A brief word on the death of war criminal Ariel Sharon



Apologists will whitewash the blood Ariel Sharon spilled, I won’t. His war crimes that saw thousands murdered, Palestinian land stolen and his deliberate provocation that started the Al Aqsa Intifada erase any so called ‘good’ he accomplished by pulling out of Gaza.

The only thing more ghoulish than his blood drenched history is the desperate and absurd manner the State of Israel went to in keeping Sharon alive for 8 years in a coma after a stroke. That attempt however will look shallow compared to the cleansing of war crimes the mainstream media will gift him in death.

I will bow my head for all the victims of Sharon’s crimes who will never have their day of justice.


  1. TV3’s coverage of Sharon’s death carried a fairly good report of his links to the Sabra and Shatila massacre’s.

    It may not have been an in-depth review of Sharon’s heinous acts – but at least they were referred to, taking up about half (?) of the news item.

    Dunno what TV1 reported.

  2. Sharon was born in Palestine, his birth certificate was issued by the british mandate, his parents bought the land after immigrating from Belerus. Having spent his life murdering his countrymen no words will ever cleanse the stain of this piece of filth.

  3. On the death of Ariel Sharon.

    No heads of state will be attending his funeral.

    As is fitting…

    Though there will be a rogues gallery of ex-heads of state. Chief amongst them yet to be charged war criminal Tony Blair.

    But apart from not sending heads of state so as not to offend the wider world, the Western powers are sending lesser officials so as to not offend the zionists. Exposing their complicity in the crimes of this bloody mass murderer.

    Despite the absence of heads of state, Jerusalem is not disappointed by the list of dignitaries expected to pay their last respect to the late Israeli prime minister, a government official told The Times of Israel.


  4. I don’t normally don’t speak ill of the dead. However, in this case all I have to say is may the evil bastard rot in hell, the same rotten hell he created for Palestinians!

  5. Soo glad that Ariel SHaron is dead. Now waiting for Kissinger to die too. Hopefully that is in the near future. Will REALLY make my day!

  6. He was the leader of a nation ,and this nation is sad to loss their great leader , if each person want to kill as much as their leader , … this is the sharon legacy .

    It is important to see who support this nation and the leader !!? the head of governments who expressed condolences to Sharon’s family and to Israelis

  7. Sahron was the leader of his nation who are now sad for his death, Do they want to follow his legacy ,kill as much their leader killed .

    It is important to know who supported Sharon , the head of governments who expressed condolence for his death to his family and Israel

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