What NZers really earn – beneficiaries vs CEOs



What NZers really earn – beneficiaries vs CEOs

h/t – Chrissy Glen


  1. Ha! Good post. I was made redundant 2 years ago at just 63. I have 4 kids at home (school x 1 and 3 at varsity), plus a mortgage and the usual stuff and my wife works c. 12 hours a week in the only job she can get at 55 at a school – 39 weeks a year. I am officially “looking for work” to WINZ.

    To say life is a struggle is understatement. We don’t qualify for Working for Families (wife works less than 20 hours a week). I have paid taxes since I was 16 and this is what I get – $12,000????? That just covers my mortgage. What about rates, insurance, power, phone, petrol?? Can’t afford to maintain the house. All seem to go up all the time. IV and others have to effing idea what it’s like.

    If it wasn’t for a contribution from my varsity kids from their student LOANS, we would be totally fried at way less than the official poverty level of income – even with my wife working!

    I am fit enough and really want to work – if there were any employers out there who would hire me despite, or because, I am “over qualified”. According to some around here I drink, smoke, gamble and do drugs. On 12 grand. What a joke. Thanks Paula.

    • Check again with IRD about Working for Families Family Tax Credit because you should qualify regardless of how many hours your wife works. It’s calculated on your total household income. I think you can use their website to check your entitlement. If you can’t find it on there, check out http://www.familybudgeting.org.nz as there is information on there about what assistance individuals and families may be entitled to as well as link where you can check what WFF family tax credits you are eligible for.

      • on a benefit the WFFTC is already calculated as part of the benefit so they will only find out they are already receiving the portion they are entitled to. Remember too eligible kids need to be under 18.

    • I am looking for work too, but am not eligible for a benefit. as far as Winz are concerned I don’t exist. I’m ‘over qualified’ at fifty. so glad I don’t own a house and have a mortgage – just lucky, I guess.

    • Hey Mike you know why you aren’t able to get a hand up? It’s because for years Maoris and Pacific Islanders have been abusing the system to buggery and the only way to tighten it up is to punish all of us.

      • I’m Maori, and I agree that there are people that abuse the systems and make it harder for those that really need it… I think the Maoris and PI’s are more picked on because they are the ones commonly on the benefit… I also agree because our hard earned tax money is spent on those who are capable to work but prefer to sit on their butts, have better looking clothes (brands especially) than me, smoking, drinking and drugging up the cash away… One story I was disappointed in was a boxing match between Sonny Bill Williams and some over-weight guy that was on the sickness benefit… I have a chronic stomach disorder and I couldn’t get on the sickness benefit…I get even MORE frustrated when people from overseas can qualify to go straight on the benefit and then just stay on it… I’m not being racial, but I do agree that there are those who abuse the system and make it impossible for others that truly need the help!

        • Seth and marj – you have to be related yeah???

          buahahaha this is a fantastic read and yet ruined from bigots and racially frustrated people like yourself. Stupid idea using a very legitimate and interesting topic to publicly make known your illness of races that you dont like. Yeah i said its an illness – because you’re attitude shown wreaks of stupidity and mental capacity the level of a newborn – why newborn? they havent had the time to compose thought and appreciation for their surrounding and havent learnt to GET ALONG and shut down illfeeling for others who dont look like them when born but will be buried the same way when dead.

          Marj – to state your not racist is a JOKE. any feeling (which you clearly are ignorant of) that someone has towards another that is not positive or uplifting and comes out as (quoting you) “frustrated when people from overseas can qualify to go straight on the benefit and then just stay on it” is distained, wreaks and just oozing with racial conotations. yeah your right – not racist at all. Might want to rethink that one ha honey??? lol

          listen, Im a PI and proud but thats not the reason for my response – its to try and understand that if the topic of the article or post is about the differences of how NZers are living in regards to financial standards in personal income – why seemingly normal people (and yes – are within their rights to have their personal opinion made publicly known) would focus on a very ugly and negative point in the article, which is just a general overview in statistic, yet its not even the MAIN point in the article? confused? yes so am I as to why you two think no response would come out of your idiotic comments.

          • BTW – about the article LOL

            im single and struggling to make rent, pay bills, have petrol for work (which is dependent on my car) and left with barely enough to eat but can make it from pay chq to pay chq. I hear and read of anger out there on our varsity graduates who leave after studies for employment outside of NZ or families who move for financial gain (mainly oz). This article reminds me that I serve a God bigger than my circumstances, and is Jehovah Jireh my provider.

            I have sisters with children, brothers with partners. One sister struggles to put food on table and provide for children even with what she gets from WINZ. great help it is to her but it just gets her by with the very very core basics but stretched when unexpected things come up (and they do) its another story. MY point? single, married, married with family, etc – all are finding this countries financial aid or politics straining. BUT – even with all i mentioned above with my personal life and my family and even with the help available – God always gets me and my family to a standard of living that is fit for royalty and bigger and better than the lives of those at the top of the list in this article. vacation for family yet? NO, expensive cars and flash houses? NO, but good health, joy, respect and faith in a faultless God who knows our needs and provides no matter how big or small? MOST DEFINITELY =)

      • @ Seth Johnson, yes there are Some Maori and Pacific Islanders that abuse the system but DO NOT assume that ALL of us abuse the system!! I’d also like to point out that there are SOME Pakeha that abuse the system too!!

