Espiner, Hosking & Paul Henry – the 3 Broadcasters of the Apocalypse



And so it comes to pass…

Guyon Espiner to replace Geoff Robinson on Morning Report

…with Espiner’s appointment to Radio NZ alongside Hosking on Seven Sharp & Paul Henry replacing Nighline, all major mainstream media are now hosted by hard right neo-liberal white rich male acolytes, just in time for the election.

The inherent pro corporate bias of our media is now so glaringly apparent, it makes Fox News actually look fair and balanced.

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Social media, the blogs, Native Affairs and Campbell Live are all progressives have left as news sources now.

I’m waiting for David Farrar to be appointed directly onto the Dominion Post editorial team, rather than just the guest editor role he seems to hold now.

The only person other than John Key who will be gleeful at this unholy right wing trinity will be Jose Pagani, who as NZ’s very own Fox News Democrat will find her limp left commentator services in high demand.


  1. Hand jobs all round under the desk and express mega wine deliveries to Espiner HQ. Simon Mercep will now be bringing in the coffee and danishes instead of just sounding like that was his role.

    Come back Kim Hill just for a year! Espiner will wear out his tongue on tory orifices within a week.

  2. Went to the NZ Herald link and found the opinion piece below it by John Drinnan – RadioNZ ripe for revamp interesting for all its allusions regarding changes there. Seems that if you can’t remove the thorn that RNZ is to National, you simply change it from the inside. Drinnan hints darkly at the demise of John Campbell within the next three years as well. And he points out that at the price TV3 is paying for Paul Henry, they won’t want to keep him at the late slot forever. Sorry, can’t supply the link from my phone.

    • I never watch TV news on TV, still don’t. I prefer to watch stuff online, than sit in front of a TV and suffer what I don’t want to watch; by commentators I don’t like, and view content that is meant for sheep rather than people.

      If you don’t want to be depressed or unhappy don’t watch TV news, as it is designed to make you feel that way if you are left of center – it is right-wing propaganda mostly these days after all.

      If you have to watch, do so with a large bag of salt, I recommend above 10kg’s for the really bad right wingers. Ready the catapult come election month! 😉

  3. Xox
    Seems that MSM media and especially TV has become trivialised as it has moved to Auckland.. Compare the Herald, Auckland, to the ODT. Maybe it’s a North – South

  4. Fox news democrat, pure poetry. If I ever get bored fox are always good for a bit of a howl. Ever noticed how all their female anchors are stunners, then the ugly old white guy comes on, hilarious.

  5. Paul Henry? No thanks.

    Mike Hosking on Seven Sharp? As I don’t watch that crap, I guess I don’t care.

    What I do care is that TVNZ has ‘dumbed down’ that 7pm slot to such a degree that it now only serves as “filler” for ad breaks.

    Guyon Espiner? Hmmm, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Let’s see how it pans out…

    Let the Kiwi tradition of a Fair Go prevail.

  6. The Revolution will not be televised. II

    But the counter-revolution will have full spectrum, all channel, blanket, wall to wall, TV and media coverage. (up until the moment the truth escapes from under the blanket )

    The Head of the Channel said, “This is the official line”.

    “Accept it or leave”.

    0:51:00 minutes

    He who controls the media and shapes the message creates the perception.

    “With human beings perception is everything” anon

    To shape perceptions, this is why the media is being flooded with extreme Right ideologues.

    It doesn’t matter if they are washed up discredited has beens, as long as they have the right political world view.

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