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Today’s Daily Blog Watch Round-Up of matters that have attracted the attention, assessments, and articulations of this country’s leading bloggers and on-line satirists…

NZ Left Blogosphere

On Imperator Fish, Scott Yorke blogs on the DoS attack on Whalesnot,

“Wait a minute. Don’t you see? This is perfect! This could be our chance to finally do some really meaningful and meaty stories. This could be the opportunity we’ve all been waiting for. A chance to return to credible journalism, involving respectable sources, and important issues that matter to people. Not just tawdry tales of who’s sleeping with who. How about we report on the real impact of party policies on people? Let’s forget all the spin and hype, and all the bullshit about winners and losers, and just report on the issues. Isn’t that our job? Politics isn’t just a game. Government policies have real effects on people.”

Meanwhile, back in the Real World and stuff which really effects Ordinary Mortals, the other Green Party blog reports,

“Data tabled in parliament today shows that power prices have risen 22% since National came to power; increasing 3% last year alone despite demand falling by 2%, said the Green Party today.

January Consumer Price Index information proves that power prices are rising at twice the rate of inflation, even as demand falls.

“Families doing it tough will find it galling that the Government and the Electricity Authority are telling them they are not paying enough for power,” said Green Party energy spokesperson Gareth Hughes.”

Over a week ago, environmentalist Meghan Hughes wrote on Hot Topic,   Why it’s ok to drive your car to an anti-oil protest,

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“Driving a car to an oil-free protest makes you a hypocrite, right? Wrong: I support an oil-free future in the long term. I agree with divesting from oil exploration in the short term. Ultimately, I believe in moving from a fossil-dependent economy toward a sustainable and more environmentally-responsible economy. What underpins my stance is the reality of man-made climate change and the need for man-made societal change. However, there are people out there who would want me to believe that unless I am able to live my life, run my household, and raise my kids without utilising any products of our oil-dependent society, I have no right to demand anything different. They say to do so would mean that I am a hypocrite. Right?

Wrong. Most of the people making this kind of absurd allegation really don’t care about a genuine response. It is a tactic to shut you down. Unsurprisingly, many of these same people refuse to acknowledge that we are changing our climate, so reject also the responsibly we share in doing something about it. So this isn’t for them, this is for you. This is to tell you that it is ok to drive your car to an oil-free protest.”

Read the whole post – it’s a clever de-construction of the whole climate-change denial mentality and argument.

More from Gordon Campbell on David Cunliffe’s State of the Nation speech,

“So if Cunliffe’s right wing critics want to portray the Best Start policy as some soft hearted liberal indulgence, they need to face the fact that the strongest global advocate for policies like Best Start is a Chicago School former colleague and admirer of Friedmanite economics, and its tradition of empiricism. Moreover both the Obama administration and right wing Republican governors at state level are currently investing heavily in early childhood education.”

David Clendon on Frogblog takes a swipe at John Key, who evidently sees The Greens as the Bogeymen,

“Noting that the PM seems to have spent more time ‘belittling’ the Greens than attacking the policy of National’s largest opponent, the writer proposes that “Of course the Greens are the bogeymen, for one simple reason: They’re right. They might be mocked as “loony left”, but they’re really a pro-environment party with a social conscience…a Green future implies real change, not just tinkering and shadow-plays”.”

And on his  First day back at parliament, Russel Norman looks at the role of the left (especially the Greens) in Parliament and a new government.

“It’s been 40 years since we last saw a progressive reforming government in this country. It is time again for a new wave of progressive government reform in New Zealand. It’s time to refresh the progressive vision for Aotearoa New Zealand.”

On the Transport Blog, Matt L congratulates Govt makes the right decision on cycling,

“I think Michael Woodhouse as made the right decision. If people feel safer wearing hi-vis then they should but it isn’t something that should be mandatory. Further from memory Steve Fitzgerald was wearing hi-vis at the time the time he was hit so it’s not like it would have made any difference in that case.”

Writing on The Pundit, Andrew Geddis sez Don’t talk to me about heroes, and points out that making (alledged) death threats against Slater’s children is “not a good thing”. Andrew then writes a piece on Gerald Moonen and a battle with NZ post.

Strange stuff, writing about a sleazy right-wing blogger and a paedophile, in one blogpost. Coincidences, eh?

And on No Minister, Psycho Milt has this to say regarding Speaking of “utter wastes of money…”

Recall the referendum on asset sales?  Sure you do – it was only a couple of months ago.  According to the country’s then Prime Minister, John Key, having to spend $9 mil on such a referendum was an “utter waste of money.” It’s kind of weird, but on Stuff right now there’s a guy who’s presumably the same John Key (because it says he’s the Prime Minister), who’s talking about holding a referendum on the not-exactly-urgent question of whether we should ditch the NZ flag in favour of, er, how can I put this? A sports logo.”