        As Maori and Pacific Islanders we have had to work harder in order to get to where we are today, our Metua – old people came to NZ to give my generation a better chance at life. They migrated here and went straight to work, worked hard to give us the upper hand and today I reap those rewards of achieving a better education and better future.

        It is comments like yours that continue to push me to help MY people to do better!

        STOP it with those comments!

      • Really your going to blame Maoris & pacific islanders you really need to go in to winz places and realise maori & pacific islanders are definetly not the only ones ripping the system,so get that straight! Im a Maori so is my husband we have two children and a both working full time & our children are only 1 & 2 so instead of picking out races mabey you should say ‘people’ rip the system not certain races!

    • This post really grinds my gears because if you’re a married couple with a dependent child your rate is above 12000/annum. A married rate is about $343/week = $17836.00/annum. Accommodation Supplement is a maximum of $225/week (In Auckland region) on TOP of that which is another $11700/annum. Not to mention Temporary Additional Support which can be anywhere up to 60 dollars for a single person which also adds up. All of these figures are NETT amounts. Sure, your wife’s income will affect your entitlement depending on how much she earns but that is fair and legislation treats everyone equally. Everyone pays taxes, even beneficiaries, you’re not special in that regard. You benefit from taxes in many ways other than receiving welfare assistance, such as through infrastructure, healthcare, education, local parks, water and power access, and other establishments. On top of that, I’m not sure why your kids are only entitled to a loan, if you were really as broke as you say you are they would be eligible for student allowance which you do not have to repay. AND if they are boarding with you their contribution doesn’t even count as income for your benefit purposes. Do your research, go see someone at Work & Income because it sounds like you don’t have any correct information at all, or maybe you’re leaving something out about your situation. Also you still qualify for Family Tax Credit which is $92/week from IRD if you still have 1 dependent child and if you fall under $699/week income bracket. See here: http://www.workingforfamilies.govt.nz/tax-credits/payment-table.html Your total income is NOT $12000/annum my friend.

      • @ Marijane

        “Sure, your wife’s income will affect your entitlement depending on how much she earns but that is fair and legislation treats everyone equally. “

        You don’t appear to realise that married couples are not ‘treated equally’ to single people.

        Single: When on an unemployment benefit the payment starts being abated 70c per dollar earned over $100 (before tax – taxed at secondary tax rate.

        Couple: When on an unemployment benefit and in a relationship the benefit starts being abated 70c per dollar when the combined earnings is over $100 (before tax- taxed at secondary tax rate)

        This is a loss of assistance of $100-minus-secondary-tax for two people living as a couple when compared to two single people living as flatmates in similar circumstances.

        This is a huge loss of assistance for people receiving the lowest incomes.

        I do not see this as ‘treating everyone equally’, it is also destructive to relationships.

        I don’t know what other similarly imbalanced approaches toward those in relationships exist – yet would be surprised if there are not more such inequities.


        n.b this first links to a page that indicates the abatement starts at $80 – I have supplied the second link because I understand that limit changed to $100.



      • At Marijane..

        I’m not sure your figures are correct.

        For example, the “Accommodation Supplement is a maximum of $225/week”.

        WINZ does not pay out the maximum. They calculate a PRO RATA amount. Eg, if your rent is $200, you do not get the full amount.

        The WINZ Website states,

        How much you will get on the Accommodation Supplement will depend on:

        your income
        your assets
        your accommodation costs
        your family circumstances
        where you live.


        Any Supplement is calculated here: http://www.workingforfamilies.govt.nz/calculator/index.jsp

        I also checked the calculator for a married couple on a benefit with one child (your initial scenario). The response was;

        ” We are unable to provide you with an estimate as you have indicated you or your partner are currently receiving a benefit from Work and Income. Please contact Work and Income on 0800 559 009. ”

        Things are never as easy with WINZ as you suggest.

    • Kia Ora Chrissy – the image was sourced off Facebook without an accreditation – TDB apologises. Amazing research btw, thank you.

  2. Amazing! Somebody takes the time to detail just how the great majority of people in NZ are exploited by the neo-conservative economy-mongers….and the response degenerates into an argument on dole bludgers. The distressing fact is that since the late ’80’s New Zealand has been systematically moulded into a society with a growing majority of increasingly dis-empowered poor manipulated and exploited by an increasingly rich and ruthless greed merchants

  3. Use whatever money you have wisely, don’t use the above mentioned places or ones like them. Change your bank or energy supplier etc. tell them why you are changing, tell your family and friends to do the same.

  4. Hi am currently residing in Perth Western Australia and quite honestly now that I’m here I love it….will never be home though and like the majority of NZeders here at present we follow closely what goes on in Aotearoa even though we are entitled to NOTHING here as in the way of Benefits or student loans housing assistance and every Govt handout there is I still would rather be here admittedly it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are willing to work and not be fusst

  5. Then the world in this country at least is your oyster…I would recommend a stint in Aus to anyone who wants to have a go cause you won’t know till you go!

  6. Everyone in government should be under 50 – with real life experiences how hard it is growing up with a student allowance/on the doll, broke as can’t afford to eat healthy and nutritious, being stuffed around by WINZ / StudyLink – can’t pay rent and domino effects caused, so they understand how hard it really is for kiwis. Just saying

  7. Funny. I’m a journalist and when I was straight out of journalism school (only a few years ago) I was on LESS than the minimum wage. I live and work in small-town NZ and my junior colleagues are still struggling to live on their pitiful pay.

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