Will msm grill Key over misleading Waitangi comments the way they did Cunliffe’s Best Start?


Apparently it is news to the mainstream media that Maori feel angry at the way they’ve been cheated by the Treaty & choose Waitangi Day to remind us of this, but manipulating events to build a negative race baiting impression?

Surely not.

So according to John Key and MSM the GG was involved in a scuffled at Waitangi – which is news to the GG –


…seeing as the msm ripped Cunliffe to pieces over his supposed misleading comments in regards to Best Start, can we expect some hard questions about this misleading piece of race baiting from the PM???

I’d prefer ‘Tricky Cunliffe’ to ‘Race-baiting Key’ any day of the week.


  1. This is part of Key’s strategy to make Hone Harawira look as radical as possible and create tension between Mana and their potential allies in the Greens and Labour. This can also be seen as extending a hand to Winston Peters voters. Key’s strategy is to appear as Statesman like as possible and paint a contrasting image of his 6 year long relationship with global corporates and world leaders with that of a highly unstable and risky coalition.

    • If this is Key’s idea of ‘statesmanlike’ he might as well resign now. Pitiful little sh*tstirrer.

  2. he was hassling harawira for being lazy, turei for being too uppity, & hassling nga puhi coz they taking too long to settle. hes been race baiting all week, today especially talking up the protests at waitangi, finally good too see him been taken to task for his BS for a change.

  3. Probably had it already to go, just push send before he went to bed last night. Got a bit of an orchestrated feel to it, if not, then very much trigger-happy opportunistic

  4. Key is rather culturally ignorant when it comes to NZ History often the brain is not in gear when he opens his mouth. He definitely appeals to the right wing red necks.

  5. Since January, John Key has been deriding opposition leaders for various petty and spiteful reasons, with the exception of Winston Peters naturally, because the PM has his sights set on Winnie as a potential coalition partner, should no other option be available to him. Interesting, given the fact that at the two previous elections, Key publicly stated he will not ever work with Winston Peters and NZ First.

    So given that, today’s lies are not surprising really. Obviously Key did make the statement concerning the Governor general being jostled, to stir up trouble at Waitangi. Why would the msm state otherwise? He’s their darling after all, the blue eyed boy who can do no wrong!

    However, now the PM has blamed the same media for misquoting him today, attacking the very same source which has given him a smooth ride for the past six years!

    Keep it up, John boy and msm might do us all a favour, by turning feral on you!

    • Please read more carefully Mary. JK didn’t say the media misquoted him, he said that he was commenting on incorrect media reports about the incident.

      • Considering that the GG had tweeted – at 12.58pm – a correction, you’d think one of Key’s myriad staffers would have picked up on it? Or someone phoned the GG or one of his staff??

        Nah. Too simple.

        • They may have. The article doesn’t mention when Key issued his second statement on the matter, or when he heard of what actually happened.

      • @ Intrinsicvalue – Yes, my mistake there.

        However, it proves Key is always ready and willing to place blame somewhere else, when he’s caught out.

        Perhaps he should have been more responsible and checked his information first, before flapping his jaws on an event he wasn’t present at!

        • (Quote) “Having a few protesters or radicals effectively jostling the Governor-General is undignified, it’s unwarranted and, frankly, outright wrong,” he [Key] told reporters in Auckland this afternoon. (Unquote)
          It would have been simply enough to add “if the media reports are true” by why spoil a good story.

  6. I would note this…as soon as Key found out his comments were ill informed, he retracted them. Cunliffe has still not admitted that Labour Party material DID state that the $60 baby bribe and PPL would overlap.

  7. Has anyone else noticed that msm has gone quiet on John Key’s stuff up re the Governor General being jostled at Waitangi on Tuesday? Seems it’s been totally swept under the carpet, protecting their blue eyed boy from further questioning on the issue!

    I was always of the opinion, the media was the proxy of the people, demonstrating objectivity. How wrong I was! It seems msm in NZ is so biased, to the extent it’s become unbalanced, beginning to topple over towards the right!

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