Wellington last year can be revealed as National Security Agency director General Keith Alexander.

…I wonder if what Snowden has is the briefing notes those high ranking officials gave Key? These intelligence officials are the Witch Kings of the Nazgul, they don’t go visit the Shire, the Shire goes and visits them. Being a member of the 5 Eyes means we are colluding in crimes against other states while expanding a vast mass surveillance net around all NZers.

It is time we pulled out of the 5 Eyes and became an independent nation again, whatever we gain from being a member is nothing compared to the control we are losing. The GCSB and SIS have both had increases in budget by 250% and 174% within a decade and Key has reorganised the following intelligence apparatus to answer to a small clique of security goons he controls; the Organised Crime Intelligence Unit, Financial Intelligence Unit, Strategic Intelligence Unit, National Bureau of Criminal Intelligence, Identity Intelligence Unit, Threat Assessment Unit, Police Terrorism Investigation and Intelligence Group and the Special Investigation Group.

That’s a lot of spies, who are they spying on?

Does this vast security network answer to Wellington or Washington? Let’s answer that question by poking America hard in its 5th eye and take back our sovereignty by showing the yanks the door. We have more to gain through trade with the world by stepping away from America than allowing us to become a proxy 52nd state (51 being Israel).

We stopped US nuclear ships from visiting our waters as an act of defiance that built our sense of nationhood, we should once again ban America from dominating our cyberspace.


  1. Scary stuff Martyn! But well worth a read! I agree it’s time to pull out of the Five Eyes arrangement. It serves no one’s interests except the 1% and their political cronies.

  2. The Big Question indeed; Who/what are we spying on?!

    What is our taxes being spent on?

    The revelations that the GCSB spied on 88 New Zealanders – illegally – and then foced Key to legalise that law-breaking – should give us a clue

    This ain’t about the Al Qaeda bogeyman. It’s about spying on New Zealanders, cyber “crime” (intellectual property theft), and gathering info on critics (not terrorists) of the Establishment.

    We have a lot to thank Edward Snowden for.

  3. Key has no say in whether NZ joins or leaves the 5 eyes network. He is like Obama and does what he’s told. Perhaps the NSA have something on him like they do on most world leaders. Assuming they do then no doubt they will leverage that to ensure full compliance with the will of the pentagon.

    • Call me naive but why would you say that? Are you suggesting we have already lost our independence? I would beg to differ. This is just another compelling reason to get rid of DonKey and his band of sycophants pronto! I much preferred life when the US of Arseholes was NOT talking to us.

  4. There are so many targets who understand whats going on now that it’s not worth worrying about.

    The genie is out of the bottle and there is no putting it back.

    To even start to dismantle this and all the players who are already involved in NZ politics we all need to speak out and act now in any way we can.

  5. Lets not forget the high powered US delegation that left Chch hours before the big one hit. Or the navy being in port Lyttelton & the largest military exercise in 20 years just happened to be nearby.
    We won’t mention seismic survey ships maybe from oil companies in the region just before & heaven forbid not a word that HAARP was involved or those persistent white trails across the sky from untracked 2 +/or 4 engine high flying jets often 4 trails across. Geo engineering eh (Tui moment)
    What was so sensitive about the Israeli ‘backpacker’ who was killed that threatened our national security.
    Fast forward to a pre election speech his golfness gave that contained not one but two freudian slips when talking about the man made errrrr natural earthquakes in Chch. No reaction in question time either.
    Suppose just suppose our boy wonder was a little slow to comply & we got a friendly shake up (pun intended) on his behalf. Not too different to the way drug cartels threaten families.
    So many questions like the secret TPPA & giving away our sovereignty away from QE2 to other corporate criminals.

  6. … than allowing us to become a proxy 52nd state (51 being Israel). ‘
    Ah ? Don’t you mean America is the second state of Israel and NZ is going to become the Third ?

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