McD’s Kaikohe: No Air Conditioning – No Workers

Source: Unite Union – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: McD’s Kaikohe: No Air Conditioning – No Workers


Kaikohe McDonald’s crew strike over health and safety.

By Gary Cranston, Unite Organiser for Northland

Workers at McDonald’s Kaikohe walked off the job today to escape the heat caused by a broken air conditioning system.

Not only did management ignore repeated requests for the system to be fixed, but the Restaurant Manager would turn off the extraction fans sending the temperature through the roof. The ventilation system has been broken for over a month in the heat of summer.

According to the workers, who began taking thermometers to work with them, the temperature inside the store was regularly exceeding 30 degrees.

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After the workers walked off the job, they were met by family and friends and marched down the main street of Kaikohe to be joined by a supportive and vocal community. Arthur Harawira, the local Mana Party representative, joined the workers on Broadway, megaphone in hand.

A couple of hours later, the workers received notice that the air conditioning system had been fixed.

“We are all absolutely rapped and proud of what we did today” said one of the workers.

Note: According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Development website; “Strikes and lockouts are also lawful where those striking or locking out have reasonable grounds for believing that the strike or lockout is justified on safety or health grounds.”

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