Oh, Colin Craig is suddenly ‘provocative’ is he?



I can’t work out what is the best part of this news story on Colin Craig’s latest hate brain fart that he hits his kid.

Is it the desperate spin that he’s saying these bat shit crazy things because he’s being – wait for it – ‘provocative’?

Is it the sad and cringe worthy spin poor old David Farrar has to try and give him because National need the Conservative Party by pathetically claiming, “It’s a pretty good way of getting it out there because it turns it from a boring policy debate to, ‘Oh my God, how dare he. He’s breaking the law, someone should call the police”, (you should be ashamed and embarrassed David).

Or is it Brian Edwards devastating comment at the end, “If you’ve got insane views and say insane things, probably media training will not do you much good.”

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Colin Craig isn’t being ‘provocative’ – he’s being a far right religious zealot wedded to quack science.

National’s main strategy this year is to paint the Greens out to be the economic Khmer Rouge who will drag Labour towards a financial Year Zero, but that strategy falls to pieces when you line up the way crazier stuff that comes out of Colin Craig’s mouth. Key can hardly bellow about the extremism of the Greens when Colin is talking moon hoax landings, chemtrails, climate denial and wanting the legal right to hit his kids.

Despite the claims of some pundits that the election will be decided by the main parties, 2014 will be decided by the opposing ends of the political spectrum. The sharp increase in inequality means there is no longer a political centre, United Future’s inability to keep 500 members is symbolic of that. It will either be MANA or the Conservative Party that will decide who is the Government and it will answer what is the true nature of our country’s soul.

Are we socially and morally conservative or are we egalitarian socialist?


  1. Keep it coming, Martyn, you got my blessing. CC is not conservative, he is not a politician and should never be in the position of a law maker.

    He probably does not know himself what he is and where he is going.

    He is stuck in the gone-by anti-smacking world. He hasn’t read much and consequently does not understand much.

    CC is our Sarah Palin. On that basis we should ask him lots of questions – like – what do you read? Or, a bit deeper, when should a referendum not be binding?

    • The one question that Colin Craig needs to be asked is:
      Considering that the referendum question asking about good parents was a leading and suggestive question designed to get a “no” answer do you really think it was valid?

      Would need some build up by the interviewer describing leading questions but that shouldn’t be beyond the capability of a good journalist.

      That should then be followed up with the question:
      Do you believe that people who abuse their children should have the legal defense that s59 gave them?

  2. The media is definitely doing a beat up on Craig at the moment. It’s amazing how money can get you some much media space.
    Why? The Tories are definitely trying to bait the NZ electorate on this one, as it represents their best hope of power in 2014.
    I suggest that editors at newspapers and producers at TV and radio stations are being told to include this as content as much as possible. It’s a bit like having a playlist at a bad music radio station. You get no independence to select your own tracks. The owners of this country tell the media what to play.

  3. Why the f%^& are you guys giving Colin Craig a free platform? 5 posts or more about him on your front page. Are you trying to get him elected? Everything you say about him just dog whistles somebody to say “wow, the lefties really hate Colin Craig, I think I’ll vote Conservative”. Please, stop throwing fuel on the fire!

  4. I wonder if Graham McCready will bring a private prosecution against Colin Craig for his admitted breach of the anti smacking law? Somehow I doubt it.

  5. “crazier than the Greens”?- that crazy ole green party that is the only party that takes climate change seriously.

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