If another forestry worker falls in the forest and no work and safety staff are there, does the Government hear it?



Forestry worker killed by falling log named
A forestry worker killed by a falling log in Marlborough yesterday has been named as William Bryant.

The 53-year-old was pronounced dead by ambulance staff after the incident on a private forestry block in the Wairau Valley yesterday morning.

The love affair the right have with deregulation has a counter weight, the horror of workers dying because of that deregulation and lack of work and safety.

We’ve seen this lack of regulation decimate families at Pike River, we’ve seen it hurt the communities impacted by the regulation failures during the Rena ship wreck and we see it constantly with the forestry industry.

The basic expectation of families is that their loved ones return home from work alive and safe at the end of each day. It is hard to excuse the lack of action by the Government, if it were 10 businessmen killed in a single year from unsafe work practices one gets the distinct feeling the Government would have launched a royal inquiry.

The constant weakening of the Unions has a simple impact and it is felt by those workers dying in unsafe work environments.

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  1. Honestly felt sick for a while after reading this.
    My condolences to the family of this man.
    I went on to look up the union for forestry workers; they fall under the auspices of “First Union”, the union for what looks like a vast array of industries. Someone representing this union should be jumping up and down over this.

    • Agree Jane.

      But along with First Union, all NZers should be jumping up and down about this.

      It is not good enough to have workers in NZ being subject to the mismanagement of employers, and poor oversight by government departments responsible for health and safety.

      Those paying for the incompetence and disregard of both these groups with their lives and/or injury are not those with the power for systematic change.

      Collectively we all bear responsibility if this situation continues.

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