So is Cameron Slater ‘feral’ for being in a speeding car?


One of the most bizarre elements of having Slater’s blog down last week was the large amount of usual Whaleoil readers who had no home to go to turning up on this site desperately trying to explain why Cameron’s ‘feral’ comments on the death of a person in a speeding incident was acceptable.

The argument seemed to be that speeding is a terrible crime that takes far too many lives and as such, describing a passenger in the back seat of a car who died as ‘feral’ was somehow righteous. Keeping in mind these are regular whaleoil readers, we have to forgive their inability to comprehend that as a back seat passenger, the man who died could not have had a hand in his death, so how about a straight comparison to help show up some of their thinking?

If driving at 140km is feral, what is driving at 200km per hour?

These images are from Cameron Slater’s 2007 holiday to Australia where he has a photo showing the speed in the car he was driving in at 200km per hour. There are also shots of him posing with roadsigns and road kill so there is no way Cam can suggest it wasn’t him, at the very least, if he wasn’t driving the vehicle at 200km, he was a passenger.


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So if a passenger who dies in the back seat of a car travelling at 140km is feral, what does that make the person sitting alongside the driver taking photos and boasting about driving at 200km?

I can’t wait to hear whaleoil apologists explain this.


  1. Well played Martyn. 🙂 I think it is fair to say that most people who read political blogs are very aware of Cameron’s sheer hypocrisy, even his ‘army’, but the rest of the world seems to still be blissfully aware. Perhaps you could help enlighten them by forwarding this delightful tidbit to the Greymouth paper that first contacted him and the media outlets he went running to!

  2. Ooh, is that from one of them ‘digital footprints’ that Slater always gloats about when he gets stalky on people and looks up things they’ve said and done/posted on the internet? Well, well, well.

    What’s that ‘H’ word that Slater just looooves to bandy about when writing about other people’s actions and words? Would anyone from the ‘Whale Army’ like to buy a vowel?

  3. I have absolutely no desire to defend the lump of lard, but this is a pretty weak attack. In 2007 there was no speed limit on open roads in the Northern Territory. They were like the German autobahns without the divided lanes that keep traffic apart over there.

  4. Cam is nothing more than a hater and as such has attracted his so called army of haters. They believe they are intelligent, unfortunately fall well short of enlightened.

    Cam and his followers are an overt example of the direction society has been pointed in for the last few decades.

    My forays to WO are very brief as I can’t be faffed with the vitriol, the very comments these idiots make thinking it makes them superior are the same comments that self limit it’s readership.

    The easiest way to forgive these fools is to realise that all their vitriol is nothing more than a product of their incorrect thinking.

    Refusing to engage in their attacks makes them easy to defeat!

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