I don’t wish to nark, but shouldn’t the Police visit Colin Craig for hitting his kids?



Cough, cough, what?

Colin Craig: I smack my kids
Conservative Party leader Colin Craig says he still smacks his children “just like two thirds of New Zealand parents”.

…ummmm, I’m not sure with NZs appalling child abuse record that any politician should be out proudly declaring on Radio Live that they hit their kids. Is that the kind of leadership NZ really wants?

Demanding the legal right to bash your kids is one thing, admitting in an interview that you are hitting them now and don’t really care that you are breaking the law is a staggering admission that really places Colin in a league of his own.

Don’t the Police have a responsibility to investigate this?

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I thought the moon landing conspiracy, climate denial, Treaty bashing and chemtrails were as fringe as the Conservative Party got, but actively hitting their kids as well?

The question this all leads to is how desperate are National really?


  1. I imagine that Family Fist who stood in the last two elections on the same bash the kids program, and failed dismally, will now throw all their support behind Colin Craig.

    As many have remarked, Family Fist a so called, “Christian” organisation campaign loudly over ‘Beat The Kids‘ but have been silent over ‘Feed The Kids

    Mark 7:6-8

    And he said to them, “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written, “‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.’ You leave the commandment of God and hold to the tradition of men.”

    • Last I looked, Family “Fist” isn’t actually an organisation. It’s Bob McCoskrie, with a Board of Reference or some such thing. You can’t join up; all you can do is donate and sign up for newsletters.

      People who heard Craig’s comments could make a complaint to the police. Perhaps they’ll manage to take some action – a wee chat perhaps? – which is, it seems, more than they’ve managed to do with the roastbusters.

      • @ D’Esterre – I heard the police aren’t “interested” in taking action against Colin Craig, because it would be a waste of their time!

        I’d say the same people watching Key’s back are also doing the same for Craig!

  2. Obviously CYFS need to take his children away and put them up for adoption, preferably to a nice gay couple

    This is what would happen in the UK in these circumstances .

    • And more for the “thumbs up” for my last comment, these same social services forcibly drugged an Italian woman and gave her a C section against her will, then took her new born baby away and put it into foster care.

      Then there was the autistic guy who had all his teeth removed “for his own protection”

      I could go on. You get the general drift, I hope.

  3. Up until now I have found Colin Craig’s observations sad and scarily amusing – the childlike chatterings of an immature “look at me” manufactured person from the farcical far right. His loopy observations create a media-lite side to serious politics (so long as he is nowhere near any position of power of course). But this public announcement of his own lack of self control, and his clear support for other violent people to beat children in their care, made me feel physically sick.

    • The childlike chatterings of an immature “look at me” manufactured person from the farcical far right would have gained many votes from this latest uttering. (guttering)

      The paradox is that his public announcement of his own lack of self control will be to many a public announcement of him taking control.

  4. Agree Martyn. But I doubt the police will. Not when John Key wants Colin Craig as a likely coalition partner next election. You know the one – police – in pocket – some politicians!

    I wish Colin Craig would be investigated by a credible media source to check if he’s as squeaky clean as he makes out to be, because I have my doubts!

    • Nice bit of satire, but strangely it actually left me with some sympathy for Craig. Actually I agree with James’ comment further down. When conservatives demanded Nandor be arrested when he admitted to being a cannabis user, we thought they were nongs, and anyone joining the Arrest Colin Craig Chorus is similarly going to look like a nong.

      Once again, I think Bomber is dancing to the dog whistling tune of the NatACT media strategists handling Craig. Keep it up Bomber, you just might help the Conservatives get elected.

      • I kinda know what you mean, I’d really prefer to focus on how Craig would see his own argument if it came from the mouth of a cannabis reform advocate. As for playing that ‘oh its election year, let’s get the police after a politician’ game, nah. Bill English likes that game, and he’s a twat.

        In fact, if you ask me whether I’d rather get stoned with Colin Craig, or throw stones at Bill English, it would be a really difficult choice. I’d almost bet that a good blaze would really sort Craig out; I’m not so sure that there’s such a simple remedy for whatever the fuck ails English.

      • Thank you Danyl, I’ve seen your arguments for chemtrails and hoax moon landings, so I’ll take my strategic advice elsewhere thanks.

        Denouncing a political leader who wishes to hit his children in light of the vast research that shows how damaging corporal punishment is not the same as a politician in smokes cannabis.

        If you are comparing smoking cannabis to hitting your children you may as well start comparing Ariel Sharon to Nelson Mandela.

        Colin Craig is dangerous and this blog while I am editor will always front foot our concerns against him.

        • I still reckon we just need to get Craig blazed and chuck some 80s thrash* on the headphones.

          *see Colin, this kind of stoning and thrashing doesn’t involve cruelty or intolerance, but still makes you feel righteous as fuck.

  5. Why don’t you go ahead and make a police complaint? Call CYFs while you’re at it and perhaps ask Graham McCready if he’s interested in a private prosecution?

    Having a moral objection is no excuse to flout the law!

    • Moral objection no excuse for flouting the law eh? Tell that to the Waihopai 3, or the Springbok tour protesters etc etc etc

  6. Here’s the numbers if anyone is interested,

    CFYs: 0508 326 459
    North Shore Police: (09) 477 5000
    Graham McCready: ?

  7. You guys are just playing into their hands… The whole purpose of the legislation is to stop real domestic violence, i.e. parents hitting their kids with jug cords and such like.

    Not to put idiot parents who smack their kids in jail.

    Under the old law parents who actually assaulted their kids had a defence, now they don’t.

    By saying crazy Colin should be investigated by police, you are vindicating his postion that the law needs to be repealed. Come to your senses please.

  8. Taking the emotion and the emotive language out of the discussion,the reason the majority of people are unhappy with the anti-smacking law is it removes the right to correctional discipline which is a world away from child abuse.

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