Metiria and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat



Parliament is becoming less a serious place of debate, and more an episode of Mean Girls with none of the humour.

How the hell what Metiria wears to work has any connection to her life long record to erode poverty and stand for social justice is something the National Party will have to try and explain.

It’s the spitefulness of Collins’ comments that are truly terrifying. Collins’ twitter feed is beneath the dignity of a Minister of the Crown, like her favourite attack dog, Cameron Slater, Judith seems to use social media to just spread hate…

Collins jumps in ‘racist’ clothes-fight
Justice Minister Judith Collins has stepped up the war of words with Green co-leader Metiria Turei, saying she dresses badly and is a “sensitive wee sausage”.

On Thursday Turei said National MPs were guilty of “pure racism” after Police Minister Anne Tolley called her a hypocrite for saying the Government was out of touch, while at the same time the Green co-leader wore expensive clothing.

…what we are increasingly seeing as a tactic from this Government is total avoidance of discussing inequality. We’ve seen it with the desire to suddenly start debating a new flag, we’ve seen it with the manufactured outrage over Cunliffe supposedly misleading the nation on Best Start and we are seeing it in this bullshit piece of nothing over the clothes Metiria wears.

The Government want to talk about every issue OTHER than inequality because they are frightened of having their self interested economic policies which enable the wealthy and those corporates who they are mates with being exposed for the social failure it really is.

The spitefulness with which Collins and Tolley has attacked Metiria is beneath the jobs they are employed for and it suggests that National MPs are more than happy to play to their supporters lesser angels in this years election. Expect National to flirt with white ignorant anger to win the debate this year.


  1. Hmmm.

    My understanding of the MSM articles was that Collins and Tolley believe it to be hypocritical of Metiria to wear anything other than thrift shop castoffs cos she cares about the poor.

    Whereas no such considerations need apply to them, because Collins and Tolley never cared about the poor in the first place.

  2. Funnily enough I was watching Parliament tv live when this happened; the bell had rung and most of the suits had walked out but ‘debating’ continued. Last time I watched this channel there was a bill underway to criminalise cyber bullying. This time we saw a live example. For the record Mrs Tolley’s own ensemble was a tad garish. I voted also:

    Labour: Annette King: ‘best turned out’,
    Greens: Eugenie Sage: ‘classiest pearls and best hair’,
    Greens: Holly Walker: ‘best speaker’……. …..*by a country mile,
    Greens: Denise Roche: ‘cutest voice’,
    National: Simon Bridges/ Labour: Jacinta Ardern: ‘hottest looking’… *a tie,
    ——: Peter Dunne: ‘biggest hair’…. ..*also by a country mile,
    Labour: Grant Robertson: ‘funniest, cleverest & wittiest’,
    National: Paula Bennett: ‘newest haircut and v.pretty earrings’
    National: David Coleman: ‘shortest answer’,
    Best ref: Rt Hon David Carter- good job there,
    there are other awards but prefer not to say unkind things,
    next live house sitting: around ten days away…:)

    • Best resemblance to a sea going Trout–Judith Collins

      Best ‘prune face’ special effect via surgical weight loss–Anne Tolley

      Best passive-aggressive ‘American Pyscho’ snark–Chris Finlayson

      • I’m afraid I have to disagree with you – trout are lovely creatures, not like the ponderous Judith Collins at all.

        Nature has gifted her instead with a unique capacity to identify with certain aspects of the dairy industry.

  3. None of this is coincidental, it’s carefully choreographed, just like in John Key’s home country, the usa.

    I hope the right continues with this dated Republican foxnews-type tactics, it’s failed Romney and it will fail Key.

  4. Would a MP who advocates for the poor only be taken seriously when they dress in robes in the style of Jesus or Buddha?

  5. Another diversionary tactic from Nat MPs it seems.

    With an election hovering on the horizon, National has started early this year, attempting to draw the public’s attention away from issues of real significance, as it tries to discredit opposition MPs.

    As the saying goes – we ain’t seen nothin’ yet though!

    Be interesting further down the track, when Kim Dotcom goes to court this year, once and for all exposing John Key for the lying toad he really is. Watch the Nats in overdrive then, as their orchestrated MSM propaganda machines spew out as much diversionary crap as they can possibly muster! It will be full on!

  6. They could make a sitcom on Judith, Ann, Hekia, and Paula based on their antics while in Wellington. They could call it, “Mean In The City.” Problem is, there wouldn’t be much in the humour department, so it really would be hard to justify calling it a sitcom. However, they could just make a documentary and call it Four Mean Middle aged Women Terrorising New Zealand. Australians would buy it.

  7. I say we should all wave the new Red Herring Flag every time this silliness continues – and it will, this is only the beginning!

  8. So Metiria Turei can’t talk about poverty because she wears flash clothes.

    How come Hekia Parata can talk about education when she’s obviously so thick when it comes to understanding kids’ learning?

  9. You’ve completely missed the point! This all started when Turei began lecturing the Nats about poverty. Tolley’s comeback was priceless, and so was Collins’, and together they exposed the hypocrisy of this woman. The accusation of racism has made Turei look like a muppet. Has she ever met Collins’ husband?

  10. What is probably more important is that Labour and the Greens are simply failing to convince NZ’ers that there is increasing poverty and inequality in NZ. This week we’ve witnessed the desperation of Cunliffe in completely fudging the data about shoes…this just shows how out of touch they are with the recovery that is actually going on in NZ.

  11. I’m not a conspiracy thinker Metiria Turei yet when I saw the latest Human Rights Report from Jan Logie…I thought that is why Anne Tolley and Judith Collins were throwing something to sparkle the media away from real issues…same as John Key tried over that stupid gripe about Hone…What University of Truth did these two come from??

    Give then Hell next week at Question Time…..As Minister of Justice, Collins should resign over the HR results and Key should be made to apologize in The House for telling lies…….Integrity is Important

    Well my thoughts anyway so keep smiling
    Dougie at DLANZ

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