Which is echoed by Idiot Savant at No Right Turn,

“Good – its long past time we ditched the Union Jack and its colonial baggage. At the same time, its hard not to be cynical: in the past when people have raised issues of our constitution or fundamental human rights, Key has said “we must focus on the economy” (because he apparently can’t walk and chew gum at the same time). Now with an election coming up and people needing to be distracted from growing problems of inequality, its suddenly time to have a big patriotic wankfest about the flag. Convenient.”

Savant also points out, Charter schools are funded at triple the rate of state schools,

“When National established its charter schools, it promised that the funding for them would be “broadly similar” to that of state schools. As usual, they were lying. According to information uncovered by the PPTA, they’re funded at nearly triple the average rate of state schools…”

Marooned in Palmerston North, Lurgee in Lefthandpalm  questions the Recovery? that National is practically frothing at the mouth in an orgasmic frenzy of joy,

The provisional estimates of growth for 2013 show that the Tories – after 4 years of trying, almost doing as well as Labour! However, manufacturing output and construction are both down in the last quarter. Dunno if that is seasonal variation (can’t be much fun building things in the rain) but it rather undercuts the ‘rebalanced economy’ claptrap Osborne is peddling. Its more unbalanced and service dependent that ever. As for ‘Plan B,’ a sensible economic policy would have delivered this sort of growth years ago. We’re still poorer than we were in 2007 and other economies – which weren’t madly flaying themselves with austerity – have recovered more swiftly.”


While Frankly Speaking reports that Whalers go gunning for Whaleoil – Frank Macskasy is possibly not one of blubberboy’s greatest fans,

“He obviously still does not understand that if you attack, denigrate, and abuse people – that eventually he will strike someone who will hit back. Hard.

Karma is not a mystical thing. It is humans getting pissed off.”

It would be fair to say that Slater has annoyed one or two folk in the course of his blogging career…

In The Standard,

State of Nations

“This post isn’t a ‘contrast and compare’ piece on the policy announcements of National, the Greens and Labour. It’s enough to say that National are pursuing privatisation while both Labour and Green are at least trying to do good things.

Shame about the reality of the bigger picture then.”

Is it always better late than never?

“Minister of Labour Simon Bridges today said he welcomed the Review of Forestry Safety and that he has asked Worksafe NZ to review the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) into the forestry sector to “clarify them”.”

Seeger “brought politics to music” – karol

“It was a life long and well lived, and he had to go sometime.  However, he will be remembered, and revisited whenever politics of the people is revitalised in culture and music.

I came of age at a time when folk music, especially political folk music was considered pretty cool.  It was a time when popular music drew directly on its folk music roots as people’s music.  And it was a time when those of the left of politics knew exactly who Pete Seeger was.”

Note to Media, check your facts

“Sometimes I despair for our media. I mean, the latest parroting of Key’s line on Best Start is the stuff of black comedy.

Apparently Key’s claiming David Cunliffe misled people about eligibility because they don’t get the payment while they also get paid parental leave. And the media are trumpeting it all over the place.”


Right-wing Blogpost of The Day

Kiwiblog on  Mountain Biking

An advertorial post from Evolution Cycles:

Whether you are an experienced mountain bike rider or are just getting into mountain bikes, New Zealand’s North Island has variety of riding opportunities for every skill set. Whether you want to experience the blood curdling rush of high speed downhill or slowly meander along a flat road, you will find it in the North Island.

Mountain bikes are a great way to see New Zealand and cycling is very popular here. Getting out of a motorized vehicle and onto a two wheeled device powered by nothing but legs, is a great way to get a discover the country and all it has to offer. You will experience unique wildlife and the serene countryside you as you have your adrenaline pumped like never before. Here’s my top 10 list (in no particular order), I welcome any criticism and comments. I’m happy to update this list if I’ve missed someone’s favourite spot!

This advertorial was brought to you by the letters W, H, O, R, and E.


Blogpost of the Day

Chris Miller writes in The Little Pakeha  About WINZ Payment cards,

Ever wondered how WINZ gives people emergency money for food, etc? Quite possibly not. For a while I just assumed they transferred it into your bank account – the problem with that being that it probably won’t go through until the next day, and the other problem being that in our system of no trust for beneficiaries, how could the government know you were spending it “right”?

Chris’s story of WINZ payment cards and issues and problems surrounding them, makes for  fascinating and insightful reading.

Next time some right wing bigot with budgie-shit-for-brains burbles on about “bene bludgers”, send them a link to this story.


Thought for the Day

feudalism then and now


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